Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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CEP (Community Expansion Pack)
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Feb 24, 2018 @ 11:57pm
Mar 29, 2018 @ 3:05pm
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CEP (Community Expansion Pack)

CEP 2.65
+ CEP 1 (Complete)

The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) is a large hak pak collection of free, community-made custom content. Most of the included material comes from content previously posted on the Neverwinter Vault sites by independent users. Additional content has come from contributors to the Custom Content Challenge (, several updates from Project Q (, and other content developed specifically for the CEP. Included content is organized to function properly together, with necessary updates made to models, scripts, and .2da files. The CEP is intended to be a "universal" download - players can download this single package to access a large number of modules and persistent worlds that otherwise would have each required their own individual downloads.

Builders using the CEP for their module have the option of selecting which CEP content appears in-game. Content from the CEP does not override default Neverwinter Nights content, nor does it affect modules that don't specifically use the CEP. The Community Expansion Pack has been very successful over the years, and many long-term players have found the CEP to be as vital to Neverwinter Nights as the official BioWare expansion packs.

This download includes both the current CEP (used for any module build with 2.1 or later) and CEP 1 (used for playing older modules built with CEP prior to version 2).

While the page here may show the file size as 2GB, the actual download is 5.99 GB.

If you are playing a non-Steam version of Neverwinter Nights, you'll still need to download and install the CEP normally, and can find it here:
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May 19 @ 6:21am
CEP Files arent showing up in Custom Content after ive downloaded & moved them across
May 1, 2019 @ 10:35am
[Resolved] I downloaded It but nothing Is showing up...
Apr 6 @ 7:04am
What's in it?
< >
Proleric May 4 @ 10:26pm 
It's unlikely to be a CEP problem. If you have an nVidia card, update the drivers. Otherwise, asking on the module page might help.
American Desi May 4 @ 8:31pm 
I've noticed that the Lord of Terror v1.06 module which seems to be based on CEP 1.xx has weird glitches. Minotaur creatures are invisible except for their weapons, for example. Do I need to install CEP 1.xx on top of this to fix that problem?
Alien May 1 @ 8:39am 
Is this mod compatible with Player Resource Consortium 3.9?
Proleric Apr 11 @ 12:34am 
@Sevrick As the description explains, CEP does not modify the official campaign. It's an optional bolt-on that module authors may choose to include. So you won't see additional classes (or the wealth of custom content) unless you're playing a module that enables it.

To install CEP, press the Subscribe button, then start the game.

Steam Workshop content in general (not just CEP) doesn't work unless the Steam client is running. That might be all that players need to know.

Module authors, who also need to get the content working in the toolset, seem to be having other problems.

My comments are unofficial, but I have noticed that everyone who moves Steam Workshop content to Documents finds that their issues go away. Again, this is not just CEP, but all Workshop content.
Sevrick Apr 10 @ 8:36pm 
I don't understand what is the point of Subcribing if you have to download it manualy to get it to work. This has probubly been mentioned multiple times but I don't see any of the new classes in game when I am subscribed. From what I hear you have to do it manualy? Is there proper step by step instructions for installing the steam version?
wardt.hmra Apr 6 @ 11:51am 
- resolved -
wardt.hmra Apr 6 @ 10:50am 
just adding - ive just found out there is a document file for NWN I have added all the files to the corrosponding ones in there as well.. checked toolset again, still the same on custom content. Nothing there to select
wardt.hmra Apr 6 @ 10:17am 
I've joined servers that are running CEP files and they've all loaded so I know they're in the game, ( i think ) just nothing is coming up in the Custom Content part of the toolset.
wardt.hmra Apr 6 @ 10:15am 
@Proleric Ive added you as a friend maybe if you could chat to me that would be great to helping me solve this, thank you!! also ive checked your page and the proleric website, you guys have some cool looking stuff id love to play with!

I really want to get this CEP working so i can fully enjoy the length this game and toolset can go,
thanks ! :steamsad:
wardt.hmra Apr 6 @ 10:15am 
hi @Proleric thank you for the fast reply,
ive had steam running the whole time,
also ive moved all the CEP files to the correct directory files in my NVN folder
In my discussion post ive linked below ive added links to printscreens of what comes up when i go into my custom content part of the toolset, and ive added printscreens of some of the CEP files to show they're in the right place.

but they still aren't showing up in my custom content, am i missing something ? (all the downloaded files from the CEP winRar i downloaded are in the right files in my NVN directory - have checked a few times now just to confirm)
the problem is nothing is showing up in my custom content tab which you can see on my discussion post: (thank you again for helping)