Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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Realms of Annakolia
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Apr 13 @ 5:15pm
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Realms of Annakolia

Realms of Annakolia Features:
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This download contains:
haks, tlk, portraits and music required to play on Realms of Annakolia
No longer using the Development version - use the opt out
Realms of Annakolia
Realms of Annakolia Character Build Tester and Build Kit
People who want to test a build of our custom classes and really want to test many options can download that module and try them all - find the one you like and test just how you want to build that desired character. This is the new version with all the testing battle areas A...

Based on Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)
Roleplay with award-winning gamers and DMs.
Over 2000 areas to explore, - five worlds (Galandar, Tarowa, Tanora, Gallmawean, and Space Islands - traveled to
by SpellJammer ships) areas including cities, forests, caves, dungeons, crypts, deserts, elemental planes, under
water, and the Nine Circles of Hell.
Server up 24/7.
Twenty-four Custom Prestige Classes
Custom Summons Creatures you capture and then choose which to summon from a book
Spellmastery System: Spellcasters gain power and duration in their spells with practice. For example, Magic Missle
at 50% Mastery delivers 1-4 (+1); at 100% delivers 1-4 (+2) damage. Duration spells last longer.
Rideable Horses and Ponies
Persistent Storage Saddle Bags
Hard Core Rules
Death at -10
Respawn Penalty: -50 xp/level and 10% gold
Item Level Restrictions enforced
Custom Tailor (clothing and body modification)
Custom Summons
Roleplay Awards that can be turned in for magic enhancements to items, special items, and player housing.
Active player community and forum ( )
All Standard Player Classes
Playing on RoA is FREE

Realms of Annakolia REQUIRES:

NWN EE ( )
CEP v2.4 or 2.63
Annakolia Haks
Custom Music

Annakolia Custom Prestige Classes
These classes ONLY exist on Realms of Annakolia
They are custom made and are not available elsewhere.
Information on the classes:

Eldritch Knight
Holy Liberator
Mage Guard
Mystic Theurges
Arcane Trickster
Purist of the Flame
Totem Druid
Arrow Reaver
Temple Raider
Golem Maker
Traveling Merchant
Wind Sniper
Winter Witch
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Cas May 12 @ 12:09am 
Thanks for the Tour Today DM Barry, sorry I had to leave early, but still great and thanks for the time!
Doc Cthulhu May 1 @ 6:20pm 
This server is great I have yet to meet an unfriendly person on this server (save for npcs that are supposed to be) frequent events, active dm's custom classes are great and if you find an issue the DM team will do what they can to fix it or if you have a good idea and can flesh it out it could possibly be added to the game. This server deserves a higher population than it has.
Lomir Apr 23 @ 3:43pm 
Speaking as someone that just joined and played for an hour or so:

1. The DM's are awesome.
2. The players are awesome.
3. The concept of spell mastery is awesome.
4. If you like cool people, random adventure, and a generally good atmosphere, give it a shot!
Miyamoto Musashi Apr 22 @ 11:16pm 
Seem fantastic,gonna give it a try!
Barry_1066  [author] Apr 20 @ 8:08am 
Only the DM access is password protected - check to be sure you are in the development version - there is a tutorial picture in the screen shots. If still haveing trouble, contact us on Discord - link on our website and we will help you.
The Prof Apr 20 @ 2:43am 
Is it password protected? Cant seem to get in through the multiplayer server browser.
Barry_1066  [author] Apr 19 @ 9:53am 
you can switch between the Development mode and the opt out mode easily - offering access to all Steam NWN content.

Realms of Annakolia is using the latest Beamdog Beta:
right click on steam NWN and open properties
go to BETAS tab
Change from:
NONE - Opt out of all beta programs

you are ready to get on Realms of Annakolia
Barry_1066  [author] Apr 19 @ 9:41am 
A NWN Persistent World is like a mini MMORPG - your character is saved at the server location, not locally (although you can save a local copy for yourself). No off line mode. Annakolia is a role play world meaning our DMed games emphasize RP. There are more than 2000 areas to explore - we are adding quests that are MMORPG "like" but there are not many of those at this time. To use our world you need to use the Development mode (see first Comment)
mbradtke Apr 18 @ 7:36am 
sounds interesting, ive never played on persistent worlds, i guess thats what this is? some kind of way to play NWN as MMORPG? correct me if im wrong, how does this play actually? like offline mode? u can save the game and come back or just log out and log back later like im mmorpgs? u do quests like in mmoprgs? what are the differences between MMORPGS and online NWN? also can u use all workshop objects on steam and still play online or will that cause problems?
Barry_1066  [author] Apr 18 @ 5:06am 
The server is NOT using Steam - Updating is required through Beamdog by me - If i am out for a day and an update happens, as it did yesterday, Nobody can get on from Steam because Steam updates automaticly.

The server is updated as soon as I can do so and it is up and running with the latest update. Patience for a day when an update happens please - The Beamdog updates are worth the tiny inconvience.