STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

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Age of Legends v1.33: The Ground War
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Aug 2, 2018 @ 2:48pm
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Age of Legends v1.33: The Ground War

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Star Wars: Age of Legends
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A massive total conversion based on Star Wars Legends. Experience the aftermath of Endor in 4 ABY to the end of the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion.

Age of Legends is a full Total War-style experience in Empire at War, set in the decades after Endor, with 21 playable factions, dozens of non-playable minor factions, and 47 Galactic Conquest campaigns.

- More factions than ANY other mod

- Rich, detailed, Legends-lore based rosters for all 21 factions

- 100s of new land and space units

- 100s of heroes not seen in any other mod

- 47 Galactic Conquest scenarios based on the Expanded Universe

- Chance Encounters: space battles feature smugglers, pirates, raid fleets, gangsters, civilians and more. Some will help you, some will fight both sides!

- Encounter non-playable micro-factions like Black Sun, the Zann Consortium, scavengers, pirates, Lord Cronal, Lumiya’s Fleet, the Far Outsiders, the Smugglers’ Alliance and more

- “What-if” Infinities scenarios

- Invasion Mechanic lets you see what happens if the Yuuzhan Vong begin their invasion, adding huge replayability to each scenario

- Future releases will include MANY new factions and scenarios

Launching The Mod:
1) Subscribe; 2) Go to your Game Library, right click on Empire At War, click on 'Properties', in ‘Launch Options’ paste: STEAMMOD=1463042552; 3) Launch Forces of Corruption. N.B. The in-game mod launcher does not work.

Age Of Legends: The Essential Guide

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The Age of Legends Mod Series
The mod, expansion packs, and official submods can be found here:

Join The Discord Community:

Credits And Disclaimer:
I take no credit for the models/particles used - they are all included here with the permission of the original authors. Years ago this mod began life as a mere submod for Thrawn's Revenge 2.1, and AoL still includes some of that mod in its underlying files. I take *no credit* for that work, this is released with the permission of the EAWX team but the Age of Legends mods are in no way affiliated with EAWX. The Age of Legends has evolved a lot since then, with many, many new models/assets from the Alliance mods and from the Vong Invaders Expansion, Rise of the Mandalorians, the Remake mod and from many others modders including Warb_Null, EvilleJedi, evilbobthebob, amazing commissions from Farseer and more: Dark Grazi, Jeroen and Remake mod for the expanded GUI, Schurizek, Republic at War for the AV-7, Sly 442/Kubli and Gorkon for the Ludwick, Sly442 and Kalani6342 for the 008 Heavy Landspeeder, SpyLakeWalker for the Velox. All models are used with permission - and with my sincere gratitude. Jeroen/Gaukler for low orbit and other new planets/shaders. Farseer for the Owool interceptor. Sly442 for new ship models. Rebelmoon and Sithsherald for new Ugly fighter model. Phoenix Rising for new land maps. I want to accurately credit all models used, please let me know if I have accidentally omitted a credit. You can download the latest version of Thrawn's Revenge here:

Bug Reporting:
If you encounter a bug please report it on Discord with as much information as possible. Comments below are not routinely replied to.
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krismolloy29 May 5 @ 6:08pm 
Any idea with the random crashing i get into a space battle use the hyper gun and the game just crashes back to steam what is that about
Ladygaga575 May 5 @ 1:51am 
The Yuuzhan Vong models never work, any fix?
Moppo Apr 27 @ 9:53am 
Someone has any idea why there are "macrostutters" in some conquest maps? Like everything works perfectly fine with 100+ fps, but freezes for like 10-30 sec every 3 minutes or so?
Lambright Apr 7 @ 4:49am 
My favorite mod! Never got into TR because of some mechanics I find out of place (ship crews, loyalty??? that's just me though) but this mod provides the EU experience while feeling similar to the original game. Only downside for me is voice acting. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the work and effort but some voices don't fit the characters. For example, Grand Moff Kaine sounds like a teen lol. Any chance of using more sounds from audiobooks or even AI generated?
Complaints aside, thanks for making this and I'm looking forward to future updates ^^
exotic ridge Apr 4 @ 5:51pm 
this is prob just me being stupid but i put the code in the properties and it just loads forces of courruption and not the mod. help?
maximilian1994 Mar 28 @ 9:57am 
Age of legends works perfectly for me, but when trying rise of caedus, the game crashes everytime in the loading screen. No other mods or submods included. NAyone facing the same issue or has a solution for this?
Ismawell Mar 19 @ 1:20pm 
Is the AI anti-player focused like in AOTR, or do they AIs fight between themselves like in Remake or TR?
Veritas Mar 18 @ 8:35pm 
I love the mod, but I was curious about something. Is there a specific faction to play as in order to use the Corellian freighters (YT-1300, YT-2000, YT-2400)? I'd love to be able to use those in game.
ark3192 Feb 24 @ 12:06pm 
I suppose I should probably follow up about the tech issues I had with lag. I'm a numpty. Should have figured. Not only did this mod lag about, all of them did. To fix I simply set the swfoc executable to always run in win7/8 compat mode and boom...better performance than I've ever had.
Opeeporg Feb 21 @ 9:55pm 
is this multiplayer?