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ACE Interaction Menu Expansion
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May 3, 2018 @ 9:37am
Jul 8, 2018 @ 8:48pm
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ACE Interaction Menu Expansion

ACE (official or custom versions that includes ace interact menu) is required.


If you play with ACE mod you've probably felt the annoyance more or less when the ACE interaction menu and vanilla ArmA action menu get in the way of each other - having to remember when to use which ruins the fun...
Or maybe you've become sworn enemy of the vanilla menu because that one time you scrolled to "eject" by accident...
So I set out to port some of the frequently used actions to ACE interaction menu, and here it is!!

Currently Implemented Features
Inventory (new)
Say goodbye to spinning around trying to pick things up! ACE interaction menu lets you open vehicle inventory, backpacks or pick up dropped item with ease!
To compliment this feature, self interaction also includes UAV/static weapon assembly action.
Change ammo type
Use self-interaction menu to change the type of magazine to load in your weapon. Also work on tanks.
Vehicle instruments toggles
When inside a vehicle, the interaction menu will allow you to toggle various vehicle components such as landing gear, collision lights, and manual fire.
Toggles for custom vehicle components (doors, foldable wings etc.) can be found in vehicle interaction > More.
Vehicle mounting/seat change
Get in vehicles using interaction menu!! Inspired by this.
You can select the seat to take (driver, gunner, etc.), or take the first empty seat by selecting "Get In".
Likewise, changing seat and dismounting can be done using self-interaction.
GPS and UAV terminal
Access UAV terminal, take control of drones, and stream their camera feed all from ACE interaction menu!

Public key
.bikey for dedicated servers can be found in the root folder of the mod, or my OFPEC tag page[]

Of course there're still quite a few actions yet to be ported but my work will continue. Hope you find this mod useful!
This is my first Arma mod so suggestions (technical or feature request) are welcome!
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