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Witcher Kings
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Witcher Kings

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Witcher Kings 0.11.0 is compatible with CK2 3.2.1 (AZCE).
It is also works with latest CK2 3.3.0 (XDSW), as the changes were minimal.
Mod checksum: 3.2.1 (FQOF) or 3.3.0 (DTPP).

Important: make sure your CK2 game version is 3.3.0 or 3.2.1, the mod won't work on any previous version ! Also disable any other mods, they are likely incompatible with a total conversion.

Warning: if you previously installed Witcher Kings manually, make sure to delete Witcher folder and Witcher.mod file from ~\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod folder, before subscribing in Steam workshop.


Witcher Kings is a total conversion for Crusader Kings 2 set in the universe of The Witcher.
It is based primarily on the books, secondarily on the games.

Play a key part in the politics of the continent, and determine its future as you see fit. Engage in warfare and acts of intrigue to fulfil your ambitions. Associate or do battle with some of your favorite characters from the series.

For FAQ, recommended DLCs, features, etc., check the Wiki page[] !

Help - I don't see the mod in the CK2 launcher !

1. Read CK2 Steam Workshop troubleshooting tips[]
2. Try a manual download and install of the mod instead - Paradox forum thread[] or ModDB

Help - the mod crashes !
Follow these steps to troubleshoot:

1. Verify your CK2 version is actually compatible with the mod version (see above)
2. Disable any other mods to prevent conflicts. Being a total conversion, Witcher Kings is generally incompatible with any other mod.
3. Start CK2 without the mod, and verify the checksum in the lobby (it takes ~30s to compute) matches the one in the launcher. If incorrect, your game is corrupted: verify local cache files in Steam.
4. Start the mod, and verify the checksum in the lobby (it takes ~30s to compute) matches the one above in this description. If incorrect, your mod installation is corrupted: try a manual installation from forum or ModDB.

Recommended mods:

Recommended mods are grouped into the Witcher Kings collection.

- Witcher Font
- The Witcher 3 Music for CK2
- Witcher music mod extended
- The Witcher TV Show Music


Contributors (ordered chronologically): JonStryker, talias, Yurtex, jerzakm, mcbeanie, Makesin, Clagius, haro1111, Laurisleitans, SBolshevik, FusionMDD, Laevinus, ajjr1996, Revan67, Romulien, Sevgart, Audiate, tsf4, tmlc, TerryDuke.
Integrated work and assets: see credits.txt file in
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Ghost Division Nov 10 @ 4:09pm 
Witcher Kings for CK3 is in development though. Officially announced at the community Modcon this summer.
Different team, slightly altered name but the same universe:

There's a discord link there to join aswell
Przecinek Oct 23 @ 5:38am 
bobolak/vran culture will be cool
sergjoji Oct 20 @ 7:34am 
mod is needed in ck3
Assassin739 Sep 6 @ 5:31am 
You've got to open the mod folder buddy
ScottimusMaximus Aug 15 @ 6:34am 
Hi developers and steamers in the comments section. I'm trying to access this mods files so I can get the full list of traits, artifacts, events etc. I used to be able to access these files by looking in my documents folder to see CK2's mods, however, once I click on CK2 - mods - witcher only three files now show: maps, gfx and saved games. I've tried looking through the workshop folders in the steamapps files, but I cannot find this mod of any mod related to CK2. Does anyone else have or has anyone had this issue in the past and if so, has anyone successfully located the files?
mxlte Jul 28 @ 8:42am 
There is a CK3 Project, just to tell you Guys in the Comments! Not by the same Team, but there is one!
EA Kaizer Mar 23 @ 11:17am 
CK 3 :waving:
slamer500 Jan 23 @ 10:05am 
This mod is no longer being actively developed, there's no way in hell it's coming to CK3 unless someone else starts a new project from scratch.
(-MoJean-) Jan 12 @ 7:42am 
This one doesn't work on version 3.3.3.
valsangmouth Dec 27, 2020 @ 1:46pm 
please make a ck3 version