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Stacksize Plus (DLC compatible)
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May 27 @ 11:19am
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Stacksize Plus (DLC compatible)

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Mod-ID: 1396310739

Now with configurable stack size (and weigth reduction) for DLC items!

The ultimate stack size and weight mod. The configuration can be opened from any placeable with inventory (admin only). Also supports items from other mods and all DLC items

Stack Size
Freely adjustable stack size multiplier (admin only) from 1 to 100
=> unstackable items (stack size 1) remain unstackable

Encumbrance Weight
Freely adjustable weight reduction (admin only) between 0 and 99%

Changes only take effect when stacks are moved between inventories, but at the latest with the next server restart.

My Mods (1.0 compatible):

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Aug 16 @ 10:38pm
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Sierrebrarc Aug 20 @ 8:16pm 
Was this ever figured out? I'm using the 100k stack mod and there are items not on the list. The problem is it hasn't been updated in over a year so some things are not affected. Like Composit Obsidian, and legendary weapon repair kits.
Side note... when sert to 100 what is the max stack size of things like wood and stone?
DAOWAce Jul 25 @ 11:25am 
@Suranappar_Wottan: The bug happens with only this mod active, was one of the first things I tested to make sure it wasn't a mod conflict.

@Cthula Hoop: Thanks for doing more testing!
Knüppel Kalle Jul 16 @ 12:56am 
no i dont use these Mods.
Cthula Hoop Jul 15 @ 6:46pm 
I'm having the same issue as DAOWAce.

The bug doesn't start until I've interacted with a container and modified the settings. Until then, the weight system works as intended in vanilla.
Suranappar_Wottan Jul 15 @ 2:57pm 
@Knüppel Kalle do you use Homebreew / LTs Farming? It may not be a pure stack mod, thats causing the problem, but a mod with buildt in change to stacks.
Knüppel Kalle Jul 15 @ 2:37pm 
i use no other stacking Mod.
Same like in DAOWAce Video.
Is there any way to stack the ressources in the Oven etc?
Because when i craft some its just 100 stacks
Suranappar_Wottan Jul 15 @ 8:26am 
I have found that LTs Farming, former Homebreew is messing with the stacks. It takes over undependent of where in load order it is or Stacksize.
Suranappar_Wottan Jul 15 @ 6:43am 
After removing yesterdays added mods, stacking is back in order. Working on pinpointing now.
Suranappar_Wottan Jul 15 @ 6:31am 
Dang, it has to be one of the new mods, but none states to do anything that can cause this.
Gonna remove them and backtrack.
Suranappar_Wottan Jul 15 @ 4:53am 
@DAOWAce are you guys useing The Age of Calamitous or any toher mod that might alter weight and stack?

@Testerte not sure but I got a simular issue as DAOWAce now. In my inventory I have a stack of 5k demon blod and 2 2k stacks demon blod. The 5k is from your mod, the 2k is from another mod, tho, they have the same number in name, ie deamon blod xxxxxx. I assume xxxxx is the ID of the item. I'm not sure but I'm currently checking if The Age of Calamitous is messing.