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Class: Spy
Item Slot: Weapon
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May 16, 2013 @ 12:57pm
Feb 27, 2014 @ 2:15pm
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"You decided it would be best to look ahead to the next point. Deep undercover, you count the enemies setting up near the choke point. A sentry going up west of the point. Nearby, a heavy behind cover with a medic at his side. You think you've seen at least three enemy spies and four snipers watching the hallway leading in from the right. Yeah, it looks to be pretty well locked down. You convey this to your teammates, but even then, your information will be dated by the time they get here. You need to disrupt them. Yes! You'll infiltrate in behind the engineer, kill and sap. Then you'll move under the bridge to the other side of the point, stab the heavy and medic. You'll figure out how to take out the snipers and spies on the way, maybe you'll throw your shoe at them or something.

Yeah, this isn't going to work...

You'll just sit back from the comfort of cover and tag the important targets. Hopefully, your teammates will be observant and take care of these pests while you focus on more important matters... Hopefully..."

The first item in my Observer Spy set, the Informer. I took a different approach this time with my items. Rather than make the item with a rough idea in mind, and then slap stats on it, or none at all. I decided to come up with the core idea first, and then develop the item to work around the concept. I also worked a lot more with my technique, improving my modeling and texturing to better capture the game style.

The gun features the view model animations, with the high rez dart being loaded into the gun. Please note that I've also included the "projectile" version of this, which is GREATLY down-rezed, to about 60 triangles.

Also included some custom sounds. Mostly just clicks for the metal and buttons. For some reason they came out quieter in the video. Might have been the scripts. Regardless, the video is more to showcase the visual.

HUGE thanks to Karma Charger for his awesome demonstration video! It showcases the prospective stats and effects for this weapon! I've linked the video in with this workshop item, go and check it out!

Check out the discussion for more in depth info about the weapon's stats.

Karma Charger's Weapon Demonstrations:
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