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Troubleshooting Guide
By Nitrous Butterfly
Having issues with Mercury Fallen? Please review the following information for troubleshooting steps.
Minimum Requirements
Please ensure your system meets the minimum system requirements. System requirements are shown on the Steam store page. Mercury Fallen requires a DirectX 11 compatible video card on Windows systems.
Verify Installation Files
Sometimes Steam may not install or update Mercury Fallen correctly which can lead to various issues/crashes. To verify your installation please follow the below instructions.

  • Open your Steam Library
  • Right Click on Mercury Fallen and select Properties
  • Click the Local Files tab
  • Click Verify Integrity Of Game Files

Steam will check the local game files and attempt to update/fix installation issues.
Disable Mods
Mods from the Steam Workshop, or installed manually, can cause various issues if not updated or created correctly.

If you are experiencing issues with game content not working correctly or even crashes be sure to disable any mods you have active in the Mod Manager in the main menu.
Video Card Drivers
Some issues can be caused by out of date video card drivers. Ensure you are using the latest video drivers/software for your video card. Below is a list of common video card manufacturers and links to their respective website. Make sure to get drivers that match your video card hardware.

Video Card Manufacturers

NVidia []


Some anti-virus and/or anti-malware software can sometimes cause issues with the game. If you are experiencing issues try adding an exception for the Mercury Fallen folder in your anti-virus/malware software.

How To Find Mercury Fallen Install Folder
  • Open your Steam Library
  • Right Click on Mercury Fallen and select Properties
  • Click the Local Files tab
  • Click the Browse Local Files… button which will open a window showing the game folder
  • This is the folder to add to your software’s exception list
Crash On Startup – Mac Only
In some cases, on MacOS, the game may crash at startup with a thread issue related to the UnityGfxDeviceWorker contained in the crash log. If you are experiencing a crash on startup on MacOS, please try the following:

  • Right Click/Control Click Mercury Fallen in your Steam Library and select Properties
  • Under the General tab click Set Launch Options…
  • In the input field put: -force-glcore

Mercury Fallen will now use the 3/4 OpenGL profile. This should resolve the startup crash on MacOS in some instances.

User Interface
Mercury Fallen is designed to run at a resolution of 1280×720 or greater. If you are experiencing issues with user interface elements appearing cut off at the edge of the screen please ensure the game resolution is at least 1280×720 and/or change the UI Scale to medium or small in the game settings.

Save Games
As new updates for the game come out, save games created in previous versions may not work as expected or not work at all. This is a natural side effect of the Early Access format.

While I generally do my best to support save games between versions, there may be some updates/larger changes that mean older save games are no longer compatible. While not always a requirement, it is recommended to start a new game when new updates come out.
Additional Support
When reporting issues/bugs please provide a detailed description of the issue that you are having and, if possible, how the issue can be recreated.

Steam Discussions
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Nitrous Butterfly  [author] May 8, 2022 @ 5:35pm 
@douton Are you on a Windows or Mac PC? What is your default screen resolution? If you want to contact me directly for additional support please email
Douton May 8, 2022 @ 12:03pm 
The window I view the game in is about 2cm across ... I've uninstalled it and reinstalled
I can't read the words to adjust the settings
Nitrous Butterfly  [author] Apr 29, 2022 @ 5:59am 
@ncpennington0210 What resolution are you running the game at? You can also contact me directly for assistance at
ncpennington0210 Apr 29, 2022 @ 5:45am 
once changed to full screen the graphics became to blurry to read. I tried to reinstall, change resolution, and frame rate but this did not fix the problem. Not able to play as the screen is unreadable and I am at a loss for a solution. Thanks in advance for any help.
Nitrous Butterfly  [author] Nov 15, 2021 @ 6:47am 
Some recipes require research to unlock. In the research window there are additional sections for recipes where you can unlock the steel billet recipe.
paulo.ferreira64 Nov 15, 2021 @ 4:52am 
I just started playing this game and cannot find how to manufacture steel billet, Ore refinery does not show rhe option
savjazz21 Jul 7, 2020 @ 8:52am 
Having same issue as Spirlac, people, bots, vehicles just run in there place. On late game where i am redecorating and rebuilding stuff with 6 surface mines and 10 transport, colony consists of 19 people and 9 bots. (not sure if this extra info helps)
Spiralc Jul 5, 2020 @ 5:45am 
Cool Game !!! I could play at least 10h without an Issue, but now i can´t play for longer then 10-20 minutes because the game freezes. I can click and navigate to some UI Parts but i see my people running but they stay on the same places. I can only Put the game out of its misery by end it in task manager. Any thought´s ?
Nitrous Butterfly  [author] May 20, 2020 @ 8:13am 
@heaven The elevator is required for initial power generation. Ensure you have power conduits going from under the elevator to under your machines. Also the elevator provides solar power from the surface which means power is only generated/delivered during the day.
Heaven May 19, 2020 @ 11:44am 
when i play the game theres no power machines at all.