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🤗Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Warframe 2021🤗
By ThePHiLsTeR [¬º-°]¬
Welcome to Warframe! You just started Warframe and have a 100 questions? This guide will help you get started. 😇
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Is WF Pay2win?
The answer is a clear cut NO. Warframe is an example of free to play done right. Everything in the game can be gotten without spending real money. There are some cosmetics that can only be gotten using real money, but there are a TON of cosmetics that don't require real money. If you're into fashion and don't want to spend real money, don't worry! However spending real money does get you some exclusive cosmetics, convenience, and potentially faster progression.

Example Skins That Don't Require Real Money To Buy
Main Menu
Pressing 'esc' brings up the menu which provides shortcuts to many things you'll need to navigate through the game. Many of these options will not be shown at first, but will unlock as you progress through the quests.
In-Game Currency
Credits represented by three shards can be farmed or bought off the market (total rip off). Platinum represented by a silver cylindrical shape is the premium currency which can only be traded for or bought with real money. If trying to avoid spending real money, it is suggested to farm parts and build items rather than purchasing them directly with platinum. Platinum is very valuable and should be spent intelligently.
What Ranks Do To Warframes, Weapons, and Companions
Warframe doesn't use the term levels. It instead uses the word ranks, but they are basically the same thing. Affinity is the equivalent to experience.

All warframes, weapons, and companions can be ranked up to 30 through gaining affinity. It is important to note that ranking up doesn't quite work the same as other games. When a warframe ranks up, it will unlock abilities and each warframe has 4 abilities. Ranks will also provide more capacity to equip stat enhancing mods. Each mod costs different amounts of capacity. When weapons are ranked up, they do not increase in power. They only increase in capacity. Mods are the key to improving dps.

Experience Division To Your Loadout

Affinity will be divided up between all warframes and weapons. Companions will receive their own affinity pool. It might be a good idea, when attempting to level up, to only equip warframes and weapons that are not max level to not waste affinity, unless you need your rank 30 warframe or weapon to deal damage.

What Is a Mastery Rank?

You also have an overall rank called, Mastery Rank, seperate from warframes, weapons, and companions which provide vital benefits.

The Benefits of Mastery Rank
Ranking up mastery rank is vital for progression. First and foremost, ranking up unlocks weapons in the game. As you progress, more and more weapons will be unlocked until finally at mastery rank 15 all weapons will be unlocked. Trading requires at least mastery rank 2. Mastery rank 16 unlocks all rivens which is non-essential end-game content. Note that all warframes and companions have no mastery rank requirement. Here are additional benefits of mastery ranks:
  • Increased daily trading limit which is equal to your Mastery Rank
  • Increased daily syndicate point limit
  • Increased void trace limit
  • Increased daily POE/Fortuna points limit
  • Increased daily focus limit
  • Increased starting capacity of a level 0 warframe, weapon, or companion
How To Level Up Mastery Rank
Mastery rank is gained by ranking up warframes, weapons, companions, archwings, and archwing weapons to level 30. Once an item is max ranked, you will never be able to gain mastery rank points from ranking up that same item. To find out what items you have ranked up and what items you haven't, check either the codex (esc-->quests-->universe tab) or profile (esc-->profile-->my profile-->equipment tab). Ranking up warframes, companions, and archwings provide double the amount of points toward Mastery Rank than weapons do.

Mastery Rank Tests
When you're ready to rank up, you must first pass a mastery rank test. The game will notify you and a new option "Mastery Rank Up" will appear in the main menu. The tests are easy, though later they can present more challenge. If you fail, you'll have to wait 24 hours before attempting it again.

How To Practice For Mastery Rank Tests
Practice runs can be done in the Larunda Relay in Mercury. It is located on the right side of Cephalon Simaris' room. In the relay, to fast travel press esc-->fast travel-->cephalon simaris.

How To Gain Experience From Enemies Killed By Teammates

Affinity isn't split among teammates, but you do receive affinity every time a teammate scores a kill. However, you will only receive this affinity, if you are within 50 meters (base distance) of the teammate who scored the kill. Therefor it would be ideal, when leveling, to stay within affinity range indicated by the three circle symbols next to player names.
Inventory Management In Early-Game
How To Access Inventory
esc-->inventory-->warframe or weapon tab

The Difficulty of Inventory Management During Early-Game
One of the biggest difficulties of a new player is inventory management. As said in the previous section, leveling Mastery Rank is vital. You will have to max rank many items. HOWEVER, you only start with 2 warframe slots, and 8 weapon slots. It will cost platinum to increase slots. Limited slots and limited platinum creates a dilemma for a new player. To rank up new weapons, old weapons will have to be deleted to create space.

What Items To Keep and What Items To Level Solely For Mastery Rank
Some weapons are worth keeping and others are not, also known as MASTERY FODDER. Most of the lower rank weapons are not worth keeping. However, some of them are and they are listed in the "Weapons" section. There are so many warframes and I'm sure you'll be interested in at least several. In that case, it will be important to increase warframe slot capacity. Warframes to keep are ones you find fun and/or are useful. Warframes awarded from quests (see "Warframes (Quest)" section) should be kept unless there is an available primed version within reach, because the quest warframes can never be acquired again (Digital Extremes is looking to change this at some point). Several Prime warframes have been vaulted, which means they no longer are in the drop tables. If the prime version of a quest frame is vaulted, it may be better to keep the non-prime version until acquiring the prime version. Some weapons, are also ingredients to other weapons, so those should be kept also. Check out this Wiki Link[warframe.fandom.com] for a list of all weapons that are ingredients.

How To Get Additional Warframe and Weapon Slots
Luckily DE has provided every new account with 50 platinum which allows for purchase of 1 warframe slot and 4 weapon slots. The slots are so important that the platinum shouldn't be wasted on anything else at this point. Many people recommend buying 1 warframe slot (20 platinum) and 4 weapon slots (24 platinum). To buy the slot, just click on the + sign. Eventually you'll want to buy even more slots, because a development of interest in multiple warframes and weapons is almost guaranteed as you progress. In that case, you'll need more platinum, so check out the "How To Make Platinum" section of this guide. Alternatively, you can buy 1 orokin reactor (20 platinum) and 1 orokin catalyst (20 platinum) which allows more mods to be equipped on 1 warframe and 1 weapon (more details on orokin reactors/catalysts in "Modding" section)
Foundry - How Items Are Made
To access foundry: esc-->equipment-->foundry
Many items are built using resources and/or parts.

All Building Requires Time
Everything has a build time with warframes being the most at a whopping 3 days. Weapons take 12 hours. New players are usually shocked at this wait time. It is a significant amount of time and matters less later in the game.

How To Lessen The Impact of Long Build Times
To lessen the impact of such high wait times, it's smart to continuously build, so that way while your leveling your current warframes and weapons, there will be new ones ready by the time you max rank them. This way a cycle begins eliminating all or almost all wait time. Alternatively, building can be rushed with platinum, but this is not recommended if low on platinum.

How The Foundry Can Help With Inventory Management
As mentioned earlier, inventory management is troublesome in the beginning. A smart trick is to build items even if you have no more slots left, and leave it unclaimed in the foundry. When a slot opens up, you can claim them then.

How Non-prime Warframes Are Made
Most blueprints for non-prime warframe parts (Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems) can be farmed. The blueprint that combines the parts can be bought off the market with credits. Some warframe blue prints can only be gotten from completing Quests (more details in "Warframes" section). After getting the blueprint, it will be displayed in the foundry.
How to access the market: esc-->market
Where To Get Specific Resources
There many different types of resources. They all drop from enemies and containers with some exceptions. Each planet drops a specific type. You can find out which resource drops from which planet by selecting a planet and hovering over the extractor icon at the bottom right.

Strategies for Farming Resources
Generally, more resources drop the higher the planet level is. They also drop more when fighting high concentrations of enemies, which are usually found in survival or defense missions and more players in a the party will cause more enemies to spawn. Argon Crystals drop from enemies but they also often spawn as containers. Therefor, it would be smart to enter rooms with high concentration of containers and destroy them all.

Warframes That Increase Resource Drop
  • Nekros - Nekros' third ability desecrates dead enemy bodies for additional chance for loot. Weapons with high slash damage will cut bodies in half. Each half can be desecrated for even more loot drop chance.
  • Hydroid - Hydroid's fourth ability with augment mod Pilfering Swarm increases chance for additional loot from affected enemies.
  • Kora - Kora's fourth ability with augment mod Pilfering Strangledome increases chance for additional loot from affected enemies.
  • Atlas - Atlas' third ability, Petrify, with augment mod, Ore Gaze, increases chance for additional loot. Atlas is the least effective compared to Hydroid and Nekros.
  • Ivara - can pickpocket enemies for another chance for a drop while her third ability, Prowl, is active.

How To Increase Pickup Range

Equipping a sentinel with the mod Vacuum (preferably max ranked) or companion with Fetch will collect all items within a nice radius. Without this mod, it would be easy to accidentally miss drops.
To access Arsenal: esc-->equipment-->arsenal

Here you can switch warframes, weapons, and companions. Gear is where you equip items such as scanners and kinetic siphon traps. To mod a warframe, weapon, or companion, hover over them and click upgrade.

Modding Screen
Here you will equip vital mods and create your build. Mods take up capacity. Whenever you rank up and open up capacity, you should take advantage and either equip more mods or rank up currently equipped mods.

Polarities - How To Decrease the Capacity Cost of Mods
Warframes, weapons and companions often come with polarities. Because there is limited capacity, you'll want to use polarities to your advantage. If you look closely you'll see a symbol on some slots. There's D (Vazarin), V (Madurai), and - (Naramon). Every mod also comes with its own polarity. When you match polarities, the mod takes up half the normal amount.

Auras - Mods That Increase Total Capacity
For warframes, there's a special slot called the aura. For melee weapons, it's called a stance. Aura mods for warframes come from Nightwave (more information on Nightwave in "Nightwave System" section). As soon you have one, you'll want to equip them because they increase capacity. If auras polarities are matching, they will increase capacity even more.

Actions Screen
At the bottom right of the screen you'll see the actions button.

Forma - How To Change A Polarity

In the Actions screen, you can apply what's called a forma. When you apply a forma, you can either change an already existing polarity or add a new polarity to a blank one. Note in order to apply a forma, the weapon, warframe, or companion must be rank 30 and after applying the forma, the item will return to rank 0.

What are the best ways to farm Forma?
  • Built Forma can be purchased from the in-game market - 1 for 20 platinum, or 3 for 35 platinum.
  • Blueprints can be found in Void Relics (more details in "Fissure" section)
  • Blueprint received as an Alert Reward.
  • Blueprint offered as Invasion battle pay.
  • Built Forma can be obtained as a rare Sortie reward (mid to end game content).
  • Built Forma can be found in rare containers which spawn after solving a music puzzle on Lua planet missions. Random puzzles spawn every mission. To farm Forma this way, it is suggested to spam exterminate missions until the music puzzle spawns. This youtube video explains the process very well.
  • Built Forma can be farmed during the Plague Star Event.

Orokin Reactors/Catalysts - How To Double Capacity

Orokin Reactors double total capacity for warframes and companions while Orokin Catalysts double the capacity of weapons. In the actions screen, you will be able to apply them. Unlike forma, items will retain their rank and need not be level 30. These items are vital and should be applied to your favorite warframes and weapons as soon as you get them.

Where Do I Get Orokin Reactors/Catalysts?
  • From the in-game market, for 20 platinum each.
  • Nightwave
  • Invasion Battle Pay
  • Special Events

Ranking Up Mods
Going back to the previous screen, you'll see a mods button at the bottom right.

Here you will be able to rank up mods to increase their stats.

Be mindful that flawed mods have significantly lower stats than their regular counter parts. Flawed mods' only advantage is their lower capacity and endo cost. For mod collectors, this mod can never be attained again if you dissolve/sell them. They cannot be traded for or gotten through transmutation. Even if you aren't a mod collector, they can still be useful for their low capacity cost in the future, though it will probably be a rare occurrence.

Endo - Currency Used To Rank Up Mods

Ranking up mods will cost endo. Endo can be collected in various ways. They will randomly drop from enemies and be rewarded from completing missions objectives.

Endo Cost To Rank Up Mods

Mod Tiers By Rarity
Common (Bronze)
Uncommon (Silver)
Rare (Gold)
Legendary (White)

Great Ways to Farm Endo
  • Can be built up just playing the game
  • Rathuum arena on Vodyanoi, Sedna with pre-made team (mid-game content)
  • Doing Daily Sorties regularly rewards 2k-4k endo (mid-game content)
  • Arbitrations (mid-game content)
  • Excavation mission at Hierchon, Pluto (late early-game content)
  • Plains of Eidolon Bounties (mid-game content)
Dissolving Mods For Endo
In the modding screen, duplicate mods that aren't worth any platinum can be dissolved into endo. Mods can also be sold for credits, but I recommend dissolving them instead.
Ayatan Sculptures
Ayatan Sculptures - A Good Source of Endo
In the modding screen, you'll see an Ayatan Treasures button.

This window lists any ayatan sculptures, ayatan stars, and ayatan amber stars you've gotten from missions.

Sculptures can be upgraded using ayatan stars and ayatan amber stars. They are randomly placed in missions but rarely. They can also be gotten once a week from Maroo's Ayatan Treasure Hunt. There's also daily sortie missions that reward sculptures and endo. More information on these missions are detailed in the "Navigation System" section.

Maroo's Bazaar - Where To Extract Endo From Ayatan Sculptures
Endo can be claimed from sculptures by talking to Maroo in Maroo's Bazaar located on Mars.

Maroo's Ayatan Treasure Weekly Hunt
Only 1 Ayatan Sculpure can be claimed once a week. Maroo's Ayatan Treasure Hunt will be a test of parkour. To learn more about speed boosting parkour mechanics, visit my guide, Speed Runs: Tips, Parkour, And Ability Mechanics.

How To Farm Ayatan Sculptures
  • Ayatan Sculptures have higher spawn rates in Syndicate missions (late early-game content). Here is a video showing the process.
  • Sorties Rewards - common reward (mid-game content)
What To Focus On In Early Game
Unlock All Planets and Missions
  • Check "Navigation System" section for reference if needed.
Complete All Quests
  • Check "Quest" section for details
Rank Up Mastery
  • Rank up as many warframes, weapons, companions, archwings, and archwing weapons as you can.
  • Check section "Additional Tips" for easily accessible weapons to rank up for mastery.
  • Check section "Resources" on how to farm resources.
Pick a Long Term Warframe, Weapon, and Companion
  • Check out the warframe, weapon, and companion sections which will help you pick one.
  • Once you pick one, you can start hooking them up with an orokin reactor/catalyst, formas, and mods. More details in section, "Modding."
Get Important Mods
  • Detailed in section, "Important Mods"
Do Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt
  • Detailed in section, "Ayatan Sculptures" section
Work on Nightwave
  • Detailed in section, "Nightwave System"
Join a Clan
  • Some players don't like being in a clan, and some players do, but it really is necessary because they give access to clan research which provides exclusive warframes, weapons, and items. In order to farm important Corrupted Mods, you'll need dragon keys which is only available from Clan Research. More details on clans are in section, "Clan/Dojo."
What To Focus On Late Early-Game
  • Farm prime sets and forma detailed in sections, "Modding" and "Fissure System - How To Farm Prime Sets."
  • Make some platinum detailed in section, "How To Make Platinum in Early-Game ." If you're going to use real money, check out section, "Using Real Money," for tips.
  • (Optional) Farm Endo detailed in sections, "Modding," "Ayatan Sculptures," and, "Endo Farming At The Arena."
  • Syndicates detailed in section, "Syndicates."
  • After completing quest, "Second Dream", start leveling a focus school. See sections, "Focus Schools," and "Focus Lens."
What To Focus On Mid-Game
  • This game doesn't ever point you in a peticular direction. There is so much content to the game and freedom to choose.
  • Some things you can work on in no particular order:
    • Credit farming: Index or Profit-Taker
    • Resource farming
    • Max Syndicates
    • Collect prime mods
    • Endo Farming
    • Collect more warframes for a well rounded selection for different situations (AOE damage, high single target damage, tank, crowd control, damage buff, speed, support, etc.)
    • Collect more weapons for a well rounded selection for different situations (AOE damage, high single target damage, short/mid/long range, automatic, semi-automatic, etc.)
    • Arbitrations
    • Invasions
    • Fissures
    • Sorties
    • Nightwave
    • Collect Cephalon Simarus rewards
    • Scan enemies for the Simulacrum
    • Level mastery rank
    • Lich
    • Rail Jack
    • Archwing
    • POE and Fortuna content
    • Eidolon Captures
    • Focus farming
    • Get rich with platinum
    • Fashion Frame
    • Rivens and Kuva farming
    • Decorate ship
    • Push far into endless type missions
    • Participate in periodic special events such as Acolytes, Plague Star, and Balor Fomorian.
    • Learn to speed run missions with speed frames and/or advanced parkour
    • Pvp at the conclave, dojo duel room, or lunaro
    • Make a clan (warning: dojo and research is resource intensive)
    • Steel Path
Navigation System
How To Access Navigation Screen
To Acess Navigation: esc-->navigation

How To Unlock All Missions Types
Progressing through the quests, will unlock special mission types represented by tabs at the top right of the screen. It is imperative to unlock all missions and planets, because these special missions will be located randomly on any location on any planet.

Junctions - How To Unlock Planets
To unlock planets, missions need to be completed toward junctions. Junctions are the gateway to the next planet and involve completing challenges to unlock and reward various items.

Planet Unlock Order
Here is the planet unlock order starting from Earth.
Lua is accessed after completion of the Second Dream Quest
Kuva Fortress is accessed after completion of the War Within Quest

Setting Games To Public or Solo
Hovering over the icon at the top left, you can set games to public, friends only, invite only, and solo.

Nightwave is important and offer rewards such as: orokin catalysts, orokin reactors, nitain extract, aura mods, exclusive weapons, and the Vauban warframe. See section, "Nightwave System," for more information.
If you see the resource drone at the bottom right, click episode status, to switch to Nightwave display.

Alerts are important and occasionally reward important items such as orokin catalysts/reactor blueprints, forma blueprints, and rivens. Maroo's Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt is also located here.

Invasion missions need to be completed 3 times to receive the invasion reward. Rewards include orokin catalyst/reactor blueprints, forma blueprints, exclusive weapon parts, and special resources.

Syndicate missions reward syndicate points and syndicate medallions, which award additional syndicate points and are randomly located on mission maps. This is not that urgent but should be worked on at some point. This tab also lists Cephalon Simaris and Onslaught missions which will be more important mid-game. More details are in the "Syndicate" section.

Fissures reward traces and prime parts. Traces will be needed in the beginning of the game to farm vital mods. Effectively farming prime parts will be difficult in the beginning, but will become a regular activity during mid-game and after. Details are located in the "Fissure System" section.

Sorties are unlocked after the War Within quest and contain higher level enemies between 50 and 100. They randomly reward endo, boosters, forma, orokin catalyst/reactor blueprints, and items that can net some platinum.
Digital Extremes has a nice quest guide located here[www.warframe.com].
How To Navigate Channels
How To Navigate The Recruit Channel
The recruit channel is going to be an important tool as you progress through the game, unless you're a strict solo gamer. However, there are segments of the game, that solo players will truly benefit from in a party or otherwise that content will be a major pain. There's lingo, like most online games, that you're going to want to get familiar with. A very comprehensive list is in the "Warframe Lingo" section.

Recruitment Channel Lingo
H Vault Runs
Looking For
LF Vault Runs
A player has a mission unlocked and will bring along players who don't have it unlocked
LF Taxi to Orokin Catalyst Alert

How To Navigate The Trade Channel
The trade channel is pretty important. If you hate trading, the warframe market [warframe.market]is always available and convenient. If you really hate spending time in the trade channel, there are buy and sell sections that are both very effective. If you're a big trader, serious platinum can be made from flipping items meaning buying an item low and selling it high. Strategies for making platinum through trading is located in section, "Trading Strategies."

Trade Channel Lingo
Want To Sell
WTS [Energy Siphon]
Want To Buy
WTB [Fleeting Expertise]
Private Message Offer
WTS [narrowminded] PMO
Want To Trade item for item
WTT [Constitution] for [Streamline]

Enlarge the Size of Your Chat Window
Many players don't know but you can, or else the trade/recruit chat will be hard to read making you prone to messaging the wrong person or misreading. The top right corner of the window has three little dots that you can drag.

Use the Chat Filter When Looking For Something Specific
The magnifier symbol is at the top left corner of the chat window.
Chat Commands
Most Used Chat Commands
/invite username
invite a player to a party
use whenever glitched in a map
[item name]
link an item in chat. E.g. [Corrosive Projection] (Link will point to the item in the Market.)
/friend add username
send a friends request
/i username
ignore a player cutting off communication (They can still see your messages but not vice versa.)
/profile username
check a player's profile
view full command list

Benefits of Joining a Clan
  • A way to trade with other players via the dojo trading post
  • Weapons, warframes, and items only available in the dojo
  • People to play with
  • People who can help
  • People who can answer questions

What Clan To Join
Make sure to join a clan with 100% clan research. I suggest moon clans because they have the highest capacity of players capped at 1000 and they usually have 100% research and none to barely any requirements. Really the choice is all yours, but a one with 100% research is a good idea.

Size of Clans By Tier

How To Join a Clan
You can ask to join a clan in the recruitment channel or in the Official Warframe Forums for Clan Recruitment[forums.warframe.com]. If you meet the requirements and are not currently in a clan, a recruiter will send you an invite. The invite will show up in your inbox (esc-->communications-->inbox).

How To Access the Dojo
To access the Clan Dojo: esc-->communication-->clan-->enter clan dojo
You must first build a clan key in the foundry to enter.

What the Trading Post in Dojo Looks Like
Nightwave System
What Do I Get From Nightwave?
Progressing through the Nightwave system gives you access to many essential items. They include: Orokin reactors/catalysts, Aura mods, exclusive weapons, forma, nitain extract, and the Vauban warframe.

How To Access Nightwave

How To Progress In Nightwave
Nightwave has a total of 30 ranks aka reward tiers. You'll have to do daily/weekly acts to rank up. The challenges award anywhere from 1,000 and 9,000 points toward the rank. Each rank takes 10,000 points to level up. The challenges reset every 7 days on Sunday.

Nightwave Credits
Rewards from each tier changes through each rank. Every few tiers, you will be rewarded with Nightwave credits. These credits are used to buy the various items listed above. The available items rotate every 7 days on Sunday. The top right corner displays how many credits you currently have.

Nightwave Skins
Many of the items available are only skins, so be sure to look closely before buying.

Make sure to spend all your nightwave credits at the end of each season because they will disappear in the next season.

Missed Acts
Any Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts that have not been completed before the next week's rotation will be put on reserve. After all of the current week's Acts are completed, any missed Acts from previous weeks will be available and marked as Recovered, three at a time. Once all missed Acts have been completed, they will no longer appear, only to be refreshed in future week rotations.
Nightwave System (Daily Acts)
This section only lists acts with less obvious solutions. To equip gear items, go to arsenal (esc-->equipment-->arsenal-->bottom left of screen.) To use a gear item in mission, open the gear wheel (default key Q).
Daily Act
Deploy an Air Support Charge in a Mission
Air support charges are built in the foundry and must be equipped in gear menu.
Kill 150 Enemies with Magnetic Damage
Combine Electric and Cold
Kill 150 Enemies with Gas Damage
Combine Heat and Toxin
Kill 150 Enemies with Blast Damage
Combine Heat and Cold
Kill 150 Enemies with Corrosive Damage
Combine Toxin and Electric
Kill 150 Enemies with Viral Damage
Combine Cold and Toxin
Kill 150 Enemies with Radiation Damage
Combine Heat and Electric
Mark 5 Mods or Resources
Target item on floor and mark (default key G)
Complete 3 Transmutations
Go to Mods (esc-->equipment-->mods). Select 4 mods and transmute.
Kill 10 Enemies with Finishers
Sneak up behind enemies and melee for finisher animation or bypass the need to sneak using blinding abilities such as Excalibur's radial blind.
Play 1 Emote
In mission, select gear wheel and press right click to open the emote wheel.
Deploy a Glyph
Glyphs need to be equipped in gears. In mission, select glyph in gear wheel.
Find 5 Syndicate Medallions
See section, "Syndicates."
Nightwave System (Weekly Acts)
This section only lists acts with less obvious solutions. To equip gear items, go to arsenal (esc-->equipment-->arsenal-->bottom left of screen. To use a gear item in mission, open the gear wheel (default key Q).
Weekly Act
Fully socket 3 Ayatan Sculptures
See "Ayatan Sculptures" section.
Find all caches in 3 Sabotage missions
See section, "Difficult Junction Challenges." This can be done at any sabotage mission with Grineer, Corpus, and Void tilesets.
Complete 6 different Perfect Animal Captures
Fortuna is mid-game content and is not included in this guide.
Complete 12 Conduits in Disruption
Disruption mission is located on Jupiter and is unlocked after doing the Natah quest.
Complete 5 different Bounties in the Plains of Eidolon
Plains of Eidolon is mid-game content and is not included in this guide.
Catch 6 Rare Fish in the Plains of Eidolon
Plains of Eidolon is mid-game content and is not included in this guide.
Mine 6 Rare Gems or Ore in the Plains of Eidolon
Fortuna is mid-game content and is not included in this guide.
Kill 30 Eximus
Eximus units spawn more in Sanctuary Onslaught and Sortie missions with modifier Eximus Stronghold. The New Strange quest must be completed to unlock Sanctuary Onslaught.
Gild 1 Modular Items
Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna are mid-game content and is not included in this guide.
Help Clem with his weekly mission
See Darvo to que this mission. He is located in the room next to Cephalon Simaris' room. To go to Cephalon Simaris' room, while in the relay, press esc-->fast travel-->Cephalon Simaris.
Polarize with Forma 3 times
See section, "Modding."
Complete 5 Scans for Cephalon Simaris
See section, "Cephalon Simaris."
Complete 3 Nightmare missions of any type
See section, "Useful Nightmare Mods," on how to access them.
Unlock 3 Relics
See section, "Fissure System."
Unlock 4 Orokin Derelict Vaults
See section, "How To Farm Corrupted Mods."
Complete 5 different bounties in the Orb Vallis
Fortuna is mid-game content and is not included in this guide.
Catch 6 Rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis
Fortuna is mid-game content and is not included in this guide.
Mine 6 Rare Gems or Ore in the Orb Vallis
Fortuna is mid-game content and is not included in this guide.
Nightwave System (Elite Weekly Acts)
This section only lists acts with less obvious solutions. To equip gear items, go to arsenal (esc-->equipment-->arsenal-->bottom left of screen. To use a gear item in mission, open the gear wheel (default key Q).
Elite Weekly Act
Complete 4 Halls of Ascension on Lua
Lua planet is unlocked after completing the "Second Dream" quest. More information is on the warframe wiki[warframe.fandom.com].
Win 3 wagers in a row without letting the enemy score in one match of The Index
Index is located on Neptune. Any risk level can be completed. Warframes with crowd control abilities is recommended.
Complete 8 Zones of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
ESO unlocks after completing the New Strange quest.
Kill 100 Eximus
Eximus units spawn more in Sanctuary Onslaught and Sortie missions with modifier Eximus Stronghold. The New Strange quest must be completed to unlock Sanctuary Onslaught.
Kill 3 Silver Grove Specters
Completion of the Silver Grove quest is required. See the warframe wiki[warframe.fandom.com] for more information.
Survive over 30 minutes in Kuva Survival
Completion of War Within quest is required. Kuva survival missions are any survival missions on the Kuva Fortress.
Kill or Capture an Eidolon Hydrolyst
Plains of Eidolon is mid-game content and is not included in this guide.
Complete 10 Nightmare missions of any type
See section, "Useful Nightmare Mods," on how to access them.
Unlock 10 Relics
See section, "Fissure System."
🤤🤤🤤🤤 WARFRAMES🤤🤤🤤🤤
Warframes Introduction
This section gives VERY brief descriptions of warframes, so that you can pick which ones interest you without information overload. All the warframes are useful and specialize in different mission types although it is true that certain warframes are requested more often in parties than others. Also some warframes are more new player friendly than others. Prime variants are the superior versions that mostly boast small stat increases with a few exceptions. They also tend to look nicer. Not all prime variants have been released yet and some prime warframes have been vaulted meaning they are no longer in reward tables and can only be traded for with other players with platinum. Periodically these vaulted warframes will be temporarily un-vaulted for a couple months. Otherwise, all prime variants can be farmed in fissures.

Check out my other guide, Beginner Friendly Warframes And Builds 👌, for more beginner builds.
Warframes (Starter)
I have provided basic builds for the starter warframes, Excalibur, Volt, and Mag, since new players are guaranteed to have one of these warframes. These builds should only be temporary and are designed to be new-player friendly. The builds are energy efficient and cheap, with all mods within grasp requiring only an orokin reactor and no forma. Many of the mods used are mods, detailed in section, "Important Mods." You probably don't have all the mods and enough endo. Therefor, you can slowly build up your collection, add each mod, and rank them whenever you can. Advanced builds will be available later on and can be tweaked according to your play style and tastes after learning more about the game.

Excalibur Overview

Acquisition: Starter or farmed from Lieutenant Lech Kril on War, Mars
Many new players like Excalibur. He can shoot high damage waves out of his exalted blade. Exalted Blade is easy to mod for early game, and can be built for very high damage with an advanced build. He also has a nice AOE attack and blinding ability. Superior Variant, Excalibur Umbra, will be available after completing the quest, The Sacrifice, deep within the quest line. Without spoiling anything, be warned that to fully utilize Excalibur Umbra will take a ton of credits and endo.

Excalibur's Exalted Blade
The first build is designed for Excalibur's fourth ability, Exalted Blade. The second build is for the Exalted Blade itself. Many new players like Excalibur because of this ability. After activation, Excalibur's melee will shoot waves that damage enemies, with unlimited punch through passing through enemies and walls, for up to 40 meters. Activating Exalted Blade will cost 6.25 energy and cost 0.63 energy per second to maintain. Each energy orb pickup buys you 40 more seconds of Exalted Blade. The Exalted Blade can be modded as well and will increase DPS. Note: This build is the most new player friendly and relies the least on mods to be effective compared to all other builds including volt's and mag's builds.

Excalibur's Radial Javelin
This build is designed around Excalibur's third ability, Radial Javelin. Excalibur will slam his sword into the ground and nuke all enemies, that are in line of site, within 36.25 meters.

Excalibur's Radial Blind
This build is designed around Excalibur's second ability, Radial Blind. This build is a very defensive build and casting Radial Blind will blind all enemies within site of a distance of 58.75 meters for 16.20 seconds. Radial Blind costs 12.5 energy to cast. Blinded enemies are debuffed to take additional damage.

Volt Overview

Acquisition: Starter or at the Tenno Lab in the Clan Dojo (details in "Clan/Dojo" section)
Volt may not be a good choice as a starter not because he isn't good, but because he is easy to get from the Clan Dojo. Volt can give a team-wide sprint speed, melee attack speed, and reload speed boost. He can set a small invincible shield, that when shot through increases electric damage and critical damage. He also has an aoe wide attack that can be modded to restore shield and provide overshield. He is the main warframe out of 4 that is requested in pubs for end-game content, Eidolon Captures.

For all the Volt Builds listed here, the aura mod can be interchanged between Steel Charge (+60% Melee Damage), Rifle Amp (+27% Rifle Damage), Shotgun Amp (+18% Shotgun Damage), Pistol Amp (+27% Secondary Damage), and Dead Eye (+52.5 Sniper Rifle Damage), depending on the weapon type you want to use. Steel Charge at max rank will provide 4 extra capacity than the other auras.

Volt's Speed/Electric Shield Hybrid
This build is designed primarily for Volt's second ability, Speed, and secondarily for Volt's third ability, Electric Shield. The speed ability give +87.5% sprint and melee attack speed and +29.75% weapon reload speed. This is especially good for clearing maps faster, boosting melee dps, and to a lesser extent weapon dps. Speed will only cost 6.25 energy to cast and will last 13.85 seconds. Small electric shields can be placed with Volt's third ability. These shields are invincible and when shot through gives +150 Electric damage and +200% critical damage synergizing with high critical chance weapons. Electric Shield will cost 12.5 energy to cast and last 34.63 seconds.

Volt's Pure Electric Shield
This build is designed purely for Volt's third ability, Electric Shield, and has more survivability than the other builds. Electric Shield is very powerful because it is invincible and buffs weapon damage when shot through for +150 electric damage and +200% critical damage. The shields can be stacked up to 3 times for a maximum of +450 electric damage and +600% critical damage! The shields can be picked up, but will cause energy drain. To get the most out of the damage buffs, shields will have to be set in place leaving little room for mobility. Therefor, this build is good when camping in one spot or when protecting choke points. The shields will cost 12.5 energy to cast and last 47.25 seconds.

Volt's Discharge
This build is designed for Volt's fourth ability, Discharge. Discharge is a nuke and will zap all enemies within 47 meters. For more damage, Overextended can be swapped with Vigor at the cost of a smaller range of 29 meters.
Warframes (Starter)
Mag Overview

Acquisition: Starter or farmed from The Sergeant on Iliad, Phobos.
Overview: Mag is somewhat of a niche frame that is hated or loved by the community. She can cast a bubble around enemies that when shot at attracts bullets and redirects them toward the enemy. This can be modded for insane damage in end-game in combination with the correct weapons. She can also lower enemy armor and has an AOE attack.

For all the Mag Builds listed here, the aura mod can be interchanged between Steel Charge (+60% Melee Damage), Rifle Amp (+27% Rifle Damage), Shotgun Amp (+18% Shotgun Damage), Pistol Amp (+27% Secondary Damage), and Dead Eye (+52.5 Sniper Rifle Damage), depending on the weapon type you want to use. Steel Charge at max rank will provide 4 extra capacity than the other auras.

Mag's Pull/Crush Hybrid
This build is designed for both Mag's first ability, Pull, and fourth ability, Crush. Pull does 345 magnetic damage to all enemies within 58.75 meters. Pull is extremely energy efficient only costing 6.25 energy and pulls all items including energy orbs toward Mag. Additionally any enemies killed by pull have a 28.75% additional chance of dropping an energy orb. It doesn't do that much damage and so will be more effective with enemies level 20 and below. Crush is stronger but not quite as energy efficient costing 25 energy per cast. It will do 1725 magnetic damage to all enemies within 42.30 meters.

Mag's Polarize
This build is designed around Mag's third ability, Polarize. Polarize sends out of a wave that expands in every direction 7.5 meters per second for a duration of 6.92 seconds eventually reaching a distance of 51.9 meters before disappearing. Enemies will take 700 damage, suffer shield and armor reduction, and debuffed to receive 4.63x damage.

Mag's Magnetize
This build is designed around Mag's second ability, Magnetize. When casted on an enemy they will be engulfed by a bubble (10 meter circumference). When shooting whether by you or enemies at the bubble, projectiles will be redirected toward enemies caught within the bubble. Additionally, they will take +260% more damage. For maximum damage, shoot above enemies, because projectiles will be redirected toward enemy heads. When the bubble disappears, it will explode and do additional damage in a 21.75 meter radius. Certain weapons will synergize with Magnetize because they will swirl around several times within the bubble before dissipating for additional damage. Low mastery rank weapons detailed in the "Weapons" section include: Ignis (MR5), Dera Vandal (MR 7), Atomos (MR 5), and Synoid Gammacor (MR 7). An advanced build for Magnetize combined with Lanka (MR 10) or Mara Detron (MR 9) does insane damage and can propel players several hours into survival missions. Magnetize is best used in small hallways as the bubble will cover whole choke points doing damage to all enemies in the condensed space as well as offering protection from enemy projectiles.
Warframes (Farmed From Bosses)
Warframes Are Organized According To Planet Unlock Order
Each planet has a boss and most reward warframe part blueprints.

Hydroid (Earth)

Acquisition: Farmed from Councilor Vay Hek on Oro, Earth.
Hydroid can do an AOE attack that can be modded with augment mod, Pilfering Swarm, to provide additional chance for loot drops from affected enemies. He can turn into an invincible pool of liquid that traps enemies when they fall in and inflicts damage upon them.

Rhino (Venus)

Acquisition: Farmed from Jackal on Fossa, Venus.
Rhino can be modded to be super tanky. He can provide crowd control and a nice damage buff for himself and his teammates to both weapons and abilities.

Frost (Ceres)

Acquisition: Farmed from Lieutenant Lech Kril & Captain Vor on Exta, Ceres.
Frost is a defensive warframe and can provide a health-based protective bubble. It is effective in protecting teammates and mission objectives. He also has an AOE attack that doubles as a crowd control ability temporarily freezing enemies.

Valkyr (Jupiter)

Acquisition: Farmed from Alad V on Themisto, Jupiter.
Valkyr can go into hysteria mode where she becomes invincible but limited to powerful melee attacks. She can also provider her and her teammates increased melee attack speed.

Wisp (Jupiter)

Acquisition: Farmed from the Ropalolyst who is located on the node on Jupiter called, "The Ropalolyst." This mission is unlocked after completing the 12th main quest, Chimera Prologue. There is a specific sequence to defeating this boss and I recommend looking up a youtube video to understand the process.
Wisp is most notable as a great support warframe with buffs and crowd control abilities. Her buffs are not entirely unique, but the way they are administered is. She can set down three different types of flowers which last for entire missions. Two of each flower can be set at different locations further increasing the flowers' versatile. When Wisp and allies step within the flower's buff radius, they will gain increased movement and attack speed, maximum health and heal over time, or ability to stun enemies with an electric aura depending on the type of flower set. Most wisp players will place a set of 3 flowers in the same spot for simultaneous triple buffs. After stepping in and out of range, Wisp and allies will keep the buffs for a duration which can be increased with duration mods.

Nova (Europa)

Acquisition: Farmed from Raptors on Naamah, Europa.
Nova can cast a slow-traveling explosive orb that deals high damage in a radius upon impact. She can set teleport portals for her and her teammates good for speed runs. Portals can teleport players up to a whopping 140 meters. As a result, she is the fastest warframe going point A to point B. She can debuff enemies to take 2x damage and slow up to 75%. She can also speed up enemy movement by 30% good for farming.

Ember (Saturn)

Acquisition: Farmed from General Sargas Ruk on Tethys, Saturn.
Ember is a fire-based warframe. Heat is great as it can lower enemy armor. She has abilities that do AOE damage and crowd control. She can also give herself some damage reduction increasing her survivability.

Equinox (Uranus)

Acquisition: Farmed from Tyl Regor on Titania, Uranus.
Equinox has a powerful AOE attack, Maim, that does scaling slash damage. As damage builds up, disabling Maim creates an explosion that deals additional damage calculated from damage done during Maim. She has another ability that boosts power strength to her and her teammates. She can also put enemies to sleep.

Loki (Neptune)

Acquisition: Farmed from Hyena Pack on Psamathe, Neptune.
Loki is an invisible warframe with other defensive capabilities. He can disarm enemies in a large radius forcing them to melee only. He can set a decoy that attracts enemy attention.

Trinity (Pluto)

Acquisition: Farmed from Ambulas on Hades, Pluto.
Trinity can heal herself and teammates within a 50 meter radius. She is one of the most requested warframes in team compositions for her ability to restore energy to herself and her allies. Her energy restore is the most consistent to all other warframes with similar capabilities giving the ability for teammates to spam their abilities. She can also provide a team-wide damage reduction up to 75% and provide overshield. She is the main warframe out of 4 that is requested in pubs for end-game content, Eidolon Captures.

Nekros (Orokin Derelict)

Acquisition: Farmed from Lephantis on Assassination, Orokin Derelict.
Nekros is the master of the dark arts and can resurrect dead enemies to fight by his side. He can be modded to become a tank and give additional loot drops. He is often used in farming parties for extra loot and survival missions for additional life support drops. *Orokin Derelict missions do not have to be unlocked and its keys are available on the in-game market.

Nyx (Eris)

Acquisition: Farmed from Phorid during infested invasions.
Nyx can mind control enemies causing enemies in a large radius to attack each other. She can also become invincible, but at a high energy cost and becoming immobile. She can be modded to be mobile during this invincibility but with -50% movement speed.

Saryn (Sedna)

Acquisition: Farmed from Kela De Thaym on Merrow, Sedna.
Saryn is a powerful warframe capable of spreading spores that rips apart enemy armor taking away their damage reduction simultaneously damaging them. She can do an AOE attack and spawn a Molt that can be modded to provide some health regeneration.
Warframes (Acquired from Clan Dojo)
These Warframes Require No Farming Except for Resources and Credits. Just Join a Clan with 100% Research! They are located in the Tenno Lab.


Acquisition: Tenno Lab in Clan Dojo
Banshee has one of the strongest enemy debuffs in the game and can be modded to make enemies take as much as 15x damage. She also has an AOE attack and can be modded for strong crowd control.


Acquisition: Tenno Lab in Clan Dojo
Nehza has the fastest base slide speed. He has a speed boosting ability, though it is not as strong as Volt's. He also has an AOE attack that double as a crowd control ability. He can lay the floor he walks over with fire damaging enemies. He also has an ability that reduces incoming damage by 90%, but has a limit before it runs out. Nehza is tanky with this ability but is outclassed by the best tanks in the game.


Acquisition: Tenno Lab in the Clan Dojo
Wukong's passive revives himself and provides random buffs for up to 3 times per mission. Wukong can summon a copy of himself that will aggressively attack enemies. Wukong can make himself invulnerable for a short time and based on damage received during the invulnerability receive a buff to armor. Wukong is also an amazing at speed running missions. He is able to turn into a cloud that leaves him invulnerable, invisible, and able to travel freely in the air. He also has a melee focused build that can put up huge damage with the right build. His melee ability has high attack speed and high range.


Acquisition: Tenno Lab in the Clan Dojo
Zephyr can cast powerful clowds that destroy enemy armor making them much more susceptible to damage. Enemies as high as level 150+ become much easier to kill as a result. The clowds also provide some crowd control. She can give a small boost in movement speed and is capable of flight good for traveling through the Plains of Eidolon.
Warframes (Acquired From Missions)
Oberon (Eximus Units)

Acquisition: Dropped from Eximus units. (Can be acquired easily just playing the game.)
He provides the team with health regeneration and can law a large blanket of fire on the ground damaging enemies who step on it.

Vauban (Nightwave)

Acquisition: Bought with Nightwave credits
Vauban provides crowd control that disables and suspends enemies especially good against the Infested. He can also casts vortexes that attract enemies.

Ivara (Spies)

Acquisition: Ivara's main and component blueprints are acquired from Spy missions depending on mission level. More information here[warframe.wikia.com].
Ivara can provide her and herself with invisibility and can put enemies to sleep. She can be modded to travel through lasers undetected. Her fourth ability is a bow that does good damage. Her invisible ability prohibits her from doing fast parkour moves such as bullet jumps or sprints. In order to move at faster speeds, she can shoot ziplines which allows her to sprint. Therefor, her playstyle is more a slower methodological approach. Not everyone uses her, but she has a small cult following who swear by her.

Ash (Manics)

Acquisition: Drops from Manics.
Fatal Teleport can be modded for insane single-target scaling damage. He can go invisible and has a single target ability that lowers enemy armor by 70% good for high end game. He can send out clones to attack enemies. He is essentially the ninja of warframe.

Khora (Sanctuary Onslaught)

Acquisition: Rewarded from Sanctuary Onslaught missions.
Kora is the cat lady who provides pretty good crowd control. She has a cat that can attack, protect, and heal. With augment mod, Pilfering Strangledome, for her crowd control ability, affected enemies have an additional chance to drop loot.

Hildryn (Fortuna: Exploiter Orb)

Acquisition: Hildryn's blueprint can be bought from Little Duck for 5,000 standing upon reaching the rank of Agent with Vox Solaris. Her component blueprints can be acquired as drops from the Exploiter Orb.
Hildryn is a very unique warframe. She has the highest base shield by far at 1575. With a max Redirection mod (+440% shield), her total shield comes to 3555, making her tanky. However, she has a severe weakness to toxin and gas because these elementals bypass shields. The grineer unit, Nox, and many infested enemies deal toxin and gas damage. With Hildryn's second and/or third ability, this weakness can be alleviated by maintaining overshield (purple health bar) which prevents bypassing. There are some items that provide Toxin resistance, but they are not usually attained until mid-game or beyond. Her third ability, gives you a 3-second invulnerability, if your shields were to be completely depleted. Her fourth ability, does AOE damage and provide energy orbs.

Gauss (Sedna, Kelpie)

Acquisition: C rotation of disruption mission, Sedna, Kelpie.
Gauss is another speed warframe similar to Volt, except that he cannot provide a team-wide buff, and his ultra speed ability, Mach Rush, restricts Gauss to a straight line. He also has an ability that gives very high damage reduction, making him tanky. He can afflict enemies with cold and heat status. He can also buff himself for increased fire rate, reload speed, melee attack speed, and holster speed.

Grendel (Europa)

Acquisition: Grendel's component blueprints are awarded by completing certain missions on Europa using Locators, which can be purchased from the Arbitration Honors vendor found in any Relay for 25 Vitus Essence each. Vitus Essense is acquired from Arbitration missions which are unlocked after the tenno as completed all missions on all planets.
Grendel is not very popular though his abilities are not completely horrible. He is tanky although not quite in the same tier as some of the best tanks in the game. He can swallow many enemies which slow strip their armor and do damage to them. Each enemy swallowed gives +50 armor each at the cost of higher energy drain per second. Eating a swallowed enemy regens Grendel's health. He can buff himself and teammates for increased energy regen gotten from various sources such as energy orbs, Trinity's energy vampire, and Zenurik's energizing dash.
Warframes (Awarded From Main Quests)
Warframes are chronologically ordered according to main quest line.


Acquisition: Chroma's main blueprint will be rewarded upon completion of the quest The New Strange. Component blueprints are awarded by completing Junctions. The Neuroptics will be rewarded after completing the Uranus Junction, the Chassis the Neptune Junction, and the Systems the Pluto Junction.
Chroma has a very strong damage buff ability and can be modded to be team-wide. He also has an armor buff ability making him a tank. He is not as tanky as the other warframes in this class, but makes up for it with his offensive capabilities. He is the main warframe out of 4 that is requested in pubs for end-game content, Eidolon Captures.


Acquisition: Harrow's main blueprint is awarded upon completion of the Chains of Harrow quest.
Harrow can provide temporary invincibility and damage buff to his team. He provide the team with energy via enemy kills. He is the main warframe out of 4 that is requested in pubs for end-game content, Eidolon Captures.

Excalibur Umbra

Acquisition: Excalibur Umbra is awarded upon completion of The Sacrifice quest.
Superior Variant of Excalibur. Without spoiling anything, be mindful that it will take a crazy amount of endo and credits to unlock the full potential of Excalibur Umbra. Therefor, regular Excalibur is a great alternative.
Warframes (Awarded From Side Quests)

Acquisition: Component blueprints are awarded at the end of each mission for the Hidden Messages quest.
Mirage can provide a damage buff to herself and her teammates. She can cast mirror images of herself which can be modded to deal up to 50% of her real self's damage. Additionally, these mirror images attract enemy attention and damage. She also has a blinding ability that blinds enemies within a large radius as long as they are within direct line of sight.


Acquisition: Atlas' blueprint is awarded after completing The Jordas Precept Quest, which unlocks the Jordas Golem Archwing Assassination mission that drops the remaining component blueprints.
Atlas can be modded to be a tank who can self-heal with some crowd control abilities.


Acquisition: Component blueprints are awarded from The Limbo Theorem quest, obtainable by completing the Europa Junction on Jupiter. An Archwing is required to begin the quest's missions.
Limbo can switch to alternate dimension called the Rift Plane. Here he becomes invincible, but unable to attack other enemies. Limbo can convert a large area into the Rift Plane. Here enemies can be frozen in place and Limbo and his teammates will be safe from harm from enemies outside the rift. Limbo can also do AOE damage but at a high energy cost.


Acquisition: Mesa's component blueprints are acquired from Mutalist Alad V after completing the quest Patient Zero.
Mesa is a very powerful gunslinger capable of decimating hordes of enemies in seconds with her fourth ability peacemaker. It is not unusual, when a Mesa is on the team, to see all enemies on screen destroyed. Mesa also has a very high dps and can destroy tanky enemies. Her third ability, shatter shield, reduces incoming bullet damage by up to 95%. Her second ability, Shooting Gallery, boosts damage for her and her teammates.


Acquisition: Titania's main and component blueprints are obtainable from The Silver Grove quest. The quest is obtained from the New Loka leader at any relay.
Can go into a tiny Archwing-like mode and buff weapons for increased fire rate.


Acquisition: Inaros' main and component blueprints are obtainable from the Sands of Inaros quest. The quest blueprint is purchasable from Baro Ki'Teer for 100 ducats and 25,000 credits. More information on Baro Ki-Teer in "Baro Ki-Teer" section.
Inaros is a tank with the highest health pool of all warframes totalling over 4k health with a maxed Vitality. He has the ability to self-heal and provide crowd control.


Acquisition: Nidus' main blueprint is acquired from The Glast Gambit quest. Nidus' component blueprints are acquired from Rotation C of Infested Salvage on Oestrus, Eris.
Nidus is an advanced warframe that takes some skill to play. He can gather enemies into a concentrated area. He can become just about invincible and deal very high damage. However, that invincibility and damage needs to be built up. Therefor, he really shines in endless type missions. He is also used in the team composition for farming endo in the Arena on Sedna.


Acquisition: Upon completion of the Octavia's Anthem quest.
Octavia is one of the most powerful warframes in the game with many capabilities. She can set down a mallet that attracts enemy attacks. Scaling damage is inflicted to enemies around the mallet based on how much damage it has received. Therefor, she can easily last hours into survival missions, because enemies will deal higher and higher damage and as a result receive higher and higher damage. She can also provide her and her team with invisibility, damage buffs, and increased energy regen.


Acquisition: Gara's main blueprint will be awarded upon completion of the Saya's Vigil quest. Gara's component blueprints are acquired from Bounties in the Plains of Eidolon.
Gara can provide a protective glass that prohibits enemies from entering a radius. She can then destroy the glass to produce AOE damage. She can provide her and her team with up to 90% damage reduction. She can debuff enemies to take additional damage.


Acquisition: Revenant's main blueprint will be awarded upon completion of Nakak's mini-quest, which is unlocked after reaching the rank of "Observer" with The Quills, opening a prompt with Nakak that allows the player to purchase the Mask of the Lost One from her. Equipping the mask on the Operator and entering the Plains of Eidolon at night will begin the mini-quest. Revenant's component blueprints are acquired from Bounties. Acquiring and building at least two components are required to advance and complete the mini-quest.
Revenant can nuke a large area, but at a high energy cost. He can also temporarily convert sentient enemies to allies.


Acquisition: Blueprint awarded upon completion of Vox Solaris quest. Parts are in Cetus bounty reward tables.
Garuda's abilities do more damage the less health she has. She can absorb damage from enemies and reflect them back. She can lunge at enemies and cause bleeding status effect.


Acquisition: All of Baruuk's blueprints can only be acquired by purchasing from Little Duck, using Vox Solaris standing.
Baruuk can build up very high damage resistances. He has the ability to dodge all incoming projectiles as long as he isn't attacking. He can also put enemies to sleep.
How To Deal With Difficult Archwing Missions

There are a couple difficult archwing segments such as the Jordas Precept quest that awards the Atlas warframe. You will have to fight a very tanky boss, the Jordas Golem, using only archwing. This is probably one of the most painful missions in the game when underpowered. Refer to my other guide, Pro Archwing Builds And Best Weapons To Use.
Weapons Introduction
Weapons With Low Mastery Rank Requirement
Some of the best weapons in the game have a high mastery rank requirement. This weapons section lists weapons with a low mastery requirement from 0 to 8. Some of these weapons are temporary solutions until better weapons are unlocked, but others can be long-term. The problem with weapons is that they NEED forma. Warframes can get away with being underforma'd, but weapons do not. Without forma, weapons are pretty lackluster, even the best ones. Some weapons come with polarities and need only 3-4 forma, but this is on the lower end. Some weapons need 6 to 7, and sometimes even 8! Note that a weapon's mastery rank requirement isn't reflective of how effective a weapon is, though many of the best weapons are concentrated from 10-15.

When modding primaries and secondaries, look to add mods with these stats:
  • +Damage
  • +Multishot
  • +Toxin, +Cold, +Electric, +Heat (if possible combine toxin and cold to make viral)
  • +Critical Chance (if weapon has base critical chance of 20 or more)
  • +Critical Damage (if weapon has high critical chance)

When modding for Melee, look to add mods with these stats:
  • +Damage
  • +Toxin, +Cold, +Electric, +Heat (if possible combine toxin and cold to make viral)
  • +Combo Duration
  • +Critical Chance (if weapon has base critical chance of 20 or more)
  • +Critical Damage (if weapon has high critical chance)
  • +Attack Speed
  • +Range
Explosive weapons can cause knockdown to self, if caught within detonation range.
The follow mods either lessen the effect or eliminate the effect all together.
Weapons (Primaries)
Hek (MR 4)

Acquisition: Market
Semi-automatic Shotgun with superior variant the Vaykor Hek available at MR 12

Dread (MR 5)

Acquisition: Stalker
End-game viable slow firing bow with arcing projectiles

Ignis (MR 5)

Acquisition: Grineer Lab in Clan Dojo
A great flamethrower, with superior variant Ignis Wraith available at MR 9.

Kohm (MR 5)

Acquisition: Market
Full automatic shotgun with a long windup time with superior variant Kuva Kohm (gotten from Liches).

Tonkor (MR 5)

Acquisition: Market
A good grenade launcher that can inflict knockdown to self if within detonation range with superior variant, Kuva Tonkor (gotten from Liches), but is outshined by the Zarr available at MR 7.

Rubico (MR 6)

Acquisition: Market
A top tier sniper rifle with hit-scan bullets, with superior variant, Rubico Prime (MR 12)

Dera Vandal (MR 7)

Acquisition: Invasion Reward
A very powerful fully automatic laser rifle, but its projectiles have slight travel time. A big drawback compared to other automatic weapons is its relatively small magazine size of 60.

Dex Sybaris (MR 7)

Acquisition: Given as a gift during the second half of March in celebration of Warframe anniversaries
A good burst fire rifle outshined by the Sybaris Prime (MR 12) and especially Tiberon Prime (MR 14)

Sobek (MR 7)

Acquisition: Grineer Lab in Clan Dojo
An automatic shotgun with a decent fire rate that does area damage with the mod, Acid Shells.

Soma Prime (MR 7)

Acquisition: A vaulted prime set which can only be traded for or farmed during temporary un-vaultings
A good easy-to-use fully automatic rifle with 200 bullets in a magazine with hit-scan bullets.

Baza (MR 7)

Acquisition: Tenno Research in Clan Dojo
The Baza is similar to the soma prime and is very accurate with Superior Variant, Baza Prime (MR10). Its magazine size is only 40, but makes up for it with a fast reload speed of 1.4 seconds. It is innately silent which synergizes with invisible warframes.

Tigris (MR 7)

Acquisition: Market
A double barrel shotgun outshined by its best variant, the Tigris Prime (MR 13)

Vulkar Wraith (MR 7)

Acquisition: Baro Ki-Teer (Details in "Baro Ki-Teer section)
An easy to use sniper rifle with a respectable fire rate that is out damaged by top sniper rifles including the Rubico (Prime)

Zarr (MR 7)

Acquisition: Market
A powerful end-game viable grenade launcher that is capable of inflicting knockdown to self if within detonation range.

Lenz (MR 8)

Acquisition: Corpus Lab in Clan Dojo
A powerful end-game bow that shoots explosive arrows damaging and slowing enemies in an area. Capable of inflicting knockdown to self if caught within detonation range, but is easily avoided because of the arrow's delayed detonation time of 2 seconds. Lenz is hugely outshined by Kuva Bramma (gotten from Liches).

Paris Prime (MR 8)

Acquisition: Farmed via Fissures or traded for
Good slow firing bow with arcing projectiles that is outshined by the Dread (MR 5), Lenz (MR 8), and especially Kuva Bramma (gotten from Liches).

Corinth (MR 8)

Corinth is a powerful shotgun and its primary fire acts as a traditional semi-automatic shotgun with a slow fire rate and magazine size of 5. Its alt-fire launches a grenade that creates a 9.4 meter area of effect explosion after traveling 20 meters in midair. The quirk to the grenade is that it will only explode in mid-air. If it hits an enemy or object there is no explosion. Superior variant, Corinth Prime, is available at MR 14.

Exergis (MR 8)

Acquisition: Market
Exergis has the potential to be a top-tier shotgun but is held back by its small magazine size of 1 and reload speed of 1.6 seconds.

Fulmin (MR 8)

Fulmin is a great and popular weapon and can definitely be a long term weapon. Its primary fire acts like a fully automatic rifle and its alt-fire is semi-automatic and fires a small circular projectile. The alt-fire has an innate 3 meter punch through against bodies.

Acceltra (MR 8)

Acceltra is a pretty good weapon and has the advantage of a low MR requirement. It is a fully automatic rocket launcher that fires micro-missiles in rapid succession with fire rate and a large 4-meter explosion radius. To provide safety for its user, the rockets arm after traveling 7 meters in midair. Unfortunately, the mission to acquire the weapon can be challenging in early-game, so I suggest teaming up with clan mates or people from recruit channel.
Weapons (Secondaries)
Do NOT underestimate secondaries in this game.

Sonicor (MR 2)

Acquisition: Market
A very effective area damage weapon with enemy knock back ability

Lex (MR 3)

Acquisition: Market, pre-built for credits
A good and accurate semi-automatic pistol with superior variant Lex Prime (MR8)

Aklex (MR 4)

Acquisition: Market, Ingredients: 2 Lex's
A dual wielded version of Lex with superior variant Aklex Prime (MR 15)

Hikou Prime (4)

Acquisition: Vaulted Prime set, can only be traded for or farmed during temporary un-vaultings
Only effective with the mod Concealed Explosives and up to level 40 enemies. Does area damage and self-knockback if within explosion range.

Atomos (MR 5)

Acquisition: Market
An effective area damage weapon, outshined by Kuva Nukor (gotten from Liches).

Kulstar (MR 5)

Acquisition: Market
An effective end-game viable mini-grenade launcher capable of inflicting knockdown to self if caught within detonation range.

Brakk (MR 6)

Acquisition: The Grustrag Three[warframe.wikia.com] - appears after completing 5 consecutive invasions against the grineer or summoned using a beacon [warframe.wikia.com]sold by Baro Ki-Teer
A powerful mini-shotgun with superior variant, Kuva Brakk (gotten from Liches).

Synoid Gammacor (MR 7)

Acquisition: Cephalon Suda Syndicate or traded for
A powerful single-target beam weapon that restores energy

Prisma Angstrum (MR 8)

Acquisition: Baro Ki-Teer or traded for
A good mini grenade launcher outshined by other grenade launchers and is capable of inflicting knockdown to self if caught within detonation range.

Lex Prime (MR 8)

Acquisition: Farmed via Fissures or traded for
A very powerful and accurate semi-automatic pistol. It's so accurate that it's basically described as a sniper rifle with no scope.

Pandero (MR 8)

Acquisition: Market
A powerful semi-automatic pistol, that is out-damaged by top tier semi-automatic pistols, but still holds its own.
Weapons (Melee)
Nikana Prime (MR 0)

Acquisition: Vaulted Prime set can only be traded for or farmed during temporary un-vaultings
A powerful single target samurai sword

Orthos Prime (MR 2)

Acquisition: Farmed via Fissures or traded for
A powerful polearm with the largest range possible for polarms

Galatine (MR 3)

Acquisition: Market
A powerful sword with superior variant Galatine Prime (MR 13). Galatine is a very very solid choice for early game.

Tipedo (MR 3)

Acquisition: Market - Ingredients Kunai [warframe.wikia.com]and Bo[warframe.wikia.com]
A good polearm with very high attack speed and good range

Tonbo (MR 3)

Acquisition: Tenno Lab in Clan Dojo
Similar to the Tipedo

Twin Basolk (MR 3)

Acquisition: Market - Ingredients Dual Zoren[warframe.wikia.com] and Atomos[warframe.wikia.com]
Good fire-based weapon

Guandao (MR 4)

Acquisition: Tenno Lab in Clan Dojo
A powerful polearm with the largest range possible for polearms.

Redeemer (MR 4)

Acquisition: Market - Ingredients Vasto[warframe.wikia.com] and Dual Skana[warframe.wikia.com]
Has a powerful ranged shotgun-like secondary fire attack with a slow fire rate. Especially useful for the Mastery Rank 9 Test. Superior variant, Redeemer Prime, is available at MR 10.

Scindo Prime (MR 4)

Acquisition: A vaulted prime set which can only be traded for or farmed during temporary un-vaultings
A mid tier axe

Jat Kittag (MR 5)

Acquisition: Grineer Lab in Clan Dojo
A top-tier hammer with slow attack speed

Zenistar (MR 6)

Acquisition: daily login reward
An awesome fire-based heavy blade

Fragor Prime (MR 7)

Acquisition: Farmed via Fissures or traded for
A top tier hammer with a slow attack speed

Hirudo (MR 7)

Acquisition: Market - Ingredient Kogake[warframe.wikia.com]
An effective claw weapon with self-healing properties

Lesion (MR 7)

Acquisition: Market - Ingredient Tipedo
A top tier polearm

Wolf Sledge (MR 7)

Wolf Sledge is a top tier hammer and as with all hammer has slow attack speed.

Dragon Nikana (MR 8)

Acquisition: Market - Ingredient Nikana[warframe.wikia.com]
A good single wield sword with superior variant Nikana Prime

Ohma (MR 8)

Acquisition: Market
A top tier Tonfa

Vaykor Sydon (MR 8)

Acquisition: Steel Meridian Syndicate or traded for
A powerful polearm with the ability to blind enemies

Tatsu (MR 8)

Tatsu is an above average weapon and is a large two-handed katana. It isn't top-tier, but is good enough to be a long term weapon especially if you think large katanas are cool. It has good range equal to heavy blades.

Masseter (MR 8)

Masseter is pretty good heavy blade with abnormally high attack speed for a heavy blade. It is effective up to level 100 enemies. However, it is outclassed by the strongest melee weapons.

Sarpa (MR 8)

Sarpa acts like a shotgun. It isn't great and normally used for its damage. However, it has a unique mechanic that is extremely helpful against certain enemies, namely high level armored enemies, special enemy units, and bosses with high armor. With the mod Shattering Impact, each bullet fired reduces the targets base armor by 6. I recommend equipping +attack speed mods for faster armor stripping.
Useful Nightwave Mods
Nightwave Credits Can Buy Important Mods
This section lists the most commonly used Nightwave mods.




Details on the Nightwave system are in section, "Nightwave system."
Useful Nightmare Mods
This section lists the most commonly used Nightmare mods.

Warframe Mods

Weapon Mods

How To Farm Nightmare Mods
Nightmare mods are rewarded after completing special Nightmare missions. To unlock Nightmare missions, you must complete all missions on a given planet. A Nightmare mission will show on a random mission highlighted in red. Nightmare missions come with random a handicap which can include: no shields, timer, health vampire, energy drain, low gravity, and death detonation.

Tiered Reward Locations
How To Farm Corrupted Mods
Most Commonly Used Corrupted Mods



How To Farm Corrupted Mods
  • Farm some traces via fissure missions detailed in section, "Fissure System". About 80 is good.
  • Go to the Orokin Lab in the Clan dojo
  • Purchase 1 of each dragon key blue print: Bleeding, Decaying, Extinguished, Hobbled
  • Go to the foundry (esc-->equipment-->foundry) and build 1 or 2 of each dragon key.
  • Look for a vault run party in recruitment or clan channel
  • The party will likely go to a capture or exterminate mission on the Orokin Derelict planet. In these missions there will be a hidden door called the orokin vault. Opening them will require a randomly selected dragon key. All four party members will equip 1 of each type to ensure the unlocking of the vault. To equip your dragon key go to gears (esc-->equipment-->arsenal-->gears).

Where To Find The Door
The whole map should be checked until a player finds it.

Vault Runs Can Also Be Solo'd
They can be solo'd by equipping all four dragon keys. Be mindful of the advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is obviously that you don't need a group. Each dragon key handicaps you in different ways and you'll have to find the door on your own.
  • Bleeding Key (-75% Health)
  • Decaying Key (-75% Shield)
  • Extinguished Key (-75% Damage)
  • Hobbled Key (-50% Speed)
If you can't handle so many debuffs and/or not very good at finding the door, then partying up might be the way to go.
Useful POE Items
POE stands for Plains of Eidolon which is next to Cetus, Earth. Most of the POE content should be avoided until mid-game or end-game. However, there are worthwhile mods and items that are attainable and worth farming for in early-game or late early-game. Note that bounties can be repeated if item of interest is not rewarded.

How To Access Bounties
(In Cetus, esc-->fast travel-->Konzu)
Bounties recycle their missions and mission reward tables every 2.5 hours. If the item you are looking for is not in the designated reward table. Check back again later.

Bounty Reward Mission Level 5-15

Streamline drops from many sources such as random missions and many grineer type enemies. If it takes too long to get streamline naturally just playing the game, farming it here is an option.

Bounty Reward Mission Level 20-40

Focus Lens - see "Focus Lens" and "Focus Schools" sections for more details.

Bounty Reward Mission Level 30-50

Note that Augur Secrets is extremely rare and may not be worth farming for until mid-game.

How To Acess Ghoul Bounties
Ghoul Purge is a recurring event in POE. When they are available, Lotus will send you a message to your inbox notifying you about the ghoul presence in POE. The event can be accessed from the alerts tab or by going to Konzu in Cetus (esc-->fast travel-->konzu)

Ghoul Bounty Reward Mission Level 15-25

Preparation for The Sacrifice (11th Quest in Main Quest Line)
Without spoiling anything, unlocking Quills in Cetus and getting a mote amp will make this quest easier, though the quest is still doable without one.
Companions Introduction
Companions are very useful and should not be ignored. There are three categories: Sentinels, Kubrows (canine-like), and Kavats (feline-like). There are several different Sentinels and different breeds of Kubrows and Kavats. Sentinels can do many things such as: pick up drops for you, turn you invisible, debuff enemies to take more damage, provide some crowd control, and heal your health and shields. Kubrows can disarms enemies, turn you invisible, heal your shield, and break loot crates for you. Kavats can boost resource drops, affinity gain, and critical chance. Companions gain their own experience pool and isn't shared with warframes and weapons.
Companions (Sentinels)
Useful Universal Sentinel Mods
All of these mods are good, so builds are mostly player preference.

Taxon (Weapon: Artax)

  • Acquisition: In-game market with credits
  • Exclusive mods
Carrier (Weapon: Sweeper)

  • Acquisition: In-game market for credits
  • Exclusive mods
Helios (Weapon: Deconsctructor)

  • Acquisition: Energy Lab in Clan Dojo
  • Exclusive mods
Shade (Weapon: Burst Laser)

  • Acquisition: In-game market with credits
  • Exclusive mods
Diriga (Weapon: Vulklok)

  • Acquisition: In-game market with credits
  • Exclusive Mods
Wyrm (Weapon: Laser Rifle)

  • Acquisition: In-game market with credits
  • Exclusive mods
Djinn (Weapon: Stinger)

  • Acquisition: Infested Lab in Clan Dojo
  • Exclusive mods
Dethcube (Weapon: Deth Machine Rifle)

  • Acquisition: In-game market with credits
  • Exclusive mods
Companions (Kubrows)
Required "Howl of the Kubrow" Quest Completion

How To Make A Kubrow
  • Ingredients
    • Kubrow Egg
    • Incubator Power Core
  • Where
    • Incubator (esc-->equipment-->incubator)
How To Get a Power Core
  • Blue print is located in the in-game market.
How To Get Kubrow Eggs
  • Can be bought off the in-game market for 10 platinum each
  • Can be farmed on Earth Missions
How To Farm Kubrow Eggs
Recommended missions
  • Mantle, Earth (Capture)
  • E Prime, Earth (Exterminate)
Each mission will spawn about 6-7 kubrow dens. The Tenno has to search for them and and destroy them for a chance for an egg drop. They spawn randomly in different locations, but if you do it enough times you'll memorize where to look and farming will go faster.
If you destroy all kubrow dens, you should get around 1 egg every 2-4 runs.

Kubrow Breeds Are Based On RNG (Mostly)
There are six different types of kubrows detailed below. When incubating traditionally, 1 of 5 breeds is randomly spawned. Only way to ensure a specific breed is made, is to use imprints. The sixth kubrow type is made using a different process.

Useful Universal Kubrow Mods

Huras Kubrow
  • Exclusive Mods
Raksa Kubrow
  • Exclusive Mods
Sahasa Kubrow
  • Exclusive Mods
Sunika Kubrow
  • Exclusive Mods
Chesa Kubrow
  • Exclusive Mods
Helminth Charger
  • Acquisition: A cyst will grow on warframes after being infected. After 6 days it will mature and be ready to be drained at the incubator. The cyst's liquid can be used during incubation to make a Helminth Charger.
  • Exclusive Mods
Companions (Kavats)
Kavats Are Powerful
Resouce boosting and dps boosting make Kavats a great alternative to Sentinels.

How To Make a Kavat
  • Where
    • Incubator (esc-->equipment-->Incubator)
  • Ingredients
    • Genetic Code
    • Incubator Power Core
How To Get Genetic Code
  • The in-game market offers them for 5 platinum each
  • Kavat Starter Kit for 95 platinum
  • Alerts (5 at a time)
  • Farmed at Sands of Inaros Quest
  • Farmed at Orokin Derelict
How To Farm Genetic Codes
  • Quest
    • Sands of Inaros - In second mission, 50 kavats will spawn. Sands of Inaros quest blueprint can be bought from Baro Ki-Teer
  • Suggested Missions
    • Orokin Exterminate - exterminate is nice because it shows where all enemies are on the map
    • Orokin Capture
  • Suggested Widgets
    • Cross Matrix Widget - chance for each scan counting as two - can be bought from Cephalon Simaris
    • Sol-Batter Widget (optional) - infinite scanner charges - can be bought from Cephalon Simaris
Orokin Derelict Farming
  • You have to scan the Kavats that spawn in the Orokin Derilict.
  • Warframes with hard crowd control is recommended, since they run around alot.
  • Take the mission nice and slow and look carefully at all enemies before killing them.
  • Going with a full party is highly recommended, because more kavats will spawn. With a full party, you'll average about 1 code per mission.
Hyekkas Spawned From the Hyekka Master DO NOT Count

Kavat Breeds Are Based On RNG (Mostly)
  • There are two different types of Kavats detailed below. When incubating traditionally, 1 of 2 breeds is randomly spawned. Only way to ensure a specific breed is made, is to use imprints.

Useful Universal Kavat Mods

Smeeta Kavat
  • Description - Gives resource and affinity booster with mod Charm
  • Exclusive Mods

Adarza Kavat
  • Description - Insane +critical chance from mod Cat's Eye
  • Exclusive Mods

Vasca Kavat
  • Description - Revival via Transfusion has a 120 second cooldown. The Vasca Kavat is good for solo mode, where there are no teammates to revive you.
  • Exclusive Mods

  • Synergy - Transfusion synergizes with Pack Leader. With this mod, pet health regens extremely quickly.
Enemy Factions
Grineer Enemy Faction
  • The Grineer, swallowing colonies whole, their clones flood the system from a hidden, toxic womb. The Twin Queens, the sisters, have sent their most beloved commanders on an urgent mission. To protect the twisted crusade they have begun. To transform the scattered colonies into an empire. To see that the Tenno, hidden and asleep, will never awaken.
  • Ferrite Armor
  • Alloy Armor
  • Cloned Flesh
  • Grineer are the tankiest enemies in the game that's why most people mod according to their weakness. Its too much trouble and not worth it to most players to keep changing elementals according to the faction and modding against grineer is more than good enough for normal content. It starts mattering more in Sorties and fighting level 100+ enemies in endless missions. Sortie missions sometimes come with modifiers such as enhanced armor or shield. Their weapons include conventional rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and flamethrowers.

Corpus Enemy Faction
  • The Corpus are a merchant cult, built on the foundation of salvaged technology and robotics. They scavenge the outer systems, greedy for the Old War salvage. Their most sought after of all - the Tenno and their WARFRAME armor. Those captured are treated as salvage; meticulously dissected, integrated. The remains are sold to the highest bidder.
  • Flesh
  • Robotic Health
  • Shield
  • Ferrite Armor (Very few Corpus types have Ferrite armor)
  • Corpus use technology against the Tenno. Some enemy types can disable warframe abilities. Their arsenal consists of laser weapons, flying drones, and bi-pedal robots.
Infested Enemy Faction
  • Infestation describes both a disease and its victims – a metamorphic affliction without cure. Living organisms are consumed and merged into rabid amalgamations.Individuals are violent and animalistic yet the larger whole exhibits signs of coordination, with multiple swarms converging on ships and colonies. Its origins are uncertain but there is historical evidence of a similar outbreak before The Collapse.
  • Infested
  • Infested Flesh
  • Infested are mostly limited to melee attacks, though some enemy types can shoot poisonous projectiles, throw poison goop on the floor, and spray poisonous gas into the air. These damage types are toxin and gas, both of which bypass warframe shields and directly damage health.
Status Effects and What They Do
One of the strongest status effects in the game and does damage over time. It bypasses enemy armor making short work of the tankiest enemies in the game.
Causes stagger
The first Puncture Status Effect has an enemy deal 30% less Damage. Subsequent Puncture Status add +5% weakening, leading to up to 75% (capped). Each Puncture Status has a duration of 6 Seconds.
Does damage over time, and bypasses shields.
The first Cold Status Effect deals 25% slow. Subsequent Cold Status Effects deal +5% slow for a total of 70% slow at 10 procs. Each Cold Status has a duration of 6 seconds.
The status effect of Heat damage is Ignite. It sets the enemy ablaze, which makes them panic, reduces their armor by up to 50% and, after a 1 second delay, deals a tick of damage every second for 6 seconds after the last fire proc.
Stuns enemies
Combine Toxin and Cold to make Viral. First Viral Status Effect deals 100% additional Health damage, subsequent Viral Status add +25% for a total of 325% (capped).
Combine Electric and Heat to make Radiation. Radiation causes enemies to target other enemies. The first Radiation Status Effect has an enemy deal 100% Damage to its allies. Subsequent Radiation Status adds +50% damage, leading to up to 550% (capped). Each Radiation Status Effect has a duration of 12 seconds.
Combine Toxin and Heat to make Gas. Does AOE damage over time 6 seconds in a small radius.
Combine Toxin and Electric to make Corrosive. The first Corrosive Status Effect strips 26% Armor. Subsequent Corrosive Status Effects strip 6% more Armor, leading up to 80% Armor removal. Note: Corrosive was the only Status with infinite Duration and 100% Efficacy toward a defensive stat. This was necessary to some based on how Armor Scaled.
Combine Cold and Heat to make Blast. Causes knockdown to enemies. Blast Status reduces enemy accuracy by 30% base. Subsequent Blast Status Effects add +5% innacuracy for for 75% total at 10 stacks. Each Blast Status has a 6 second Duration.
Combine Electric and Cold to make Magnetic. First Magnetic Status Effect deals 100% additional Shield damage, subsequent Magnetic Status add +25% for a total of 325% (capped). Enemies under a Magnetic Status Effect cannot regenerate Shields. Magnetic Status Duration is 6 seconds.

Note: Some special enemies are immune to status effects.
Physical and Elemental Damage
How Mod Order Affects Elemental Combos
Mod slots have an order to them from left to right. Elementals join together according to order. The first two elementals will always combine and if there is a third and fourth elemental, they will combine.

☣️Toxin is in position 2, ⚡Electric is in position 4, 🔥Heat is in position 6, and ❄️Cold is in position 8. The resulting combos will be Corrosive (☣️Toxin and ⚡Electric) and Blast (🔥Heat and ❄️Cold). If we take off ❄️Cold, the resulting elements will be Corrosive and 🔥Heat.

How Mod Order Affects Weapons with Innate Elemental Damage

Most weapons by default only have physical damage types unless modded with an elemental. However, some weapons have an innate elemental. For example, Silva & Aegis Prime has innate 🔥Heat damage. If a weapon has an innate elemental, elementals from mods can combine with the innate elemental, but not always.

Here we have installed a lone elemental, ☣️Toxin, in position 5. The toxin combined with the innate elemental to form Gas (☣️Toxin and 🔥Heat).

Here we have ☣️Toxin in position 5, ⚡Electric in position 6, and 🔥Heat in position 7. The first two elementals will always combine with each other. The third left over elemental will combine with the innate elemental. In this case, we get Corrosive (☣️Toxin and ⚡Electric) and 🔥Heat (Innate + Mod).

Here we have ☣️Toxin in position 5, ⚡Electric in position 6, and ❄️Cold in position 7. ☣️Toxin and ⚡Electric form Corrosive, while ❄️Cold combine with Innate 🔥Heat forming Blast.

How To Calculate Chances For Which Damage Types To Proc
Since most weapons come with all physical damage types, and with elementals mods, that's another 1 to 2 more damage types. Each damage type has a chance to proc whenever there is a status proc and they is spread out between the damage types for a weapon. Let's say for example a weapon has these stats:
  • Puncture 25
  • Impact 25
  • Slash 100
  • Corrosive 400
To calculate CHANCE (not damage) for which damage type to proc, we multiply all the physical damage types by 4. So we get:
  • Puncture 25 x 4 = 100
  • Impact 25 x 4= 100
  • Slash 100 x 4= 400
  • Corrosive 400
From these numbers, we can see that Puncture will have a 10% chance to proc, Impact 10%, Slash 40%, and Corrosive 40%.
Faction Weaknesses
When To Adapt Damage Types
  • Most players simply run Viral, Viral/Heat combo, or Viral/Radiation combo, and only bother adapting damage types according to faction for end-game content (Sorties, Eidolon Captures, and Endless missions past level 100 enemies). Good weapons modded with Viral will be more than enough for normal content.

Grineer Missions - Overall Best Choices for Damage Types
  • Viral
  • Viral/Heat Combo
  • Viral/Radiation Combo
  • Viral/Slash Combo
  • Slash
  • Puncture
Corpus Missions - Overall Best Choices for Damage Types
  • Toxin elemental is great because it bypasses shields.
  • Electric (strong against robotic health since corpus missions spawn more robots than humans)
  • Viral/Electric Combo (Bonus damage against both humanoid and robotic units)
Infested Missions - Overall Best Choices for Damage Types
  • Gas
  • Heat
  • Slash
Void Missions - Overall Best Choices for Damage Types
  • The void has corrupted enemy versions from every faction. Since Grineer enemies are the tankiest and hardest to kill, it is ideal to mod for Grineer. List is same as grineer missions list.
  • Viral
  • Viral/Heat Combo
  • Viral/Radiation Combo
  • Viral/Slash Combo
  • Slash
  • Puncture
Special Enemies
  • Jordas Golem, Sortie Ambulas, Sortie Raptors, and Eidolons
    • Radiation
    • Radiation/Cold Combo
  • Armored Robotic Enemies In The Index Such As Bursas
    • Radiation
    • Radiation/Cold Combo
  • Battalysts and Conculysts
    • Made up of mostly Robotic health and some Ferrite Armor.
    • Are able to adapt to elemental damage and build resistances. Using multiple damage types from 2-3 different weapons is ideal.
  • Stalker/Acolytes
    • Made up of mostly Flesh health and some Alloy armor.
    • Are able to adapt to elemental damage and build resistances. Using multiple damage types from 2-3 different weapons is ideal.
Critical Vs Status Weapons
Status Weapons
Status weapons have high base status chance (above 25%) and can be modded to be 100% or close to 100%. Because these weapons have such high status chance, enemies will receive bonus damage from physical and elemental procs. The bonus is much needed against high level enemies. Status chance can be modded above 100% for a chance to apply the status effects more than once.

Critical Weapons
Critical weapons have high base critical chance (above 25%) and high base critical damage multipliers (2.2+) and can be modded to have 100+ critical chance or close to 100%. Because of the critical damage multiplers, these weapons are able to put up big numbers. However, without status procs, critical damage will not benefit from physical and elemental damage bonuses. High level armored enemies have a lot of damage mitigation.With high damage mitigation, those big critical numbers will dwindle. That is why status weapons are better for high level content than pure critical weapons. However, there is a mod called, Hunter Munitions, which gives a critical proc to have a 30% chance to apply slash. With Hunter Munitions, critical weapons will do better in high level content.

Hybrid Weapons
Hybrid weapons boast both high critical chance and high status chance. When a critical and status proc at the same time, the critical damage multiplier applies to the status damage, having the best of both worlds.
How To Survive
Evasive parkour moves, warframe mods, companion mods, and other strategies for surviving are detailed in my guide, How To Survive.
Combo Counter (Melee)
What Is The Melee Combo Counter?
It gives a damage multiplier to heavy attack the more "consecutive" normal melee attacks are landed.

The combo counter can be seen at the bottom right when melee is out. In the picture, the multiplier is at 3x and I have landed 43 "consecutive" hits. "Consecutive" hits is not truly consecutive. What it really means is to connect hits within at least 5 seconds of each other. After performing a heavy attack, the combo counter returns to 0. This countdown time can be increased through mods.

Mods That Synergize With Combo Meter Mechanic
Drifting Contact is considered the best +combo duration mod currently. Not only does it increase combo duration, but gives a +status chance.
Body Count is a good alternative, if you don't have Drifting Contact. Drifting Contact is recommended, however, and it isn't too hard to farm. Generally, more than 1 +combo duration mod isn't needed as more than 1 will decrease dps.
Blood Rush every increase in tier will give +60% critical chance, great for crit melee weapons.
Weeping Wounds every increase in tier will give +45% status chance, great for status type melee weapons.
Relentless Combination synergies with slash melee weapons with high status. There are plenty of slash melee weapons available. Each slash proc counts as a hit toward the hit count, and so will ramp up multiplier tiers quickly.
Gladiator Mod Set adds a maximum of +60% critical chance per combo tier. Note that not all mods are required for the bonus. Each mod adds 10% critical chance per combo tier. These mods can be combined with Blood Rush.

Focus School That Synergizes With Combo Meter Mechanic
For more information on Focus Schools, check out section, "Focus Schools." After the combo duration runs out, the combo meters goes back to 0. With Max Naramon's Power Spike, instead of going back to 0, the combo meter will depreciate every 5 seconds by default. With +combo duration mods, the depreciation is even slower.

Combo Meter Chart
Right now Venka Prime, is the only special weapon that can reach a tier higher than normal.
Combo Counter (Sniper)
What Is The Sniper Combo Counter?
Works similarly with the melee combo counter with some differences.

Where To Locate Sniper Combo Meter
While Zooming, you can see it below the crosshair.

Combo Counter And Multiplier Chart

How To Increase Build Up Rate
  • Multishot counts toward the build up rate. For example, if a sniper rifle has +100%, each shot will register two shots which will count as two toward the combo.
  • Punch through counts. If a bullet punches through 1 enemy and strikes another, that counts as two toward the combo.

Combo Counter Depreciation
The combo counter will depreciate by 1 every 2 seconds and will also depreciate with every miss, with the exception of the Lanka that has a 6 second duration.

Mods That Affect the Combo Meter
Harkonar Scope increases the combo duration. However, it isn't very viable because the sniper rifle will lose out on DPS.

What Does Sniper Combo Counter Mean For End-Game Endless Type Mission Content?
It is difficult for sniper rifles to be viable long into endless missions. Because of the slow fire rate of sniper rifles, the combo will increase very slowly. On top of that, there are no mods equivalent to Blood Rush or Weeping wounds for sniper rifles. There is some viability, but there has to be a very specific setup. Here is an example setup:

Vectis Prime
  • Modded with Depleted Reload (-60% Magazine Capacity, +48% Reload Speed). This causes Vectis Prime to have 1 in a mag, and rely on reload speed for increased fire rate.
  • Modded with Hunter Munitions
  • Riven with +Critical Chance (to boost Vectis Prime close to 100% critical chance), +reload speed, and multishot. +Critical Chance will help slash, from Hunter Munitions, proc more. +Reload speed will increase Vectis' fire rate. Multishot will help the combo counter to raise faster. With
    enough multishot, each fire will count as 3 bullets.

  • Vectis Prime will have faster fire rate from very fast reload speed, high chance of proc'ing slash, and multishot for faster combo rate of increase.
Sniper rifles combos without warframe abilities like Mag's Magnetize are difficult to pull off to be viable in long endless missions.
Fissure System - How To Farm Prime Sets
What Do I Get From Fissures?
Fissure missions award prime parts, forma blueprints, and traces.

What Is A Prime Set?
Prime warframes are superior versions of regular warframes. Prime weapons are 99% of the time best of all variants. Note that not all warframes and weapons have prime variants because they haven't been released yet. Also weapons in the dojo (Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Weapons) do not get a prime version. Instead they get prisma, vandal, and wraith versions.

What Are Relics?

Relics are sometimes awarded for completing missions. Each relic, when used in a fissure mission, will be consumed and a random prime part will be awarded. The drop table for each relic is limited to 6 different parts. Relics also have tiers, Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi, with each tier representing enemy levels, Lith being the lowest and Axi being the highest. Note that enemies in Axi missions are buffed to do 3x damage than normal.

What Are Traces?

  • 10 traces are needed to make 1 dragon key.
  • Used to refine relics which heightens the chance of rare reward.

Mission Select Screen
When selecting the mission, a window will pop up giving two options, select a relic or play without a relic. Each relic has its own drop table displayed on the right. Selecting play without relic will not reward a prime part but still rewards traces. If you need traces but don't have any relics, playing without a relic is fine.

Corrupted Enemies
During the mission, groups of enemies will randomly become corrupted and start to glow. These enemies will drop reactant.

You'll need to pickup 10 reactants to receive the mission reward.

Prime Part Rarity
Rewards have different tiers of rarity. Gold being the rarest, silver uncommon, and bronze common. Generally speaking you'll want to select the rarest prime part out of all the choices since that will 99% of the time be worth the most (unless a prime set is vaulted). When in a party, you will be able to choose your teammates reward, so playing in a party is optimal for more chances for rare rewards.


Relic Refinement - How To Increase Chances for Rare Reward
Relics can be refined in the void relics kiosk (esc-->equipment-->void relic refinement). After selecting a relic, at the bottom right will display the options to refine the relic at different levels from intact to: exceptional, flawless, or radiant. Each tier will cost more traces to refine but higher tiers will increase the likelihood of a rare drop.

Radshares - How To Maximize Chance for Rare Reward
Players often create "radshare" groups which means teams will all equip the same radiant relic to give maximum chance for a rare prime part. 4 players with all radiant relics will give a total 33% chance for a gold drop.

Intactshares - How To Maximize Chance for Common Reward
Sometimes the part you need is a bronze part. Similar to radshares, all party members will equip the same intact relics. However, intactshares mostly only happen when new prime sets are released and everyone is scrambling to get the sets.

What Does Vaulted Prime Set Mean?
New prime warframes and their accompanying prime weapons release every few months. Every time new prime sets are released, an already existing prime warframe and its accompanying prime weapons are vaulted. Vaulted means that the relic from which the prime sets drop will no longer be available from drop tables. Thus, they can only be traded for from other players or gotten from relics attained before the vaulting. Prime sets are vaulted chronologically according to release.
Drop Tables
What Are the Drop Tables and Drop Chances?
On the Official Drop Tables and Drop Chances Website[n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net], you'll see items dropped from tables labeled Rotation A, Rotation B, and Rotation C and drop chances.

What is AABC?
The order endless missions change their drop tables is AABC. For a survival, rewards are every 5 minutes. So therefor, a drop from rotation A will be rewarded at the 5 and 10 minute mark. At the 15 minute mark an item from Rotation B will be rewarded and at the 20 minute mark an item from Rotation C will be rewarded. For defense, it's wave 5, 10, 15, and 20. After a full rotation of AABC, the drop table will cycle again to AABC. Essentially it is AABC...AABC...AABC...AABC to infinity. For Sanctuary Onslaught drops occur every 2 zones, so AABC is zone 2, 4, 6, and 8. For spies there's only three vaults, so it will be ABC.

Disruption does not follow the traditional AABC rotation for endless missions. The reward tier is determined by both round progression and round performance, i.e. the number of conduits successfully defended. If going for C rotation rewards, it is efficient to continue after wave 4 as long as the performance requirement is met.
How To Farm Relics
Why Farm Relics?
Usually when farming for a specific prime set, the prime set will drop from all or almost all relic tiers. Let's take Limbo Prime for example.

Meso Z1
Axi L2
Neo L1
Lith B3

Players sometimes farm relics to speed farm specific prime sets. Let's say you have all Limbo Prime parts except Systems. You'll need Lith relics. There will be locations that have higher chance of dropping specific tiers.

Best Way To Farm Relics
Relics will build up just playing the game. Really the best way is what you find fun but here is a list of missions with highest chance of relic rewards at specific tiers.

  • Void, Hepit Capture (100% Drop Chance)
  • Orokin Derelic Defense Rotation A
  • Ceres, Cinxia Interception Rotation A (Not as high as Hepit and Orokin Derelict Defense)


  • Void, Ukko Capture (guaranteed meso or neo relic)
  • Jupitor, IO Defense Rotation A
  • Saturn, Helene Defense Rotation A

  • Void, Ukko Capture (guaranteed meso or neo relic)
  • Eris, Xini Interception Rotation A
  • Sedna, Berehynia Interception Rotation A
  • Pluto, Hierchon Excavation Rotation A
  • Sedna, Hydron Defense Rotation A
  • Void, Belenus Defense Rotation A

  • Apollo, Lua Disruption Rotation B (100% Drop Chance), Rotation C (87% Drop Chance)
  • Fortuna Level 40-60 Bounties (Average 43.9% Drop Chance Per Stage if no stages failed)
  • Cetus Level 40-60 Bounties (Average 32.4% Drop Chance Per Stage)
  • Eris, Xini Interception Rotation BC (100% Drop Chance)
  • Berehynia, Sedna Interception Rotation BC (100% Drop Chance)
  • Pluto, Hierchon Excavation Rotation C
Note: Fortuna and Cetus bounty rewards are on rotation.

Special Note On Axi Farm on Apollo, Lua Disruption
B rotation has a 100% drop chance, so parties can opt to purposefully fail defending conduits to fall within B rotation rewards.

Example Run:
  • Round 1 - Defend 4 conduits
  • Round 2 - Defend 3 conduits, and fail 1
  • Round 3 - Defend 2 conduits, and fail 2
  • Round 4(+) - Defend 1 conduit, and fail 3
Meso and Neo (Intact)
  • Void, Ukko Capture (100% Drop Chance)
Lith, Meso, and Neo (Intact)
  • Sanctuary Onslaught (Not all relics, check drop tables[n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net])
All Tiers (Radiant)
  • Elite Sanctuary Onslaight Sanctuary Onslaught (Not all relics, check drop tables[n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net])
Popular Spots Pubbers Go
  • Apollo, Lua Disruption
  • Jupitor, IO Defense
  • Sedna, Hydron Defense
  • Eris, Xini Interception
  • Pluto, Hierchon Excavation
  • Cetus/Fortuna bounties (if available in drop tables)

Farming Relics For Temporary Unvaulted Sets
About every 6 months vaulted sets become temporarily unvaulted for 2 months. These relics usually only drop from specific locations. They drop from either Cetus/Fortuna bounties or from the Void planet. If the relics drop from the Void planet, here are missions with highest drop chance at specific tiers.

  • Void, Hepit Capture (100% Drop Chance)
  • Void, Taranis Defense Rotation A
  • Void, Ani Survival Rotation A
  • Void, Teshub Exterminate

  • Void, Ukko Capture (guaranteed meso or neo relic)
  • Void, Taranis Defense Rotation B
  • Void, Ani Survival Rotation B
  • Void, Belenus Defense Rotation A
  • Void, Oxomoco Exterminate

  • Void, Ukko Capture (guaranteed meso or neo relic)
  • Void, Mot Survival Rotation AB
  • Void, Mithra Interception Rotation AB
  • Void, Belenus Defense Rotation BC

  • Fortuna Level 40-60 Bounties (Average 43.9% Drop Chance Per Stage)
  • Cetus Level 40-60 Bounties (Average 32.4% Drop Chance Per Stage if no stages failed)
  • Void, Mot Survival Rotation C
  • Void, Mithra Interception Rotation C
Note: Fortuna and Cetus bounty rewards are on rotation.

Popular Spots Pubbers Go
  • Void, Taranis Defense
  • Void, Ani Survival
  • Void, Mot Survival
  • Cetus/Fortuna bounties (if available in drop tables)
Who is Baro Ki-Teer?
The Void Trader
To take full advantage of Baro Ki-Teer will require approximately mid-game. Baro Ki-Teer[warframe.wikia.com] offers special items for sale such as: Primed mods (superior versions of a mod), +60 elemental/+60 status chance mods, +slash/puncture/impact mods, Sands of Inaros quest blueprint which rewards the Inaros warframe, Aklex Prime relics, Volt Prime relics, Odonata Prime relics, exclusive weapons, cosmetics, and boosters. Many of the mods are required to maximize builds and weapon dps. Also, some of the weapons are top-tier.

The Cost of His Items

Items will cost various amounts of credits and ducats (the brown symbol).

How To Get Ducats
Junk prime parts can be traded for ducats at a relay kiosk at any time. The rarity of the prime part determines its value in ducats. The more rare the prime part, the more ducats it will net. Prime parts should always be checked on the Warframe Market[warframe.market] to see whether they are worth good platinum. If not, then trading them in for ducats is a worthwhile investment. Check the Warframe Market Ducanater[warframe.market] for ducat per platinum rates for each prime part.

How To Locate Baro Ki-Teer
Baro appears every 2 weeks at a random relay and will stay for 48 hours. In Eastern Standard Time, that's Friday 9am to Sunday 9am. When he will arrive and at what relay can be found on the Warframe Hub[hub.warframestat.us]. When he arrives, a message in your inbox (esc-->communications-->inbox) will appear acknowledging his presence and what relay he is located in. He can also be selected in the alert missions tab.

Full list of items for sale and ducat trade value for prime parts
Full list of items for sale and ducat trade value for prime parts are located on the warframe wiki[warframe.wikia.com].

Items cycle approximately every four months.
Experience Farming (Pre-Made Teams)
This Section Is Late Early-Game to Mid-Game Content

Power Leveling At Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

ESO Compositions
  • DPS - Top tier are Saryn, Mirage, Equinox, and Volt. Their purpose is to nuke the entire map.
  • 2ND DPS - DPS roles should not be the same warframe for complimentary damage.
  • Buff - This is max strength Rhino modded for his third ability, Roar, which increases DPS.
  • EV - This is short for Trinity modded for her second ability, Energy Vampire.
Recommended Roles For New Players
DPS is probably the most unforgiving because it involves min/maxing builds. The other roles are not as build dependent.

Mirage DPS Build For ESO
This build is modded for Mirage's third ability Sleight of Hand with Augment mod Explosive Legerdemain. Sleight of Hand converts ammo and orb pickups into deadly proximity mines. The other DPS on the team will have to nuke the map initially to create item drops as there will be none in the beginning of each round. Best time to cast sleight of hand is right after enemy deaths.

Saryn DPS Build For ESO
Cast 1st ability to infect enemies with corrosive spores. Attacking infected enemies with weapons spread these spores to other enemies. Maximizing damage with Saryn is a very active task as you'll have to run around killing infected enemies with weapons to ensure a continuous spread. Casting Saryn's second ability, Molt, increases movement speed. The ability drops a decoy that attracts enemy attention and when destroyed explodes with toxin damage assisting in spreading of spores. Saryn's third ability, Toxic Lash, buffs all of her equipped weapons. Saryn's fourth ability, Miasma, does viral AOE damage and stuns enemies. Spores is the most important ability as it will be the main damage dealer, but the other abilities will act as a support in maximizing damage.
Note: If all 3 teammates have Corrosive Projection equipped, it is better to swap Corrosive Projection with an aura such as Enemy Radar as to avoid 4 Corrosive Projections. This leaves enemies with little armor and low damage mitigation, but also leaves enough to get the +damage bonus from spores' corrosive damage. Another thing to note is that certain weapons synergize well with Saryn. I recommend looking up a good Saryn guide for suggestions and builds.

Equinox DPS Build For ESO
As Equinox make sure to be in day form and cast third ability, Provoke, which increases power strength, and then Maim for nuking. After maim builds up damage, disable maim to create a powerful explosion. Then cast maim again and do this over and over.

Volt DPS Build For ESO
This build is modded for Volt's fourth ability, Discharge.

Rhino Buff Build For ESO
Power Drift mod is not really needed and is mostly about min/maxing. If you skip out on it, that will save you a couple forma. Allies need to be within 20 meters to receive buff. With Energy Conversion, energy orbs give +50% power strength.

EV Build For ESO
There's a few options for this build. I have modded it for maximum range to make it easier for energy to reach the DPS. However, Vampire Leech, Augur Reach, and Cunning Drift are all optional. If you skip out on Cunning Drift, that will save you a couple forma. If you're power strength mods are not max rank, you can replace Vampire Leech, and Augur Reach with Intensify and Augur Secrets. What is pretty important though, is that fleeting expertise is rank 5. The difference between rank 4 and 5 is pretty significant because more energy restores will happen per second with rank 5. Most builds are better off with Rank 4, but this is one of those builds that benefit hugely from lowest duration possible.

Important Note On Affinity Points and Focus Points
The DPS roles will get mostly focus points and lower amounts of affinity for their weapons. The Buff and EV roles will get a lot of affinity for their weapons, but poor amount of focus points. An 8-round ESO should take 2 to 3 level-0 weapons to max rank. For maximum focus gain for DPS roles, it is best to equip your best focus lens on your warframe and 1 weapon of choice and equip only 1 weapon.
Experience Farming (Public Games)
Experience Farming Hot Spots
  • Saturn, Helene (Defense) is great for early game as Saturn will be available the earliest.
  • Sedna, Hydron (Defense)
  • Eris, Akkad (Defense)
  • Sanctuary Onslaught
  • Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
  • Fissure survivals or defense (gives +25% experience boost after wave 5)
There will pretty much always be pubbers in these games which improves enemy spawn rates for more experience. Just que up a public game for these locations.

For Experience Farming in Pubs, Defenses Might Be Better Than Survivals
The reason defenses might be better is because defense maps require players to stay in one spot to protect the mission objective. Because of this, players will mostly stay within affinity range (default 50 meters) of each other increasing total affinity gain. In survivals, players are not forced to any one specific area, and it is a rare occurrence for random pubbers to camp in one spot.

To make survivals more viable, using gear items Fosfor Blau or Fosfor Rahd increases affinity range to 200 meters and lasts 120 seconds. They can be relaunched as many times as you want during a mission. These can be bought from Nakak in Cetus. However, I do not believe the resource cost to build to be efficient in early game.
Resource/Item Farming
This Content Is Late Early-Game to Mid-Game

Team Compositions
There are few different combinations most players run. Most teams will include a combination of the following warframes.

Pro Tip: Max loot comes from Hard Mode Survival mode (Steel Path) where enemies are level 100+ and have a +health buff. Current Meta team consists of Khora for DPS and +loot chance, Wisp for survivability buff, Speed Nova for damage buff and +enemy speed, and Nekros for +loot chance. Khora boasts really high damage which is needed for Steel Path.

*The following Khora builds boast very high damage, but require an advanced setup. The other roles will be easier to play.

Khora Build 1
This build is built for Khora's first ability, Whipclaw, and fourth ability, Strangledome. Enemies captured by the Strangledome have +loot chance buff.
You can use any melee weapon as a stat stick. The equipped mods will influence the Whipclaw ability.
The Vaneri's build is up to you, but this is what I run.
You will need Naramon's Powerspike.
This build will consistently do 500k, displayed in picture.

Khora Build 2 (Max Damage)
*It is possible to swap out some mods for even more damage, but this build has some added practicality as well. Everything is the same for this max damage build, but the stat stick and use of Arcane Fury.

This build uses sacrificial steel and a riven for any weapon with max disposition for maximum +damage. A list of dispositions for all melee weapons can be gotten here[warframe.fandom.com]. For the riven, just get as much +damage stats as you can find. I bought this riven off the Warframe Market's auction page[warframe.market] for a few hundred platinum. Godly rivens for unpopular weapons will be generally cheaper.

This build will consistently do 500k to 1.5 million damage.

A maxed Arcane Fury buffs melee damage by 180%.

Wisp is really easy to play. Just set down Vitality and Haste Reservoirs from Wisp's 1st ability around the team's camping area.. I recommend against setting down Shock Reservoirs.

Nekros Build
A lot of this build is optional. Mostly you'll just need max range, despoil, vitality, and efficiency. Built for third ability, Desecrate, which gives an additional chance for loot drop. Health Conversion makes Nekros a tank and is highly recommended.

Speed Nova Build
Built for fourth ability, Molecular Prime, to speed up enemies by 30% and max duration for a wave that travels up to 88.4 meters. Handsping is optional, but I find it very useful against swarms of enemies that cause knockdown. Power Donation can replace corrosive projection, but a V polarity will be required on the aura slot. Power donation will speed up enemies by an additional 30% for a total of +60% speed. Beware though that Power Donation gives teammates +30% power strength which could ruin some builds. It might be worth asking teammates if it is ok before using it.

Hydroid Build
Tentacle Swarm is going to cover a 20 meter area, good enough cover for a choke point, so staying in an enclosed area may be a good idea. The duration is kind of low at only 14.2 seconds. If you find this too short, then swap Augur Secrets for Prime Continuity. The ability will last 25.5 seconds instead.

Mesa Build
Built for ability 4, Peacemaker, and ability 3, Shatter Shield.

EV Build
Build for second ability, Energy Vampire. There's a few options for this build. Vampire Leech, Augur Reach, and Cunning Drift are all optional. If you skip out on Cunning Drift, that will save you a couple forma. If you're power strength mods are not max rank, you can replace Vampire Leech, and Augur Reach with Intensify and Augur Secrets.

Boosters That Increase Drops
  • Resource Booster (can be bought from in-game market)
  • Resource Drop Chance Booster (synergizes with Resource Booster and can be bought from in-game market)
  • Mod Drop Chance Booster (possible uncommon reward from sorties)
Credit Farming
Effective Credit Farm for Early Game: Dark Sector Missions
Each planet has Dark Sector missions which spawn infested enemies. Examples are Earth, Coba which gives 14k credits and Ceres Gabii which gives 25k credits upon the 5 minute/wave mark. Going beyond 5 minute mark/wave will not increase credit reward in any significant way. Therefor, it's best to extract at the 5 minute mark/wave.

Best Credit Farm By Far For Late Early-Game Neptune, Index
Medium risk nets 175k profit, while high risk nets 250k profit. Credit boosters DO apply. The index has pretty tough enemies that can easily kill you. A contender to Index, is the Profit-Taker. However, the Profit-Taker needs to be sped run with Chroma and effective weapon loadout. The index will be easier for early game.

Team Composition For Index
  • Tank - responsible for carrying all the points usually Rhino
  • DPS - Mesa (Octavia is a great alternative if going for long runs)
  • Ev Trinity - restore energy
  • Buff/Debuff - Banshee for damage buff, Slow Nova, or Speed Nova (For Veterans).
*There are many possible combinations, but this combination is used often.

Rhino Tank Build
Cast second ability, Iron Skin. When low on armor, recast Iron skin to detonate it, and repeat the process. Rhino's job is to collect Index points (green and glowing diamonds dropped from enemies) and deposit them at the bank. The most efficient amount of points to gather before turning in is 15 for a +8 point bonus.

Mesa Build
Use fourth ability, Peace Makers, and for 95% damage reduction from projectiles use third ability, Shatter Shield. Regulators are modded for radiation which is strong against the toughest enemies in the Index.

Octavia Build
This is built for Octavia's first ability, Mallet, third ability, Metronome, and fourth ability, Amp. The Mallet is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. It will attract enemy fire and return damage based on damage received. This ability is great because as enemy level increases so does their damage output which will in turn continue to increase the Mallet's damage output. The Metronome will keep you and your allies safe by providing invisibility and armor buffs. Just crouch several times to the beat to activate invisibility. Amp will double the damage and range of Mallets. Normally, you can only cast one Mallet at a time, but if you want two at a time at a cost of -50% range on each, you can replace Constitution with Augment mod, Partitioned Mallet.

Ev Trinity Build

Banshee Build
Use second ability, Sonar, which debuffs enemies to take 13.5x damage. Enemies will die very easily if you shoot their weak spots indicated by the colored patches on enemies.

Slow Nova Build
This build is for teams who want to play it safe. This build is modded for fourth ability, Molecular Prime, which will debuff enemies to take 2x damage and slow them by 75%.

Speed Nova Build (For Veterans)
This is for veterans since enemies will speed up by 30% making it more dangerous. If a team can handle it, then this will cause faster kills for faster credit farming. Handspring isn't needed for the index and can be replaced with any mod.

Public Credit Farming Hot Spots
  • Neptune, Medium to High Index
Endo Farming At The Arena
This Section Is Late Early-Game To Mid-Game Content.

Arena Endo Farming is very effective and is done at Sedna, Vodyanoi. The enemies there are level 85 and to be effective there needs to be a good amount of DPS. The enemies are also dangerous and can easily kill you.

Team Composition
  • Nidus modded for second ability, Larva
  • Nekros modded for Desecrate
  • Nekros modded for Desecrate
  • Nekros modded for Desecrate

What To Do
The Nidus is going to spam Larva in the center of the map. Larva is going to gather enemies. It's best if the Nidus place the Larva at the same spot each time so that the team can concentrate attack on that area. A great spot is right in front of the door.

After Nidus gathers everything, everyone is going to attack the enemies in the Larva. These enemies are tanky, so the party will need to equip 3-4 Corrosive Projections. In the picture, I am using Galatine Prime (build below). They should also equip strong slash type weapons with high status chance, because slash cuts bodies in half which gives Nekros two bodies to desecrate versus only 1. I have included weapon builds below, but the problem is they need some rare mods. The melee weapons are very strong, but need those mods to be strong. If you don't have those mods, you'll have to make due and equip your strongest weapons instead.

Nidus Larva
With this build, Larva is going to gather enemies up to 30 meters away, and will gather for 7.35 seconds. The ability costs 6 energy, and energy will be restored quickly with the mod, Hunter Adrenaline. Additionally Zenurik energizing dash will help with energy regen. If you don't have Hunter Adrenaline, it can be swapped with Rage.

Nekros Desecrate

Weapons With High Slash Will Cut Enemies Into Two Bodies Which Gives 2 Additional Drop Chances From Nekros' Desecreate. The Following Weapons Are All Slash Weapons.

Orthos Prime MR 2
This build has high slash and large radius of 8 meters.

Galatine MR3, Galatine Prime MR13, And Gram Prime MR14
This build will work for Galatine, Galatine Prime, and Gram Prime.

Kohm MR5 and Kuva Kohm (From Liches)
Automatic shotgun.

Astilla MR10
Shoots projectiles that upon impact shatters into glass shards for small AOE damage.

Tigris MR7, Sancti Tigris MR12, and Tigris Prime MR13
Work similar to a double barrel shotgun. I recommend Tigris Prime over Sancti Tigris as Tigris Prime is only 1 MR away.

Euphona Prime MR14
A semi-automatic secondary shotgun (using the weapon's alt-fire) with 5 in a magazine. The pellets have wide spread, making this a short-range weapon.

Endo Rate Per Mission
I found some parties in recruit channel, and there seemed to be varying degrees of success. The time depends on DPS, the number of Corrosive Projections(-30% enemy armor) the team has equipped, and amount of endo depends on amount of slash weapons the team is equipping and RNG. These missions I was using Galatine Prime.

250 Endo in 2m 25s

610 Endo in 1m 28s

500 Endo in 2m 27s

Mod Drop Chance Boosters Increase Endo Drops
Endo are considered mods, so mod drop chance boosters apply. The boost counts for the entire team and are a possible uncommon reward from Sorties.
Syndicates aren't immediately important, but can be started late early game or mid-game.

Syndicate Rewards
Syndicates offer various items: augment mods, weapons, archwing weapon parts, relic packs, spectre blueprints, cosmetics, and captura scenes.

How To Access Syndicate
To access syndicates: esc-->profile-->syndicates

Syndicate Selection Screen

Which Syndicate To pick
You can check rewards for each one and pick one with augment mods for warframes you plan on using and weapons that interest you. In the end it doesn't matter that much because you can always trade with other players who've chosen opposite Syndicates. Alternatively, you can sell extra Syndicate rewards for platinum and use that platinum to buy items from other Syndicates from other players. The only things that can't be traded are Large Energy/Health/Shield/Ammo restores, Spectres, Cosmetics, and Sigils.

Syndicate Initiation and Sigil

To start leveling a syndicate, choose one and do the initiation. You'll receive a sigil. To start receiving points toward your syndicate of choice, you'll have to equip the sigil.

How To Equip Sigil
To equip the sigil, go to regalia in warframe appearance (esc-->equipment-->arsenal-->hover over warframe-->appearance-->regalia-->front or back sigil).

What Syndicate Points Are For
They are needed to increase Syndicate Ranking, up to a Maximum of 5 ranks. Each rank unlocks more items offered by the Syndicate. Various items cost differing amounts of syndicate points.

How To Get Syndicate Points
Gaining affinity will award syndicate points toward a daily cap. Syndicate missions and syndicate medallions also award syndicate points. Medallions can be found randomly all over the map in syndicate missions and are sometimes sneakily hidden.

How To Find Medallions
The little squares, on the map UI, represent containers, Cephalon Fragments, Soma Fragments, and Medallions. What most people do is destroy them all to eliminate all possibilities, until a square that represents a Medallion is found. To destroy cannisters quickly, it is recommended to use an area damage weapon such as: Ignis (Wraith) modded for punch through, Atterax, Secura Lecta, Orthos Prime and Guando.

Mods That Help in Finding Medallions

These mods help you see the squares on the map farther, with all three totaling +102 meters. These mods are also useful in farming Cephalon, Soma, and Warframe Fighter Fragments.

What a Medallion Looks Like
Each Syndicate has a different looking Medallion, but they are all the same size like the one in the picture.

How To Claim Medallions for Points
To claim syndicate points from medallions, go to your syndicate's designated room located on the outer perimeter of the relays on the first floor.
Cephalon Simaris
Requirement: Completion of Quest "The New Strange"
During the quest, Cephalon Simaris is going to have you scan targets. During missions a pointer will point you in the right direction toward the target. However, instead of following the pointer a shortcut is to simply keep your scanner out and zoom for a split second every so often as you progress through the map. By zooming the scanner, the target will appear on the mini-map as long as it is within a large radius around you. Don't underestimate the radius as it is very large.

What Cephalon Simaris Has to Offer
  • He offers widgets, great mods like Health Conversion and Energy Conversion. He offers access to the Simulacrum and some weapons.
Daily Missions For Standing

Simulacrum: Test Builds in a Simulation
  • This place is a great way to test builds. It will cost 50k standing to buy. You can spawn in enemies at any level. However, to have the ability to spawn specific enemies, you'll have to scan each several times before it is available in the simulacrum.
How To Easily Scan Mass Amounts of Targets
  • The Helios sentinel has a mod that causes it to automatically scan for you.
  • This will use many charges, so the Sol-Batter Widget (infinite charges) is recommended.
  • Helios scans do not count toward most quest scans and kavat codes.
Top Tier Guide on Target Locations, here.
Sorties Are Mid to End-Game Content
Can be accessed after completing the quest, "The War Within"

Sorties are unlocked after the War Within quest. Sorties are mid to end-game content and contain higher level enemies between 50 and 100. They randomly reward endo, boosters, forma, orokin catalyst/reactor blueprints, and items that can net some platinum once per day. Sorties should be started as soon as it is available to the Tenno and done daily because of its precious rewards. The problem is that Sorties can be tough for beginner Tennos. It is advised to complete all planets and to have complete builds on warframes and weapons first. Spy missions also are automatic mission fail if one of the vaults fail. You'll want to be at least consistent with spies or have an invisible warframe to make things easier. Defense missions at the Kuva Fortress are filled with traps causing high death counts even among veterans. Sorties also come with random modifiers. Here are some modifiers that should be especially noted.

Gameplay Changing Modifiers
  • Assault Rifle Only
  • Melee Only
  • Secondary Only
  • Sniper Only
  • Bow Only
  • Energy Reduction - Maximum Warframe Energy capacity is quartered, and energy regeneration speed is significantly reduced.
  • Electromagnetic Anomalies - Magnetic Clouds form and when touched drain warframe energy
Dangerous Modifiers
  • Enemy Physical Enhancement - Enemies deal very high physical damage and gain resistances to physical damage
  • Enemy Elemental Enhancement - Enemies deal very high elemental damage and gain resistances to elemental damage
  • Eximus Stronghold - Eximus units spawn much more often.
  • Augmented Enemy Armor - Enemies have enhanced armor
  • Augmented Enemy Shields - Enemies have enhanced shields
  • Radiation Hazard - Radiation clouds form and when the tenno enters it, suffers radiation status. During radiation status, friendly fire switches on, and many Tenno have been accidentally killed as a result
Focus Schools
Focus Schools are accessed after completing the "Second Dream" quest. This Section contains spoilers. It is recommended to come back after completing the quest.

The Power Of Focus Schools
The following is a list of focus skills and passives that may be of interest to you. All waybound passives are useful in Eidolon Captures. Of course this is player preference and there may be other useful skills and passives, but these are good for general purpose. The tables below refer to number of focus points required to level up skills and passives.

Zenurik is probably the most used focus school by the player base, because of energizing dash.

Energizing Dash
Energy Pulse
Void Siphon
Void Flow

Mind Spirit synergizes extremely well with Zenurik's Void Siphon and Void Flow. It allows 7 dashs from full energy, traveling up to 200 meters.

Affinity Spike
Power Spike
Mind Spirit
Mind Step

Void Strike is great dps booster for Eidolon Captures.

Phoenix Talons
Phoenix Spirit
Inner Gaze
Eternal Gaze
Void Strike

Unairu Wisp is great dps booster for Eidolon Captures. Many can be spawned for the whole team.

Basilisk Scales
Basilisk Gaze
Unairu Wisp

Mending Unity is especially good for Trinity's ability, Blessing. Blessing reaches teammates within affinity range. Affinity range is 50 meters and 75 meters with Mending Unity.

Mending Unity
Mending Soul
Enduring Tides
Rejuvenating Tides


How To Farm Focus Points
More details are in my other guide, 250k Focus In 15 Minutes! It contains spoilers and it is recommended to finish the "War Within" first. The guide only details how to farm focus points through affinity. Another fast way of farming focus points is doing Eidolon Captures. Eidolon Captures is end-game content and will not be explained in this guide. A third effective way, is to play the DPS role in ESO experience farms in pre-made teams.
Focus Lens
What Is a Focus Lens?
Lens when equipped on level 30 weapons and warframes convert affinity to focus points. Therefor it is best to equip focus lens on warframes and weapons that will score the most kills.

Where To Get Focus Lens
  • Lens
    • Converts 1.25% of excess affinity earned into focus points.
    • Plains of Eidolon Bounties given by Konzu in Cetus
    • Can be traded with other players
  • Greater Lens
    • Converts 1.75% of excess affinity earned into focus points.
    • Can be bought off the market for 40 platinum
    • Blueprints can be purchased off the in-game market with credits and require 4 regular focus lens to build
    • Cannot be traded with other players
  • Eidolon Lens
    • Converts 2.25% of excess affinity earned into focus points.
    • Blue prints rewarded from bounties in Cetus offered by Konzu and require 1 greater focus lens to build
    • Eidolon Lens are not assigned to any peticular school until they are built and combined with a greater lens of a specific school in the foundry.
    • Can be traded with other players
  • Lua Lens
    • Converts 3.25% of excess affinity earned into focus points.
    • Their blueprint can be acquired as a Rotation C Lua Disruption reward and require 1 eidolon focus lens to build
    • Can be traded with other players.

How To Install a Focus Lens
  • In actions screen select install focus lens.
  • Can only be applied to level 30 warframes and weapons
  • If a focus lens is installed on a warframe or weapon, the focus lens will not disappear after using a forma. The lens will not produce focus points until the warframe or weapon reaches level 30.
How To Make Platinum in Early-Game
First 50 Platinum Cannot Be Traded
The first 50 platinum that is automatically given to all new accounts cannot be traded. That's why it's best as said earlier to buy slots and/or orkoin catalyts/reactors. This makes sense or else people would just keep making new accounts to make platinum.

Surfire Ways of Making Platinum in Early Game
As you advance from early to mid to end-game, you'll unlock more and more ways of making platinum. In the beginning you'll be limited, but here are a couple sure-fire ways of making some platinum. There are other ways too but they tend to be niche and/or based on a trend. Other beginner guides on platinum will have more information.

Nightwave/Nightmare Mods
Nightwave and Nightmare missions reward many important mods such as Corrosive Projection, Energy Siphon, Steel Charge, and many more. These types of mods most everyone needs. You should get one copy for yourself and sell any extras.

Nightwave Mods That Are Worth the Most (20-30 platinum)
  • Corrosive Projection
  • Steel Charge
  • Energy Siphon
  • Dead Eye
  • Rifle Amp
  • Enemy Radar
  • Rejuvination
  • Speed Holster
Nightmare Mods That Are Worth the Most (10-50 platinum)
  • Blaze (1% chance)
  • Hammer Shot (1% chance)
  • Lethal Torrent
  • Constitution
  • Drifting Contact
  • Vigor
Corrupted Mods
Corrupted mods like Nightwave/Nightmare mods are needed by just about everybody, so you'll want to farm them for yourself and sell off extra copies.

Corrupted Mods That Are Worth the Most (10-40 platinum)
  • Blind Rage
  • Fleeting Expertise
  • Heavy Caliber
  • Narrow Minded
  • Overextended
  • Transient Fortitude
  • Vile Acceleration
Where to Sell Mods
The warframe market[warframe.market] or trade chat

Selling Prime Sets
Eventually selling prime sets will net pretty good platinum, but it is probably ideal to unlock all the planets and missions first so that all fissure missions are accessible and to have prime sets for yourself first. Therefor effectively selling prime sets is still a ways ahead. The Warframe Market[warframe.market] is a great place to price check.
Trading Strategies
How To Haggle
Haggling has a lot to do with patience. Whether you or another player has low patience, you or they will have to buy high or sell low to quickly close a deal. If a player has a lot of patience, then they can afford to wait for a better deal. Every item has a price range, and trading truly involves dancing within that range, a tug of war so to speak between selling in the high range and buying in the low. If you tug too hard, the other player will likely say no deal. If you tug too softly, you might end up with a less than ideal trade.
  • Always be respectful. This heightens the chance of a successful transaction. If you're rude, no transaction will probably be ever made or they might just outright put you on ignore. You never know. Maybe a player at first says no deal, but changes their mind 15 minutes later and accepts the deal. If a player is rude to you, just stop responding or put them on ignore if it's that bad.
  • Know the mid range value of the item you are seeking to buy or sell. You can then low ball or high ball the price you are going for and then meet the other player halfway which will be close to the price you were going for in the first place. For example, if you are trying to buy Limbo Prime, and they post in chat an overvalued price of 180 platinum and you were going for 160. You can message them a counter offer of 150 platinum. If they bite and counter offer, they might say 170. Then you can counter offer again for 160 or 165 platinum. If they outright ignore you, that means their original price is firm with no to barely any wiggle room. If a player posts PMO (private message offer), he or she is likely trying to buy low or sell high.
  • If a player is on the fence about a deal, don't rush players to decide. I found that every time I rushed people, they tended to decline in the end.

Increase Your Daily Trade Limit
You'll want to rank up, so that you have many trades per day (number of trades per day = your mastery rank) or else your cash flow will suffer as you'll have to wait for daily reset every 24 hours.

Enlarge the Size of Your Chat Window
Many players don't know but you can, or else the trade chat will be hard to read making you prone to messaging the wrong person or misreading. The top right corner of the window has three little dots that you can drag.

Use the Chat Filter When Looking For Something Specific
The magnifier symbol is at the top left corner of the chat window.

Use the Warframe Market To Price Check
Warframe Market[warframe.market]

Use the Want To Buy Section On The Warframe Market
Save some platinum for items you're looking to buy. You WILL get messaged, if you post a price that keeps your post as the first listing.

Take Advantage of Trends
Sometimes there will be a buff to a weapon or warframe. In that case, their price will rise, so you can make a quick buck or two. For example, soon there will be a major melee rework. Trends will definitely arise and certain items may lower in value and other items may increase in value. Another example was when Digital Extremes put out a massive weapons buff to many weapons and the prime sets and Baro Ki'Teer weapons surely raised in value.

Long Term Investments
Check out my guide How To Make Platinum: Long Term Investments to take advantage of items whose value grow over time. This strategy may not be everyone's cup of tea, because it involves a lot of waiting. However, the great thing about it, is that while waiting for value to grow, one can actively make platinum in the present. People tend to take breaks and come back after updates. During that break, the value of your items will rise, while you're doing absolutely nothing.

Newly Released Prime Sets
The sets will go for 400-500 platinum within the first day or two of release depending on how popular the set is, will depreciate in value by the second half of the week, and then depreciate once again after 1 week. It will be optimal to farm a ton the very day, the prime set is released (usually Tuesday). Check out sections, "Fissure System - How To Farm Prime Sets," and "How To Farm Relics."

Higher Prices At Night And Lower Prices at Day
Whatever region you are, you can buy during the day and sell at weird hours 12am to 7am if you're a night owl. Or you can just switch regions to the other side of the world where times are different by 12 hours. To change regions, esc-->options-->gameplay tab-->region.

Slow But Steady Income
  • Plains of Eidolon Fishing won't be hugely lucrative, but if you love fishing, you might as well make some platinum while you're at it. Each fish from small to large will cost about 2 to 5 platinum. You'll want to get high rank so you can buy the highest tier fishing rod.
  • Syndicates can make steady platinum after you're maxed ranked. You can perhaps do the syndicate missions and find all the medalions. Syndicate mods sell for 20 platinum while weapons sell for 30 to 60 platinum.
Rivens (Mid to End-Game Content)
Check out my guide, How To Make Thousands of Platinum Selling Rivens. You'll want to be able to efficiently farm Kuva, and have some warframes and weapons fully hooked up. That's why I have labeled this as mid to end-game content.
Hardcore Trading Strategies (Flipping)
How To Flip Items (Strategy For Hardcore Traders)
  • Probably THE most lucrative way of making platinum is flipping. The richest people in this game are long time players and flippers.
  • You're probably starting off with next to no platinum or no platinum at all (first 50 platinum free with every account isn't tradable). You might have to start with Nightwave, Nightmare and corrupted mods. If you're already good at trading, you'll probably get up to 200 platinum pretty quickly and be able to move on to more lucrative items.
    • Types of Players Who Tend To Sell Low and Buy High
      • There are a lot of players who hate trading and will want to sell or buy items quickly and be done with it. These players will sell low and buy high in order to do that.
      • Players who are frugal with their real money will buy lots of platinum and tend not to worry about how much they spend.
      • Rich players who are already established tend to be more generous with their platinum. Poor people will probably be the biggest hagglers which is understandable.
      • Players sometimes don't know the value of their items and will sell you items super low. For example, many prime sets have been vaulted. There are many players who take long breaks, from months to even years. They haven't caught up yet with all the updates.

  • At the Warframe Market[warframe.market], use the buy section to buy low. This is actually very effective, and if you post there, players WILL message you. Check out the differences between the Want To Buy and Want To Sell sections for Rhino Prime.

    • Warframe Market Want To Buy Section
    • Warframe Market Want To Sell Section
  • Great Items To Flip According To Tiers
    • Low Tier
      • Corrupted, Nightwave, and Nightmare Mods (10 to 40 platinum) This might bit a tricky since there are a lot of sellers, but also a lot of buyers.
      • Syndicate Mods (15-20 platinum) - These will be more difficult to flip since not everyone needs these mods unlike corrupted, Nightwave, and Nightmare mods.
    • Mid Tier
      • Prime Sets (50 to 200 platinum)
      • Rank 5 Arcanes (100 to 600+ platinum) A whole set of 10 will be worth more than selling 1 by 1. Beware that it will be difficult to flip legendary Arcanes because each has a 1 million tax credit.
      • Newly Released Prime Sets (400 platinum+) The sets will be 400-500 within the first day or two of release depending on how popular the set is, will depreciate in value by the second half of the week and then depreciate once again after 1 or 2 weeks. Note that flipping these may be risky since time is against you.
      • Vaulted Prime Sets (100 to 200 platinum+)
        Vaulted Prime Sets are probably solid for flipping because vaulted sets have a psychological effect on players. Since they are no longer available from drop tables, players might feel that they are scarce and valuable.
    • High Tier (The Big Boy Club)
      • Must be at least MR8.
      • Rivens Rivens Rivens (250 platinum to 5k platinum+)
      • Check out my guide on riven trading, How To Make Thousands of Platinum Selling Rivens, though truthfully it is a bit outdated. It still holds true for rivens for the hottest weapons. Since rivens have been out for a good while now, a lot of players have gotten all or most of the rivens they want. As a result, most rivens have depreciated in value. When I sold the Tiberon riven in the picture, Tiberon was a super hot weapon, because at the time Tiberon Prime had just been released and it is an amazing weapon.
  • Drawbacks to Flipping
    • High credit costs
      • When selling an Item for platinum, you will be taxed 500 credits for every 1 platinum. If your selling an item for 500 platinum, that amounts to 250k credits!
      • You'll probably have to spend a lot of time at the Index on Neptune which is one of the best way to farm credits. For medium risk, you'll be rewarded 175k (350k with credit booster) per round and for high risk 250k (500k with credit booster) per round.
      • The in-game market offers 3-day credit boosters for 40 platinum, 7-day credit boosters for 80 platinum, and 30-day credit boosters for 200 platinum. They might be a worthy investment.
      • Occasionally Digital Extremes will host a 2x credit weekend though rarely. With a credit booster, that amounts to 4x credits.
      • Beware that Warframe prime sets have no mastery rank requirement, while weapon sets do, up to a maximum of 15 MR. If you are not a high enough MR for the weapon, it cannot be traded to you.
  • I am honestly not a flipper, but I understand trends and prices, know flippers, and have heard about some of the things they do. Therefor you'll probably have to figure a lot out on your own. However, I think this section gives a good starting point.
Difficult Quest Segments
How To Activate Natah Quest - Scanning An Oculyst
Oculysts will spawn on Uranus missions listed below. Try not to let them detect you before scanning them or they will retreat.
  • Uranus, Ariel - Capture
  • Uranus, Caliban - Rescue
  • Uranus, Cressida - Mobile Defense
  • Uranus, Desdemona - Sabotage
  • Uranus, Ophelia - Survival
  • Uranus, Puck - Exterminate
  • Uranus, Rosalind - Spy
  • Uranus, Stephano - Defense
  • Uranus, Sycorax - Exterminate
  • Uranus, Umbriel - Interception
The Second Dream - Security Eye
A button is located at the bottom of the pillars. If you shoot them, a small platform will appear. Essentially you'll want to jump on the small platform and divert the eye to shoot its beam at the pillar destroying it. Bringing a tank for this mission will give more leeway for errors, but is not necessary with good timing.

Jordas Precept - Jordas Golem Assasinate
Before fighting the Jordas Golem, you'll have to fight a tough mini-boss, the Behemoth, a larger version of the Juggernaut. The Behemoth has a ton of armor. To bypass that armor, shoot the top of its body or its underbelly. Juggernauts have these same weak spots.

The Jordas Golem is invincible except for its engines on its backside. The Jordas Golem has a ton of armor, so equipping a Corrosive Projection aura (-30% armor) is recommended. Better yet having a team of 3 or 4, each equipped with Corrosive Projection will significantly boost DPS. For more information on Corrosive Projection, visit section, "Useful Nightwave Mods." For best Archwings
and Archwing weapons to use visit my other guide, Pro Archwing Builds And Best Weapons To Use.
Difficult Bosses
Raptors - Namaah, Europa
After being destroyed, the Raptor will drop a power cell that will detonate 10 seconds after being dropped. You have to pick up the power cell and drop it into the Gravity Conveyor, the opening where the Raptor spawned. You drop the power cell by switching weapons. Repeat this three times with each Gravity Conveyor.

Kela De Thaym - Merrow, Sedna
After stepping on the button on the floor, a panel on the wall will start spinning. Behind the spinning panel are 4 mini-buttons you'll have to hit. An option is to use a weapon with punch through, innate or modded with punch through, and a weapon whose projectiles spread over the entire spinning panel. Ignis and Ignis Wrath are perfect examples and are shown in the picture above.
Difficult Junction Challenges
Phobos Junction - Scan 3 Cephalon Fragments

Equipping one or more of these mods will cause Cephalon Fragments within range to display on the mini-map.

Neptune Junction - Open 3 Caches
The Neptune Junction will have you go to Desdemona, the only sabotage mission on Uranus. Caches are hidden lockers that show up in all sabotage missions. The above pictures show caches for Grineer, Corpus, and Orokin, respectively. Instead of glowing their normal colors, they will glow abnormally white. The best way to find them is to search all over the map and listen for them. At 15 meters away, you'll be able to hear a feint chime. At 10 meters away, it will be loud and obvious, so make sure to put your sound up. Click the video below to hear the sound.

Using Real Money
Ways to Save
First, thank you for allowing this game to stay free to play! There are a few ways to get the most bang for your real buck.

These comparisons are for PC only as the value of platinum is very different on consoles. Consoles versions of Warframe do not offer platinum discounts as login rewards, which significantly affects the market.

Platinum Discounts From Login Reward
Login occasionally rewards platinum discounts at 20%, 50%, or 75%. Beware that the login rewards are random and it's hard to say how soon or long it will take to get the maximum discount of 75%.

Price Comparisons Between Different Discounts
No Discount
20% Discount
50% Discount
75% Discount
75 platinum
170 platinum
370 platinum
1000 platinum
2100 platinum
4300 platinum

What are Prime Access Packs?
There are prime access packs that offer newly released prime sets, exclusive cosmetics, platinum, and boosters. If you don't care about the exclusives and gotten the discount login reward, it's cheaper to just buy straight platinum and to buy whatever item you want from other players via the warframe market trading site[warframe.market] and the in-game market using platinum.

Packs Vs Buying Pure Platinum
Packs give platinum and some items, but with pure platinum, you will have full freedom to buy whatever you want through trading with other players or the in-game market. Certain packs, however, come with exclusive cosmetics that will never be purchasable with platinum.

Prime Access Packs - Good Deal Or No?
For example, this Limbo Prime access pack, specifically the banish pack for 49.99$, after calculations is worth a depreciating value 1850 platinum. On the day of release, it was worth 1850. Within a few days, its value dropped down to 1450. Within a couple weeks, its value dropped down to 1250. With a 75% discount, you will net 3700 platinum. Still the prime access pack is a pretty good offer if it takes too long to get a 50 or 75% discount login reward. However, the pack forces you to buy specific items you may not have wanted, while with pure platinum you have the freedom to buy whatever you want.

The stasis pack, which costs $80, I value at a depreciating value of 3825. On the day of release, it was worth 3825. Within a few days, its value dropped down to 3225. Within a couple weeks, its value dropped down to 2925. With a 75% discount, you will net approximately 6500 platinum. This is a pretty good offer if you are having trouble getting the 50 or 75% discount.

The cataclysm pack, which costs $140, I valued at a depreciating 6390 platinum upon immediate release. 140$ worth of pure platinum with a 75% discount is 10360. Within a few days, its value dropped down to 5790. Within a couple weeks, its value dropped down to 5490. This is a pretty good deal if you're having trouble getting the 50 or 75% discount.

The accessories pack costs $50 and includes the exclusive cosmetics and boosters which are the equivalent of 1200 platinum. With $50 and a 75% discount, you will net 3700 platinum. This pack gives no platinum and although the boosters are amazing, platinum will be super helpful to give you a head start. If you like this pack, it might be better to buy this pack in addition to pure platinum, or skip this pack and buy the other options that include platinum.

Starter Bundle - Good Deal or No?
The Starter Bundle costs $19.99 and offers: 300 platinum, 7-day affinity booster, 7-day credit booster, 1 warframe slot, 2 weapon slots, 1 orokin reactor, 1 orokin catalyst, base damage mods, and 3 exclusive cosmetics. This is approximately valued at 465 platinum. For $20, you can get 370 platinum. For $25 with a 75% off discount, you can get 2100 platinum. This is a good deal if you have a hard time getting the 50% or 75% discount.

The Nature Of Prime Vault Packs
Prime Vault Packs contain vaulted items which are not available in drop tables. These items will be available to farm for a couple months at a time, but these temporary unvaultings can take 1 to 2 years. Because these vaulted items are temporarily available to farm and buy via the packs, they are lower in value initially. However, after they are put back into the vault, their value will increase over time. In a year, they should double in value. The prices will also vary unlike the other packs that will depreciate over time.

Prime Vault Pack - Good Deal Or No?
For example, this Nova Prime pack costs $40 and is initially worth 530 platinum. After a year, the value will likely more than double. With a 75% discount, $40 can buy you 3270 platinum. This is a very bad deal, but it does offer exclusive cosmetics. Some of them are very nice depending on your taste.

The accessories pack offers 200 platinum and the exclusive cosmetics for $20. Since the Prime Vault pack is a very poor deal, the only real reason to buy it is for the exclusive cosmetics. It might be better to buy the accessories pack and spend the rest of the real money on pure platinum using platinum discount. You can then use the pure platinum to buy the prime sets and have extra platinum left over.

Prime Vault Dual Pack - Good Deal Or No?
This pack includes 1200 platinum and combines 2 packs for $60. I value this pack at approximately 1565 platinum. This is a good deal, if you're having trouble getting the 75% discount.

Suggested Items To Spend Platinum On:
  • Warframe slots (Market)
  • Weapon slots (Market)
  • Orokin Reactors (Market)
  • Orokin Catalysts (Market)
  • Forma bundles (Market)
  • Filled Ayatan Sculptures for endo (Trade)
  • Nightwave, Nightmare, corrupted, and other vital warframe mods (rank 0 or max rank, rank 4 Fleeting Expertise, rank 4 Streamline, rank 10 Adaptation, Rank 10 Vitality) - (Trade)
  • Max rank weapon mods (Trade)
  • Prime Warframes (Trade)
  • Non-Prime Warframes which are expensive and recommended by many to be farmed instead (Market)
  • Affinity boosters (Market)
  • Credit boosters (Market)
  • Resource boosters (Market)
  • Resource drop chance boosters (Market)
  • Rushing warframe building to skip that hefty 3-day build time (Foundry)
Items labeled Trade, can be bought off the Warframe Market[warframe.market] or traded with other players via trade chat. Market refers to the in-game market
Additional Tips
Easily Acquired Mastery Fodder
Mk-1 Weapons are the worst variants of a weapon, but are great for mastery fodder. They can be purchased pre-built with credits off the market (esc-->market) and have a mastery rank requirement of 0. To easily find them, just type mk1 in the search bar.
More Weapons That Can Be Bought With Credits:
  • Braton
  • Strun
  • Lato
  • Aklato
  • Lex
  • Sicarus
List of Mastery Fodder Weapons Ordered By MR Requirement
The warframe wiki lists weapons by MR requirement, though of course some are not MR fodder. Here is the link[warframe.wikia.com]. The list is all the way at the bottom of the page.

Do Not Upgrade The Mods Fleeting Expertise and Streamline to Rank 5
Instead, upgrade them both to Rank 4. The reason is that max efficiency is capped at 175. A rank 4 Fleeting expertise gives +50 energy efficiency and a rank 4 Streamline gives +25 energy efficiency totaling to +75 energy efficiency. Rank 4's offer maximum capacity efficiency as well. Some builds will require max rank fleeting expertise and/or streamline, but most will require rank 4's. Getting additional copies of the mods and upgrading them to rank 5 to have both rank 4 and rank 5 versions may be a good idea, but not until mid-game.

Upgrade Mods to a Maximum of Rank 7 or 8 During Early-Game
The +stat gain to endo cost ratio is low after rank 8. During mid-game, mods can be ranked to 9 and during late mid-game, mods can be ranked to 10 after amassing large amounts of extra endo.

Hinders Progress
Do not sell ayatan sculptures for platinum. This will severely hinder progress.

How To Skip To Faraway Locked Missions
Because it can take a while to unlock all missions on all planets, you can get a taxi from clan chat or recruitment chat for alerts, invasions, fissures, resource farming, credit farming, and any other important missions. Players will que the mission for you since they have it unlocked. Alerts, invasions, fissures, and sorties will spawn on a random planet in a random mission, but will only show on your navigation screen if you have unlocked the planet the mission is on. For the full list of alerts, visit the Warframe Hub Website[hub.warframestat.us].

What Items To Sell For Credits
Like I said earlier I don't think it's a good idea to sell mods for credits. Perhaps it won't matter as much later, but right now you desperately need that endo. Instead there are abundant items that can't be traded and therefor are not worth anything except credits. Go to the miscellaneous tab in inventory (esc-->equipment-->inventory-->miscellaneous tab). Search for extra warframe blueprints you don't need. Common drops are Oberon, Valkyrie, and Rhino blueprints. They can be sold for 3500 credits each.
The Chroma warframe requires a Volt Neuroptics, Ember Neuroptics, Frost Chassis, and Saryn Systems to build, so you might want to keep 1 of each of those.

Learn Speed Boosting Parkour Moves
Details are in my other guide, Speed Runs: Tips, Parkour, And Ability Mechanics. The great thing about advanced parkour mechanics is that it is available to all players the moment they start. Not only does it speed up progression by clearing maps faster, but provides additional safety via evasive maneuvers. Mastering advanced parkour early will make you one of the pros sooner rather than later.

Avoid Cetus/POE and Fortuna/Orb Vallis Content Until Mid-game Or Later
It is not that the rewards from these areas aren't worthwhile. It's that the content has its own resources to farm. The content is limited within itself and progressing within the content does not lay a strong foundation for all of Warframe's content. Mostly the only content worthwhile in early game is outlined in section "Useful POE Items."

Keyshares - Efficient Use Of Rare Keys
Examples of rare keys are Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Keys which award Mesa parts and Orokin Derelict Assassinate Keys which award Nekros parts. 1 Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinate is needed to build 1 Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key and 5 Lephantis Nav Coordinates are needed to build 1 Orokin Derelict Assassinate Key. The special nav coordinates aren't easy to come by. Therefor, efficient use of these keys would be smart. Form a keyshare party in which each party member takes turns using their key, for essentially 4 runs per key use.
I hope you all appreciate my guide and rate it up. It took me a long time to write this. I even watched "Let's Play Warframe" youtube videos to better understand the difficulties new players go through. (⌐■_■) Cheers!

If you want to add some input or see a mistake, feel free to comment. This is after all for beginners, and they have a tough time already!

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hi phil, thanks
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PSA: To anyone reading this, there are a couple things i need to update on this guide, but stupid steam is acting up and everytime I update the guide, steam takes it down for 3 days to analyze the guide for harmful links. The biggest thing is that the derelict planet has now been replaced by Deimos planet. So anywhere you see derelict, replace it with Deimos.
hypster Mar 14, 2021 @ 6:33pm 
Great job. I've been playing for years and I still could learn plenty from this.
ThePHiLsTeR [¬º-°]¬  [author] Jan 19, 2021 @ 6:35am 
lmao o yea :P
formex326 Jan 19, 2021 @ 2:04am 
that my friend is not wisp, thats grendel
rohstache Dec 9, 2020 @ 3:42pm 
ok i was expecting a joke or an ok one but wow thats alot of info
ThePHiLsTeR [¬º-°]¬  [author] Aug 4, 2020 @ 3:39am 
I thought about putting in liches, but decided not to. The goal of this guide is to get new players to mid-game and only giving them essential information. This guide is already so long. I did mention it in "What to focus on" section. When they are ready, they can google it themselves.
Floofys Jul 31, 2020 @ 9:20am 
I saw your guide from a friend favoriting it. As a new MR29 I'm glad to help new players.

One thought I had is that is it worth it to have a section about kuva weapons? Some warning about not starting your first kuva lich unless you can handle level 100+ enemies?
ThePHiLsTeR [¬º-°]¬  [author] Jun 26, 2020 @ 2:16pm 
If you want help with building your clan and its not 100% yet, ive seen people recruit in channel asking for helpful people. There are quite a bit of helpful people in this game who will be down for that. But i think that needs to be communicated from the very start, so players know what they are getting into. And not only that you will be getting players with a helpful mentality. This is also an opportunity for players to build a clan and be an important member who helped in its early stages. Often in clans these players are promoted to very high ranks because of that. This gives a lot of incentives.

Some alliances are helpful as well and are willing to donate to building clans.