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Principalities, Margraviates & Grand Titles
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Principalities, Margraviates & Grand Titles

Principalities, Margraviates & Grand Titles (PMGT) adds over 500+ new Duke and King tier titles including Princes, Grand Princes, Grand Dukes and Margraves. This mod covers the Empires of Italia, HRE, Francia, Hispania, Carpathia and the Wendish Empire, as well as the Kingdoms of Croatia, Serbia, Ruthenia, and Rus.

New Update v1.3
- Grand Princes, Grand Dukes and Margraves have been added
- Added cultural prefixes for Margraves (i.e. Marquis) in localisation
- Added a province modifier system for border marches
- Added Archduchy of Austria to bonus titles (v1.31)

Main Features

- Rulers are called Prince and Princess (e.g. Prince of, Princess of...)
- Creatable after using 'Convert to Principality' title decision on a Duchy/March with no holder
- Title becomes new de jure liege of all of the Duchy/March's de jure counties
- Can 'Convert to Duchy/March' by title decision if Principality is destroyed (no holder)

Grand Principalities/Grand Duchies
- King tier creatable titular titles based on a Principality/Duchy
- Rulers are called Grand Princes/Grand Dukes
- Must hold a Principality or Duchy as your primary title
- Will appear when holding two Duke tier titles and have 1000 prestige

Marches (Margraviates/Marquisates)
- Creatable after using the 'Convert to March' title decision
- Standard prefixes are Margrave/Margravine/March of
- De facto provinces of the March receive a modifier as long as one of the provinces is on the border
- An additional province modifier is added on a per province basis if it has a fort
- Can 'Convert to Duchy/Principality' if March title is destroyed/has no holder

Culture Localisation
- German/Dutch/Bohemian Marches are called Margraviates
- Latin/Iberian characters/Marches are called Marquis/Marquise/Maquisates
- Byzantine characters/Marches are called Markesios/Markesia/March of
- Muslim characters/Marches are callled Wali-Emir/Wali-Emira/Thughur of
- City-rulers are called Governors, Temple-rulers (Christian) are called Prince-Archbishops

Known Issues

Due to a bug, when using 'Convert to ...' decisions on the title screen of a Principality/March, it will show that it is still creatable even though it should not. This is an opportunity to create a Titular Principality/March if you choose as you will not be allowed to create that title after exting.

Author's Notes

This mod is a work in progress and the AI will not create Principalities. This mod will not work with any mod that modifies duchy names in landed_titles. Mod uses on_startup to set titles' flags, this will work with any custom flag (i.e. Patrum Scuta Ironman) set to a duchy's coded name. Any suggestions and comments are greatly welcomed below, I will try and keep this updated as much as possible.

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Rord82 May 27 @ 7:23am 
Another abandoned mod that no longer works...
Corineus May 9 @ 6:36am 
Can I use this mod to create a titular duchy (grand or otherwise) of Venaissin starting as a count of Venaissin & Viviers at 1066 start?
Solsagann Feb 4 @ 10:29am 
Doesn't seem to be working anymore.
jaimeravachi Oct 1, 2020 @ 8:20am 
Hello, I've tested this with and without mods and it doesn't work for me. To be clear, I play on mac, I don't have any DLC's and as I understand it, in order to create/convert the counties/duchies into marches/principalities/grand duchies is to right click the title icon (shield/coat of arms) but when I do that there is no option to do so whether or not I own the title or the title doesn't exist yet. Please help me understand if I'm doing anything wrong. I would really love to add these features to my game.
Fyrehanabi Sep 8, 2020 @ 3:04am 
Have you given any thought to expanding the number of empires that this covers, such as adding the Byzantine, Arabian etc. empires?
DeleteTheNats Sep 4, 2020 @ 4:38pm 
@JohnMems Prince of Wales title exists as a king-level title but you can only create it if you are Emperor of Britain, since historically it has been used as the title of the English and later British heir.
Capitan Boricua May 29, 2020 @ 10:37am 
Does this work with the EU4 converter?
☭ Calabresa ☭ May 24, 2020 @ 12:50pm 
Can I not create the Grand Duchy of East Anglia?
JohnMems May 11, 2020 @ 1:42am 
I don't know if any of these are included but a Prince of Wales would be most Appreciated, as would Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prince of Liechtenstein, Prince of Andorra, Prince of Monaco, Republic of San Marino, Prince of Malta, and last but not least le Dauphin which was the french counterpart of the Prince of Wales, it's just a suggestion, cheers mate.
SadCat1138 Apr 25, 2020 @ 5:35pm 
So I've made myself Prince of Burgundy, as in a Principality of Burgundy, and I also hold the Duchy of Franche-Comte, but I haven't gotten a decision to become a Grand Duke, or I don't know where it is.