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Heavyweight - Southern Pacific Olive
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May 30 @ 2:36am
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Heavyweight - Southern Pacific Olive

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Southern Pacific Lines
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This is a repaint of the Heavyweight Pullman in Southern Pacific's pre-Daylight Olive scheme.

Also shown is donoteat's Pennsylvania Railroad K4s Pacific in Southern Pacific livery. I'm only previewing it at the moment as I still need to shoot a message to him and see if the Pennsy badge is removable from the nose. But in the mean time, the differences are barely noticeable so go use his!

This repaint almost felt too easy so if I missed something, please let me know! (Once again I used Model RR references as actual photo's proved rather difficult to find.)

I have released the engine shown here as well as a second repaint of it, Here
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Mudd Oct 13 @ 10:34am 
I think the sunbeam was this loco with just fancy dress up, might be a newer model
Mistress Julianne  [author] Oct 13 @ 12:49am 
I was planning to do several more repaints but sadly life has gotten in the way. If I can finish my new PC build and actually settle into a new apartment then I'm sure I can get around to more repaints. Until then, real life comes first I guess lol
Mudd Oct 12 @ 10:55am 
Are you planning on doing the sunbeam or the daylight by chance?
Mistress Julianne  [author] Jun 26 @ 5:14am 
@Sonio Because that's what it is? Southern Pacific (like many railroads) had roughly 3 options for that. A: Specific coach numbers IE: SP 2484. B: Specific names for unique coaches on unique lines IE: Des Moines or Lake Pearl. and C: Stating what type of coach it was IE: Chair, Lounge, Baggage, Diner, etc.

Only one of these options really makes sense considering there's going to be dozens of them at a time. Having 83 Des Moines's would look silly, same for using the same ID Badge over and over. So I went with the more generic option. And as far as I could tell from the interior, it's a Chair car.
Sonio Jun 16 @ 3:12pm 
@Julianne. Why does it say "Chair" on the Heavyweight coach?!
Mistress Julianne  [author] May 30 @ 6:41pm 
You're welcome :) and thank you!
General Tso May 30 @ 6:39pm 
Thank you. This looks really nice.
Mistress Julianne  [author] May 30 @ 10:28am 
Ok friend, whatever stokes your firebox~
Dingbat May 30 @ 10:19am 
"It's hardly my fault you willingly choose to ignore information when it's presented to you."

Then you didn't do a good job presenting it.
Mistress Julianne  [author] May 30 @ 10:11am 
Or you could read. Also easy fix.
It's hardly my fault you willingly choose to ignore information when it's presented to you.
Some people want to know what a coach looks like in a consist instead of on its own, you get a better idea that way.

That said, the engine depicted will be uploaded within 20 mins or so.