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SynergiesMOD (v.1375)

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Synergies is full Overhaul and balance mod for Torchlight 2. The mod won BEST OVERHAUL OF THE YEAR from ModDB's mod of the year award, as well as was labelled #1 free download of the summer from PCgamer magazine!

This MOD, being a full conversion mod, adds a lot of new content to the game. More specifically it adds :

Towns in Synergies
Synergies adds 2 Custom made towns ( Table Mountain and Selrock ) each one of them has it's own specific vendors.

Changes to the Balance of the Game.
- Reworked difficulty settings. Synergies is built around Veteran and Elite, but the MOD itself is much harder than the Vanilla version of the game, you will notice this from the start.
- Random affixes on each monster that you encounter, making them unique.
- Reworked Skill unlock Rate, they unlock at a earlier rate, but take longer to progress between points, ending at or above vanilla standards.
- Reworked Fame Levels, a total of 50 to unlock!
- Reworked Enchantment Stats, lower stat enchants allow for end game progression and better balance.
- Vanilla Characters Skills have begun to be reworked to address the balance changes. We plan to continue tweaking them.
- The ability to store gold and to transfer it between your characters through the money changer!
- The ability to summon your Stashes everywhere.
- Respec and Stat potions.
- Gear is better, monsters are harder, all bosses are harder.
- Green and Blue magical items have better affix rates, Unique's have better base DPS and Armor.
- Two handed and dual wielding have better bonus's to bring them closer to the benefit of wearing a shield.
- Monsters spawn more numerous throughout the game.

Crafting in Synergies
- A whole new crafting system (Soulcrafting), only found in Synergies for end game armor!
- Chaos Ember Crafting.
- Craftable Damage absorption gems (up to 7% in DR).

Synergies Legendary Items
- Over 300 new Legendary equipment, 30 in general play through, 90 in tier0 content and 240+ in tier1 content!

Endgame Dungeons in Synergies
1) Derinkuyu Raid (Tier0).
Derinkuyu is a custom dungeon only found in Synergies. In here you will find 18 Synergies exclusive Bosses that each drop a Synergies Legendary equipment.
Getting to the bosses is really hard because you have to fight your way through hundreds of unique monsters. Each and every one of the portals is guarded by a Guardian Spirit, can you defeat him ?

2) Or'ak Basin Zone (Tier 0.5)
This is the Troll homeland. This place is filled with Ancient Trolls that try to kill you. In here you will find Synergies Legendary equipment and Legendary Skulls in order to make your character stronger, this zone is also subjected to a minor debuff making it harder to progress through without a end game load out.

3) Darknessfalls Raid (Tier1)
Darknessfalls is an outdoor raid dungeon that will sport all the newest and hardest boss encounters in the dungeon, and be the place where you collect all the highest end game items within synergies. The zone has a 30% debuff to the player allowing for more growth and longevity in the loot searching..

Alternative leveling dungeons
4) Realms of Discord Leveling dungeon
The Realms of Discord are a series of small dungeons all chained to each other. It is currently the best place to level up your characters because every monster scales to your level. In here you will find the following levels.
Catacombs, Generic Cave, Desert Cave, Bandit Camp, Gorge, Ice Pass, Sewers, Dwarven Armory, The Nether, Crab Trap, levels and 6 Boss fights that have been reworked and added to for Synergies.

5) The Unstable Embers (alternative leveling)
The Unstable Embers are a portal scroll bought in Selrock. Going into the zone and destroying the Crystals you will get to fight a series of Monsters and Bosses. Can you Survive all the waves and make it through this dungeon alive?

6) Clockwork series of swarm maps
Can be bought from the Selrock vendors as well. Opening a portal to the Clockwork zone. You fight swarms of Champions, or boss monsters or community mercenaries depending on which one you enter. These scale to your level and can be a very interesting and fun alternative means to level.

Custom Classes in Synergies
- Synergies offers currently 3 custom Classes, these are:
1) The Necromancer - the spell casting, melee capable minion master is back at it in SynergiesMOD!
2) The Paladin - The close in your face fighting style, being developed by Ghostblade!
3) The Warlock - A duo charge bar using Melee capable spellcaster that is extremely unique in its design. Take on the Nether or Hell itself, play a warlock!
4) The Ranger and more!

Other Changes
- The ability to find and Summon Mercenaries in order to help you with your fights, found in end game dungeons.
- New HP / Mana and Fame UI
- New pets associated with the Necromancer, Paladin and Warlock
- New Hero monsters
- New Elite monsters
- New Rare Dragons
- New Ancient Trolls
- New Roaming world bosses in the regular play through!
- New avenging Angels
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DoomSquirter May 28 @ 12:52am 
so I'm a bit confused about the realm of discord. I go into it, even after I quit/restart, I get the same map, to which there's no actual end/exit to the map but I get a phase portal which takes me randomly to some boss fight which sometimes takes me to another map via phase portal or I journey back to main room again.

I go through again and I get same thing but any phase portals/boss maps are still finished from my last trip and serve no purpose.

From the description, it's supposed to be successive maps, yes?
DoomSquirter May 27 @ 8:47pm 
first time playing synergies. What a blast I had. just made it to end of story. was pretty awesome. thanks for such an awesome mod. :) where do I go from here now? levelling dungeon or something?
DarkAlien May 17 @ 1:20am 
Играю ренджером, в соло все норм, но в сетевой есть очень неприятный баг, при нахождении в группе и находясь рядом любой входящий урон сбрасывает здоровье до 1к, по цифрам виден входящий урон, но он не соответствует, стоит отдалиться от группы и снова все в норму приходит.
Bean Sídhe May 16 @ 12:34pm 
Where am I supposed to go for Synergies build guides these days?
antheabianca May 14 @ 12:47pm 
@blindmodz i belive is good for both
blindmodz May 12 @ 4:49pm 
hi yall, i have a question, this mod is recommendable to veteran player (who have already characters created) or to anyone (i just bought the game)
Guybrush Threepwood May 12 @ 5:30am 
Search SYNERGIES LOWPOP, from the same author. It's in the OFFICIAL COLLECTION, below the suscription tag @kväck
kväckTwitch May 12 @ 3:17am 
This is good mod actually but in the early phase is a mob(garbo)fest. If you don't have any AoE skill more boring as hell. Please lower the mob density or adjust the mob passive. :mgnome:
Malhagor May 8 @ 7:15am 
Agreed on paladin development
SilkBanana Apr 26 @ 2:03am 
@Salan Will you be updating this Mod? Since Paladin is not completed yet. Would look forward to new updates if you are working on any.