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NIArms SG550 Rifles
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May 31, 2018 @ 11:56pm
Sep 17, 2021 @ 4:35am
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NIArms SG550 Rifles

This weapon set was made possible by the generosity of the people who're backing this through Patreon.
If you'd like to see more of this stuff ,why not pitch in a couple of bucks? Through Patreon [] If you can't or don't want to, no hard feelings.

The SIG SG550 owes a lot to it's predecessor- the SIG SG510. Not in terms of any design or mechanical legacy, but sheer neccesity to break from it's mold.
The 510 was a fine piece of design, but that came at significant cost- it's the most expensive Standard Issue Rifle fielded, and with it came a lot of export-minded drawbacks: it was not easy to maintain, it was heavy, and it was built for full-power rifle rounds.

In the 1978, both major Swiss Arms companies (SIG and W+F Bern), set about building it's replacer. SIG's pattern - the SG541 - won out in 1981 and with minor alterations started production in 1983 as the SG550.
By previous standards, the 550 is a heavily economised design. It sheds many intricacies found in previous rifles, but the two things that made it such a powerhouse:
The first, a stamped steel receiver (capitalising on the techniques learned on the P220, cutting down production times significantly).
The Second was a long-stroke gas piston wholeform copied from the Soviet AK ( down to the locking recesses and bolt design).
The Swiss Army formally adopted rifle, and a shortened carbine, as the STG90. The gun fires 5.6mmx45 GP90 (5.56mm NATO) rounds in semi,full-auto or 3 shot bursts, feeding from 10,20,30 round translucent box magazines (Beta systems do make a 100 round C-Mag drum, but they're rare and unreliable).
It's capable of firing rifle grenades, comes standard with a bipod, and has diopter sights with inbuilt night setting. Over the last 25 years it has seen numerous additions to the platform, starting with the 550-1 Sniper, being joined by long barrel carbine iterations, the 552 "Commando" and 553 SOW, 553R (a sub-compact version chambered in 7.62x39), and most recently, a .300Blackout chambering soon to hit the European markets.

The NIArms SG550 is effectively comprehensive. Of all the variations of the primary 550 family, this covers all but 2 of the models,( and the SIG-Sauer SG556 family branch,) on the market, spanning the entire sevice life of the system.
Variations include(where applicable):
Native scope mount options
Scope-only NAR rail options
Full quad/tactical NAR variants
Grenade Launcher module variants
Short AND Long Barrel variants

In the NIArms
hlc_rifle_SG550 - SIG SG550 rifle in 5.6mm GP90 with 20.8" Barrel (Green/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG550_RIS - SIG SG550 rifle with B&T NAR in 5.6mm GP90 with 20.8" Barrel (Green/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG550_TAC - SIG SG550 Tactical rifle in 5.6mm GP90 with 20.8" Barrel (Green/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG550_GL - SIG SG550 rifle with GL5040 in 5.6mm GP90 with 20.8" Barrel (Green/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG550_TAC_GL - SIG SG550 Tactical rifle with M203-2003 in 5.6mm GP90 with 20.8" Barrel (Green/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG551SB - SIG SG551 carbine in 5.56mm NATO with 14.3" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG551SB_RIS - SIG SG551 carbine with B&T NAR in 5.56mm NATO with 14.3" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG551SB_TAC - SAN SG551 Tactical carbine in 5.56mm NATO with 14.3" Barrel (Black/Black)
hlc_rifle_SG551SB_TAC_GL - SAN SG551 Tactical carbine with M203-2003 in 5.56mm NATO with 14.3" Barrel (Black/Black)
hlc_rifle_SG551LB - SIG SG551-LB carbine in 5.56mm NATO with 17.9" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG551LB_RIS - SIG SG551-LB carbine with B&T NAR in 5.56mm NATO with 17.9" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG551LB_TAC - SAN SG551-LB Tactical carbine in 5.56mm NATO with 17.9" Barrel (Black/Black)
hlc_rifle_SG551LB_TAC_GL - SAN SG551-LB Tactical carbine with M203-2003 in 5.56mm NATO with 17.9" Barrel (Black/Black)
hlc_rifle_SG553SB - SIG SG553-SB carbine in 5.56mm NATO with 10.15" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG553SB_RIS - SIG SG553-SB carbine with B&T NAR in 5.56mm NATO with 10.15" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG553SB_TAC - SAN SG553-SB Tactical carbine in 5.56mm NATO with 10.15" Barrel (Black/Black)
hlc_rifle_SG553LB - SIG SG553-LB carbine in 5.56mm NATO with 13.6" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG553LB_RIS - SIG SG553-SB carbine with B&T NAR in 5.56mm NATO with 13.6" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG553LB_TAC - SAN SG553-SB Tactical carbine in 5.56mm NATO with 13.6" Barrel (Black/Black)
hlc_rifle_SG550Sniper - SIG SG550-1SP rifle in 5.6mm GP90 with 25.5" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_SG550Sniper_RIS - SIG SG550-1SP rifle with B&T NAR in 5.6mm GP90 with 25.5" Barrel (Black/Grey)
hlc_rifle_sg553RSB - SAN SG553R-SB carbine in 7.62mmx39 with 10.15" Barrel (Black/Black)
hlc_rifle_sg553RSB_TAC - SAN SG553R-SB Tactical carbine in 7.62mmx39 with 10.15" Barrel (Black/Black)
hlc_rifle_sg553RLB - SAN SG553R-LB carbine in 7.62mmx39 with 13.6" Barrel (Black/Black)
hlc_rifle_sg553RLB_TAC - SAN SG553R-LB Tactical carbine in 7.62mmx39 with 13.6" Barrel (Black/Black)

hlc_optic_DiavariZ_5501 - Zeiss Diavari-Z 2.5-10x in SG550-1 Cantilever Mount (with Anti-Mirage Band)
hlc_optic_ZF95 - Kahles ZF95 6x in ZF90 scope mount
hlc_optic_FNSTANAG4X_550 - FN STANAG 4x Scope in ZF90 scope mount
hlc_optic_FNSTANAG4X2d_550- " " " " " " " (2D Overlay)
hlc_optic_Kern_550 - Kern AARAU 3.5x Scope in ZF90 Mount
hlc_optic_Kern2d_550 - " " " " " " " (2D Overlay)

hlc_30Rnd_556x45_EPR_sg550 - 30-round magazine of M855A1 EPR 5.56x45mm NATO
hlc_30Rnd_556x45_SOST_sg550 - 30-round magazine of Mk318 Mod 1 SOST 5.56x45mm NATO
hlc_30Rnd_556x45_SPR_sg550 - 30-round magazine of MK262 Mod 1 SBLR Tracer 5.56x45mm NATO
hlc_30Rnd_556x45_T_sg550 - 30-round magazine of M856A1 Tracer 5.56x45mm NATO
hlc_30rnd_556x45_M_sg550 - 30-round magazine of 1-to-4 NATO-spec Tracer/FMJ 5.56x45mm NATO
hlc_30Rnd_556x45_TDIM_sg550 - 30-round magazine of IR-DIM Tracer 5.56x45mm NATO
hlc_30Rnd_556x45_MDIM_sg550 - 30-round magazine of 1-to-4 NATO-spec IR-DIM/FMJ 5.56x45mm NATO

Spartan0536- Ballistics
Navaro - Sounds
Toadie - Everything Else

Patrons, to whom with this was made possible-
Ross KW Driver Aldrich
Rob Sandberg
Blake Meyer
Blaž Kosi
Luke Baldwin
James Jordan
Nico Schneider
Bernard Cenimarus
Handy Andy
Tim Kersten
Part Time Canadian
Jonathan Gutierrez
Jonathan Gutierrez
kim jakobsen
Joshua Crosby
John Moravec
mr craig j parkes
Nathan Rebol
Robert 'Jeff the Hobo' Cartwright
Lilili Lili
Matt C
Mathias Wischuf
Josh Bowerman (Nam)
Serge Rem
Ben Løve
Blain Mundt
Chris Hofstede
Ranger Dave
Ben Wells
Dave Barretti
Robin Rockman
Steel Shimsky
Toby Clark
Risto Salo
Simonas Garbaciauskas
Elling Nøkleby
Smokey McPot
Alasdhair Maxwell Claremont
Rob Sullivan
Travis Williams
Andrew Forget
Evan Ding
Joshua Miller
Jakub Zychma
Kevin Trelles
Robert Howden
Daniel Paoliello
James Dundas
Tommy McCusker
Lyndell Miller

Additional Thanks-
The HLC/SHARBSE crew for being awesome, tolerant of oddities and allround rad blokes
The NIArms Discord for the same
Kaukassus/Comfy Baguette - The pact is now complete.
FPArma- Keep being weird.
RHS- you gave me bad ideas. lots of bad ideas.
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please make it work in arma reforger! this would be awsome!
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GAPMAN Feb 6, 2020 @ 4:52am 
Can you fix the reload animation? After the last shot the bolt locks in the back but as soon as you hit R it snaps back even further. Could you edit the position of the boltlock so it doesnt move when pressing R ? I`d appreciate it a lot since this is the first reload anim which meets my standards.
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Nice Mod!
Have a few issues though...
How can u put Grips on?
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Cant use Top mounted Laserpointers or Laser & Light Combo...
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can you make sig 516 rifles
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This needs to be added to the all in one collection
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Hey toadie thanks for your fantastic work as a member of the swiss army I waited so long for these, was ab bit frustrated not to see a 553 with GL... by the way I had an idea for a comission, who should I contact?
Chief Zuma Mar 7, 2019 @ 9:22pm 
I absolutely love these! The only weird aspect is that it feels like there's muzzle flashes every third shot or so, despite there being light. Not a problem during the day, but it looks a bit weird in night missions.
RockyBrown Mar 4, 2019 @ 1:36pm 
@[S2] Still A Lime Hey, there is a Swiss army mod which only includes a uniform retexture and i wanted to know if it would be acceptable for you to merge/allow the Swiss army mod by FanBF2 to use the SG550 and SG510 Rifles so that the Swiss army can be complete.

Most of the Swiss army mods/equipment are scattered around, it would be much better if the Swiss content could come togheter as one or simply cooperate.