Age of Empires II (2013)

Age of Empires II (2013)

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Build Order Reference (PDF)
By Cicero
All of the most important build orders, plus many more. Quite detailed, yet clearly presented - should be accessible and useful to a wide range of skill levels.
This contains all of the most important build orders, plus many more. This is a somewhat advanced guide and it assumes you have a grasp of the basic game mechanics - such as keeping the TC working, luring boars, etc. The clear presentation, however, should make this accessible and useful to a wide range of players and skill levels.

As with all build orders, these are guidelines only. All of these can be executed without deer, and without a civ bonus (unless civilisation is stated).

There are three sections: the first section includes the most important builds - mostly for open land maps like Arabia, the second section includes some additional builds for closed maps like Arena, and the final section covers a selection of the more useful civ-specific builds.

For those wondering where to start: the Archers and FC Knights builds are the most important for team games, with FC Boom also being well worth knowing. The Scouts and Men-at-Arms builds are the most important for 1v1, though the Men-at-Arms build is particularly difficult to execute well. Newer players shouldn't feel overwhelmed as this is just a reference guide, and it is not necessary to know all these builds.


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Children of The Arcades Dec 5 @ 7:12pm 
cicero you did great with this. However, can you put this amazing guide on aoe2 de as hd 2013 is obsolete now?
bot Dec 2 @ 12:01am 
you say +2 on boar twice but you only update the sheep/boar counter +2 once how come?
Rizen Jul 7 @ 8:18pm 
Impressive. Very nice.
DarmandX89 Jun 29 @ 8:52pm 
DarmandX89 Jun 29 @ 8:52pm 
It's a awesome game.
Lord Commander Jun 26 @ 1:25am 
Good guide, i've been using it for a long time.
I really like that it's 2 boar 4 berries 2 boar instead of 1 boar 2 berries 1 boar then berries again then boar again like some other builds. Much easier to remember.
Cicero  [author] May 18 @ 7:19pm 
For the most part, the columns to the right should clarify anything you are unsure of. For example, looking at the first build order (scouts) you can see that the upwards arrow means "go up to" 10 on wood. Reading from top to bottom, you can see roughly how your eco-balance should look at various stages of the early game. They don't tell you everything - like for example when to build houses and when to lure the 2nd boar. As with all build orders they are guidelines only and there is some flexibility.
Perhaps the main thing that you might not realise is that "10 on wood (5+5)" means that you should have two lumber camps. For the scouts build order this means you would want to build the second lumber camp after you have 5 on wood.
Also the mod linked in the guide includes some example recs which you might find useful.
Lokjaw #7 May 18 @ 6:37pm 
Is there a guide I can use to help me understand how to read these build orders?
zackle87 Feb 3 @ 6:59pm 
A quality guide! I've jumped from low 1500's rating to mid 1600's ELO rating using it.
Asinus Docet Jan 31 @ 8:04am 
Cicero, thank you! :-) I saw T90 play your tutorials and here I am testing them for myself, scoring F's like the noob I am x') T90's voice on the tutorial would be awesome! Keep up the good work mate ;-)