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(-NSC2 Addon: Extra Shipsets-)
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(-NSC2 Addon: Extra Shipsets-)


This mod adds 19 new shipsets for use with the NSC2 mod.
  • AI Ships
  • Ancient Ships
  • 6 Colors of Fallen Empire Ships
  • Special Creatures of the Void Set (Requires Leviathans DLC)
  • 2 Variants of Pirate Ships
  • Swarm Ships
  • 7 Colors of Unbidden Ships

  • This addon only adds shipsets and nothing else. No portraits, city sets, traits, or other race related things.
  • These shipsets do not include unique starbases - each set will use a vanilla starbase that is closest to its style.
  • The Unbidden starbases will not be transparent.
  • All sets have had their Colossus models changed to one of their own models. They won't be animated but will at least look proper with the rest of the ships.
  • You must be using the base NSC2 mod for this mod to work properly. I do not know what will happen when using it without NSC2.

  • The scaling of all ships in this addon is currently a bit too large. I'm working on fixing this and will update when finished.

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July 12, 2018 - Mod Version 1.0.0
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Copyright 2018 T. Graham. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named CaptainX3. All Rights Reserved.
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JoeyEddy Sep 18 @ 10:10am 
I think I see what I've done. I might have chosen an FE shipset from the Zenith of a FAllen EMpire mod, not yours. Huh. I'm a spoon :/ Sorry about this. I'll have another play and see what comes up, thanks for the help though!
CaptainX3  [author] Sep 18 @ 8:23am 
JoeyEddy - That's odd, I know that we have FE ships for all classes available in this addon. Have you verified that you're subscribed to this addon and that it's activated? And what mods appear above this one in your mod list?
JoeyEddy Sep 18 @ 7:08am 
CaptainX3 - Hi, I've done as you suggested, unlocked the Strike Cruiser and it's a completely different style of ship. I mean, functionally it's fine, but I would like FE ships all the way through my fleet. Any suggestions? I mean, should I go to the bug reporting Discord for this? I don't wanna waste your time on here.
CaptainX3  [author] Sep 16 @ 12:59pm 
JoeyEddy - Yep, choose any of the FE color styles from the get-go and you'll have proper ships for every class :-)
JoeyEddy Sep 16 @ 12:54pm 
Oh so having the FE ships from the get go? I had avian style and after I got the Awakened Empire ascendant perk it looked kinda goofy. I'll give it a go, thanks!
CaptainX3  [author] Sep 16 @ 12:44pm 
JoeyEddy - In the empire designer, make sure you choose one of the Fallen Empire ship styles, there should be multiple colors available. That will solve the issue of not having proper looking ships with the NSC classes.
JoeyEddy Sep 16 @ 12:40pm 
So I've got the Zenith of a Fallen Empire mod, and I've noticed that the extra ships that NSC provides don't provide Fallen Empire styles, but quite boxy ships. Is this a bug or a problem or just the way things are?
aggravatedInsanity Aug 31 @ 12:57am 
Is the Swarm shipset supposed to use the Mammalian (or reptilian, not sure which) station model? The code seems to indicate it's meant to use the Fungoid one instead, but that... is not happening.
riot303 Aug 23 @ 2:58pm 
Unfortunately this mod doesn't work with the Downscaled Ships Patch for NSC
Henry Wei Aug 10 @ 10:45pm 
Is this mod compatible with the mod of 1. LEX Temp Fix and 2. ISBS: Doomsday Weapons & Ships and 3. Realistic Ships?
Thank you.