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Loki: All Builds
By ThePHiLsTeR [¬º-°]¬
Loki is a popular warframe and all of his abilities are useful. Some abilities are unique no other warframe can do! This guide contains all builds and explains situations where these abilities can be applied.
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Ability Descriptions

Loki deploys a holographic copy of himself, drawing enemy fire.


Loki camouflages himself, becoming invisible to enemies.

Switch Teleport

Loki instantaneously swaps positions with a target, confusing the enemy.

Radial Disarm

Lets forth a wave of energy, disrupting the projectile weapons of enemies in range and forcing them to revert to melee combat.
Pure Invisibility
Build is for invisibility only. Invisibility lasts 30.72 seconds and costs 12.50 energy. Energy siphon will cause a +net energy gain providing unlimited invisibility. I chose mobilize for the exilus mod, because Loki has the fastest base sprint speed and sees large gains from +movement speed mods. The exilus mod is, however, highly optional, so you can put any mod you want there.

  • Spy
  • Rescue
  • Sabotage
  • Assassination
  • Kuva Farming
Pure Disarm
  • Grineer/Corpus/Void Survival
  • Grineer/Corpus/Void Defense
  • Can be used in conjunction with a speed nova for speed farming
  • Grineer/Corpus Sortie Hijack
Irradiating Disarm
Irradiating Disarm can be used depending on the situation and how you want to manipulate enemy behavior. Enemies will be disarmed and radiated. They will start attacking each other forming clusters. Without Irradiating Disarm, the enemies will simply charge at you.

Sortie Defense
Disarm provides great safety for you, your teammates, and the Tenno Operative. The other disarm builds can be used for sortie defense. This build equips the augment mod, Safeguard Switch, which provides additional safety when Loki switch teleports with the Tenno Operative, granting the Tenno Operative 6.3 seconds of invincibility. Players can also manipulate the Tenno Operative's location.
Invisibility/Disarm Hybrid
  • Invisibility Duration - 24.48s
  • Radial Disarm Range - 36.8 meters

  • Invisibility Duration - 15.96
  • Radial Disarm Range - 50 meters

These builds is notably better for rescues than the pure invisibility build. Loki can safely escort the Tenno Operative whilst disarming enemies for additional safety.
POE/Syndicate Medallion Farming
Loot Detector and Thief's Wit provide +72 loot radar on the minimap. With animal instinct equipped on companion, that's another +30 for a total of +102 loot radar.

  • POE wisps
  • POE resources
  • Syndicate Medalions
  • Cephalon Fragments/Somachords
Eidolon Captures
Loki is a possible alternative to Bless Trinity in Eidolon Captures. His switch teleport ability can shorten lure travel time to the Eidolon. Additionally, after switch teleporting with the lure, the lure will gain temporary invincibility from the augment mod, Safeguard Switch. However, he will be hard to use in pubs since most will ask for a Bless Trinity. Since lures are so important, builds with longer lure invulnerability may be better.

  • 6.25 energy cost
  • 187.50 meter range
  • 6.30s lure invulnerability
  • 6.25 energy cost
  • 104.25 meter range
  • 12.24s lure invulnerability
  • 6.25 energy cost
  • 153.75 meter range
  • 7.74s lure invulnerability
  • 17.50 energy cost
  • 138.00 meter range
  • 15.24s lure invulnerability
Obstacle Course
Loki is often chosen for the dojo obstacle course, because he has the highest base sprint speed of all warframes. Warframes like Volt are faster with his speed ability. However, abilities cannot be used in the obstacle course. This build has equipped all +movement speed mods.
Cheap Non-prime Builds
These builds avoid rare expensive mods, high endo costs, and forma. They do, however, require an orokin reactor to be installed. I recommend eventually getting Loki Prime since he boasts a higher energy pool.

Pure Invisibility

Pure Disarm

Irradiating Disarm

Invisibility/Disarm Hybrid
Experience/Focus Farm
Details are in my other guide, 250k Focus In 15 Minutes!
Arcane Suggestions
Arcanes are rewarded for capturing Eidolons. A complete set is 10 of each. Each complete set also gives an additional revive.

Arcane Energize
Gives 40% chance on energy pickup to restore additional 100 energy to you and allies within 20 meters
  • Synergizes well with quick thinking for more survivability
  • Allows spamming of disarm
Arcane Fury
On critical hit, gives 40% chance for +120% Damage on Melee for 12 seconds

Arcane Acceleration
On critical hit, gives 20% chance for +60% Fire Rate to Rifles for 6 seconds

Arcane Eruption
On energy pickup, gives 20% chance to knockdown nearby enemies within 20 Meters

Arcane Momentum
On critical hit, gives 40% chance for +100% Reload Speed on Snipers for 8 seconds
  • Synergizes with Vectis Prime equipped with Depleted Reload
Arcane Precision
On headshot, gives 80% chance for +120% Damage on Secondaries for 8 seconds

Arcane Rage
On headshot, gives 10% chance for +120% Damage on Primaries for 16 seconds

Arcane Strike
On hit, gives 10% chance for +40% Attack Speed on Melee for 12 seconds

Arcane Tempo
On critical hit, gives 10% chance for +60% Fire Rate on Shotguns for 8 Seconds

Arcane Velocity
On critical hit, gives 60% chance for +80% Fire Rate on Secondaries for 6 seconds

Note: Defensive arcanes aren't really needed because Loki has enough survivability from his invisibility.
Arcane Helmets
Arcane helmets are discontinued and are generally very costly. This is mostly about min/maxing and in no way a requirement. Arcane helmets limit amount of arcane sets that can be installed to 1. Arcane helmets also potentially interfere with fashion frame!!!

Loki Essence Arcane Helmet

  • +15% ability efficiency
  • -5% armor
  • Loki Essence arcane helmet could perhaps replace streamline in the builds giving extra mod slot.

Loki Swindle Arcane Helmet

  • +15% ability range
  • -5% maximum health
  • Loki Swindle arcane helmet improves disarm and loki switch teleport builds.
My Clan
I'm creating a new clan that is led by me and other warframe veterans. We're looking for people to help build this new clan. Dojo research is almost complete and recruitment will begin thereafter. For now, the size will be kept as shadow or storm (max 30 to 100 members). If you're interested and are Mastery Rank 10+, please leave your in-game name in the comment section.
ThePHiLsTeR [¬º-°]¬  [author] Oct 13, 2019 @ 1:40pm 
Probably pure invisibility. Disarm only works on some enemies in the index, but most do not. I quit warframe, so I cannot test this. I'm just going by memory.
é o louvas Oct 13, 2019 @ 1:20pm 
which build do you recommend for solo index?
yep Jun 21, 2019 @ 11:59pm 
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Broken Viking Jul 29, 2018 @ 6:34pm 
@appolomere and @attilla most frames are useful, with the exception of whatever im using at the current moment
_Tess_ May 7, 2018 @ 6:43am 
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E28olb Apr 21, 2018 @ 10:34am 
you forgot bullet jump build
TYs Apr 21, 2018 @ 8:45am 
ign:TYs117 Mr17(90% to 18 rn) I've played on off since beta. Got removed from my last clan for not playing for a month. Feel free or not. :)
Gamerbobey Apr 19, 2018 @ 3:59am 
Uh question
I dont think the general function of any of his abilities are unique to just him besides being able to displace and annoy your teamates?
Apollomere Apr 16, 2018 @ 6:15pm 
v but arguably his abilities are useful though disarm can help a lot in the endgame and his switch teleport with the safeguard switch mod making him a good defensive/support frame irradiating disarm is especially good
Atilla Apr 16, 2018 @ 12:17pm 
we have here a loki fanboy
>all of his abilities are useful
never laughed that hard