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4-6-2 Pacific SP Set
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4-6-2 Pacific SP Set

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Southern Pacific Lines
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This is a repaint set of Donoteat's 4-6-2 Pennsylvania Railroad K4s Pacific in both standard and Daylight schemes from Southern Pacific for use before dieselization.

Also featured are my Daylight Coaches and Olive Heavyweights from Southern Pacific.

Note: I have opted to leave the Pennsy badge on the nose as modeling is not something I'm prepared to tackle.
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wskinn Jun 29 @ 7:00am 
I'm very fond of the Espee. I'd like to try some reskinning myself. Would you be willing to have a short back and forth on how you pulled these Pennsy pacific models so you could repaint them? I'm having trouble getting off the starting line on this. the tutorials I've found have some gaps in the knowledge, or maybe I'm not finding the right tutes. Its a shame because I am sitting on top of a library of old locomotive plans and blue prints I'd like to turn into working in-game content.
Sonio Jun 9 @ 7:30pm 
@Julianne. Aren't these K11 Pacifics?
Mistress Julianne  [author] Jun 3 @ 4:48am 
Hmm... I could try that, see what happens.
I'll give it a shot later this week.
Trainfan1225 Jun 2 @ 6:32pm 
i know you dont want to/cant remove the keystone on the front of the boiler, but could you just retexture/recolor it the same color as the front of the boiler? nice work btw!
Yanisin Jun 1 @ 12:35am 
Just a general thank you for your great models. Looking forward to see what you have in store next. Thanks a lot from Norway!
malard4468 May 31 @ 11:05am 
Agreed on that Wief. There are several locomotive types that would've made good workhorses in the game. A 4-6-0 based on the Sierra No.3 for an example. Or a basic 4-6-2, simply remade out of the existing 2-8-2 Mikado. And, to counter the diesel locomotives on high speed runs, the Northerns and Hudsons that you already mentioned.
Mistress Julianne  [author] May 31 @ 9:20am 
I also can't say I really understand some of the vanilla choices made for the USA, but it's better than nothing for sure.

The jump from Pullman to heavyweight carriage also confuses me. Why would I possibly pay such massive cost increases and weight increases for only 1 extra passenger and a higher top speed no engine in the time frame will reach?
Wief Chiggum May 31 @ 6:05am 

And on top of that there's the developer's completely asinine choice of American locomotives in the base game. We have two Atlantics but no Northerns, Mountains or Hudsons. Additionally, the existing 2-6-0's and 2-8-0's have very extravagant designs common in the 1800s, but many locomotives with these wheel arrangements were re-made with more normal-looking designs around the turn of the century.
malard4468 May 31 @ 4:27am 
On top of that, there are several light modifications that could be done on the already given engines to make them into nice alternatives, like, replacing the bloon stacks with stovepipe funnels, or switching out the cowcatcher for yard couplings so that they look like they are used for shunting and short freight runs only.
malard4468 May 31 @ 4:27am 
Well, the biggest problem within the modding community is that there are very few people who actually make models at an universally accepted quality, and said people are already working on several mods at once. Adding to the fact that TF and TpF are mostly European based games, and that the modders have a life outside of the modding buisness, the amount of models that are being created for the American sector is rather small. Which is pretty sad, seeing that, especially around the early game from 1850 till, say, 1920s, the US sector would've been managing to shine with plenty of locomotives from many different Railroads. I for one am still a bit disappointed that we still haven't gotten any further 4-4-0 American Standard in the game apart from "General". At least "Jupiter" and UP No.119 would be a nice addition to the roster.