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Fashionist (1.0 and DLC compatible)
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Oct 5, 2017 @ 2:06pm
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Fashionist (1.0 and DLC compatible)

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Mod-ID: 1159180273

Wear the armor that matches your current situation and give it the look you like best.

Copies the appearance (including colors) of any armor parts to the current armor. The values of the armor carried remain unchanged.

Also supports the DLC armors.

Armor Stand (*)
  • Craftable Armor Stands (learnable recipe 'Armor Stand', level 10, 1 point)
  • Use Armor Stands as a template for your best styles.
  • Transfer the style or an Armor Stand to your character.
  1. open the inventory of the Armor Stand
  2. Important: change sorting to CUSTOM
  3. place your items in the inventory in the following order (from left to right)
    • head
    • torso
    • arms
    • legs
    • feet

(*) with friendly permission of Pythagoras

Drag & drop the style item from your inventory on the respective style slot to the right of your character's display. With a click on the small icon you can remove the appearance.

Hide a slot with the checkbox in the upper left corner of the style slot.

or watch

Thrall Outfitters Bench removed!
Due to the ongoing lag problems with the Thrall Outfitters Bench it was removed until further notice.

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󠀡󠀡 20 minutes ago 
As far as the menu design goes, I would imagine something like three slots below the original armor slots, one for head, body and hands. Whichever warpaint is slotted in those would apply the visual to the rest and if you simply want to go with a uniform warpaint appearance you'd drag the original warpaint to all three warpaint slots. There might be more elegant ways. Another way would be a button within inventory that brings up another menu with a choice of existing warpaints/slots/configs.
Testerle  [author] 54 minutes ago 
The technical implementation is actually not the problem. The problem is rather how do I bring the same functionality into Fashionist without having to implement an additional configuration dialog?
󠀡󠀡 5 hours ago 
Would be neat if we could have the warpaint slots function the same way as pippi. The problem with doing it the pippi way is that its exclusive to administrators, staff members, users with explicit privilege or people in single player. Anyone who doesn't fall into that criteria won't be able to choose what hands, face and body warpaint type they want to use. I'm sure Joshtech would be happy to help you if you asked. He's very active on the discord so maybe he can tell you how he achieved that and if you wanted to, you could find a way to get warpaint slots to function in a similar way.
#iNDUSTRY13 20 hours ago 
correct. when you bring up the admin panel, there is a screen in pippi that has the charcter list, and there will be an edit button on the lower middle. under that edit button, a person with admin permissions can edit the character customization, and even change things beyond the usual limits. this includes seperate warpaint for face, hands, and body, and colors under the color panel.
Testerle  [author] 22 hours ago 
@#iNDUSTRY13 is the pippi warpaint something the admins did for the players? the normal /customise command did not show warpaints to me
#iNDUSTRY13 22 hours ago 
Awesome! Thank you for your prompt reply. Looking forward to it.
Testerle  [author] 23 hours ago 
@#iNDUSTRY13 @MissOma @CommanderJ other colors is definitiv on the list but I will also try to workaround the pippi incompatibility (at least add an admin settings to disable fasjionist warpaint stuff)
#iNDUSTRY13 23 hours ago 
The pippi tattoos will vanish with toggling the states on the warpaint slot, as well as upon death, too. I love both fashionist, and this option with pippi, so it would definitely be to my advantage if there is a workaround, or a collaboration, OR if these options are massively expanded with fashionist to include color options at the very least. Thank you for all your hard work, this mod is awesome. I look forward to a solution.
MissOma Nov 20 @ 6:19pm 
Hey this is great! I do hope that you can patch out the issue where it removes the customized Pippi Perm tattoos upon login. I play a server that allowed us to have different tattoos on face, torso, hands with different colors than the vanilla. So if we have those it's going to be removed by this mod the first time we log in after this update. Otherwise I love this idea especially for servers that do not have any other way to have permanent decorative tattoo options!
CommanderJ Nov 20 @ 4:30pm 
Hi, with the latest update there is a tiny incompat issue with a Pippi feature. Pippi allows custom permanent tats, with custom colours. These are removed upon relogging after todays update, probably because of the warpaint style slot.

It's not a huge deal, but we have let players have custom tats with custom colors on our server, so its a little annoying not being able to do it anymore.