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Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD Base Pack - Campaign Alpha
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Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD Base Pack - Campaign Alpha

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Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212
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MK1212 Campaign Open Alpha:
It's been over 5 years in the making across 2 games, but the Medieval Kingdoms 1212 campaign is finally available to all! Our Open Alpha phase starts today. The campaign as it stands is obviously in an incomplete state, missing technologies, naval units, and mercenaries, though we have plans to add much content in the near future. It currently includes 57 playable factions and various scripted mechanics, such as population and a pope system. The campaign release is also accompanied by a great deal of new content in the form of new factions and units, as well as revamped rosters for preexisting factions.

Campaign Features:

57 playable campaign factions.
Completely custom building chains.
Single region provinces, where every region on the map has 6 slots.
Over 4,000 beautifully modeled and period-accurate units (
Optional music mod.
Optional UI sound effect replacement mod
Three Tier Unit Upgrade System based on the three centuries this mod covers (13th, 14th, and 15th Century)
10 Building Slots per Settlement: No longer your cities be limited to 6 or 4 buildings.

Scripted Features:

Annex Vassals: Diplomatically annex vassals who have been subjugated for 10 or more turns.
Buffer States: Release vassal buffer states from conquered territories where your direct control may be tenuous.
Crusades): Travel far from your homeland to retake the Holy Land, in service of God or perhaps in search of glory and power.
Decisions: Enact decisions that can affect your ruler or your realm.
Dynamic Faction Ranks: Any faction in the campaign can grow from a county to an empire.
Holy Roman Empire System: Summon the Prince Electors to crown you as the Holy Roman Emperor
Population: Cities now have population, which directly affects their squalor levels and economy. All non-mercenary units require population of their respective classes to recruit.
Frontend Overhaul: The frontend has been overhauled with changes such as a Grand Campaign start date selector (currently only 1212 AD is available), a modified faction selection screen, and increased room for factions in custom battles.
Story Events: Various factions have scripted story events, offering unique challenges for certain factions.
The Pope: Catholic factions may find themselves with a thorn in their side in the form of His Holiness himself. However, those who placate the pope may receive certain boons.
War Weariness: Returning from Age of Charlemagne but modified to suit the needs of MK1212, War Weariness encourages shorter and fewer wars.
World Events: The world itself will not stand idle as you progress through the campaign. Invasions, great plagues, famines, and climate change can all ravage the land.

What's Missing?:

College of Cardinals: Papal elections
Mercenaries: A few factional mercenaries are implemented but the rest will be implemented in the foreseeable future.
Naval Battles: These are still W.I.P. as they utilize custom ship models, but show promising signs so far.
Republic Mechanics: Political and trade mechanics are planned for the Italian merchant republics.
Islam Mechanics

Campaign FAQ:

Q: Are any DLCs or other mods required?

A: No DLCs are required, but to properly play the campaign you will require Model packs 1-6, and the Script pack. All of these are listed as required items in the base pack's workshop page. If you so choose, you can also use the optional music mod, located here. Lastly, there is a UI sound replacement mod, but due to the nature of its implementation it cannot be uploaded to the workshop. Simply download the .pack file from ModDB and place it in your Total War Attila/data folder and it will automatically load in when you launch the game (does not appear in the mod manager). To disable its use just move it somewhere else or delete it.

Q: Why are there no medieval buildings yet?

A: Our efforts so far have been focused on designing the campaign and fleshing out unit rosters. Once these tasks are done, the focus will shift to battle maps and campaign map settlement models.

Q: Can the campaign map be modified to add new regions? And why are some regions not in the right place?

A: As there are no official campaign map modding tools aside from Terry (which mostly does cosmetic changes), campaign map editing is next to impossible until methods of doing so are discovered.

Q: Are you looking for any help with the mod?

A: We are currently looking for anyone who can do 2D art for the UI, as well as building modelers and anyone with experience in battle map editing for Total War titles.

Q: When will mercenaries, naval units, etc. be added?

A: When they're ready.

Q: The Campaign Faction Selection are broken! It only have 1 row under "Balticum et Ruthenia"!

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1. This mod contains both original works made by the team, and Open Source Project (OSP) models.
2. All Original assets, including but not limited to models, textures, 2D images, scripts, that are part of any pack uploaded by the MKTW 1212 team are provided for the exclusive use of the MKTW 1212 mod
3.Any other use must require explicit permission from the modding team itself and without any commercial benefit, whether through the resale of such content or through required donations from third parties.
4.Open source project models have all been provided to the MKTW 1212 under specific conditions by their authors.
5.Any use of Open Source Product Models or derivatives is permissible, as long as their use does not come with monetary profit, is not expressly forbidden by the original creator and does not violate the conditions that the MKTW 1212 team is bound to for the use of these OSP models.


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Old Versions (in case one wants to finish their old Campaigns before new updates)
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