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AH-64D Apache Longbow - Official Project
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AH-64D Apache Longbow - Official Project


First things first, this project officialy started in February 2017 but it wouldn't have been possible without Franze & Nodunit's original work on A2, and their agreement to push it open source - hats down guys. The main goal of this project is to bring (like never ever before) an high fidelity AH-64D aircraft on A3 considering the engine limitations; this mod does directly aim towards simmers and real life pilots. Keep in mind, a lot of features are still WIP as the code is really complex.


Everyone is free to contribute as long as the provided work matches the initial project direction. Feeling interested ? Hop on Discord, PM me or leave me a message on Steam. You can also contribute to the project differently as other valuable ressources joined the project by bringing in some of the knowledge they have, from real world UH-60/AH-64D pilots to hardcore simmers and rotary wings enthusiasts. Also make sure you check out the AH-64D Project GitHub for most recent code updates. I'm currently looking for C/C#/C++ coders, an RTD developer for flight model tuning and a 3D artist to join the progress.


This version of the AH-64D is NOT meant to be flown with Standard Flight Model (SFM). In order to avoid bugs, make sure you do have the following settings within A3, with Advanced Flight Model (AFM) enabled :
  • Enable Auto Trim
  • Enable Rough Landing
  • Disable Wind Effects
  • Disable Stress Damage

- Cycle Right MPD Page - Custom User 1
- Cycle Left MPD Page - Custom User 2
- Gun Tracking - Custom User 3
- WAS/Weapon Action Switch - Custom User 4
- Arm Laser Designation System - Custom User 5
- TSD/FCR Targets Filtering - Custom User 6
- TSD Range Setting - Custom User 7
- TSD Mode - Custom User 8
- PFZ Selection - Custom User 9
- Disarm Laser Designation System - Custom User 10
- IHADSS Toggle - Custom User 11
- HDU PNVS Toggle - Custom User 12
- Manual/Automatic Jammers Toggle - Custom User 13
- ASE Autopage Settings - Custom User 14
- IHADSS Mode - Custom User 15
- Cycle Waypoint Backward - Custom User 17
- Cycle Waypoint Forward - Custom User 18
- Toggle Head Tracking - Custom User 19
- Crosshair Action - Custom User 20
- Toggle FCR On/Off - Salute
- Sensors Selection - OpticsMode
- Gun Burst, Rocket Salvo, Hellfire Trajectory - Binocular
- PNVS Control - Analog Look





  • Sacha 'Voodoo' Oropeza
  • Jamo aka blindbat2006
  • Keplager aka Zeitsev
  • Farquharson
  • Franze & Nodunit
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[-X-]PropagandaPanda 11 hours ago 
How can I use the crossair for the cockpit?
✪ Bram T | 11th AMB Jul 17 @ 5:33am 
Yeah, it's a massive accomplishment on its own to have this mod working in Arma 3. To be free of all bugs, a complete re-write of the script is the only option.

This is never going to happen, as the script is one of the largest of all Arma 3 mods. It would take more then a year, even for a professional team to make this mod bug-free.

And as modmakers do this purely in their free time, we should be happy with all the time they're willing to put into it.
✪ Bram T | 11th AMB Jul 17 @ 5:28am 
"what we could do with if its possible is an ability to switch between pilot and gunner while flying

can this be done?"

Probably not gonna be implemented, as it is neither realistic, nor common practice in real life.
Soviet_MRMF_ Jul 17 @ 4:09am 
there are a lot of options that don't show up in the scroll menuand multiple systems dont work. its a very cool mod so its sad that this doent work with me
Aussie Jul 2 @ 10:19pm 
i found the CUP mods affect the engine start up if you rearm then get out to and walk around the copter then get back in start up is affected for some reason if you just go to external view all is good
Aussie Jul 2 @ 10:17pm 
what we could do with if its possible is an ability to switch between pilot and gunner while flying

can this be done?
Aussie Jun 26 @ 3:03pm 
Thanks Bram T
Sorry for the misunderstanding i enter the cockpit then rearm without starting the engine.
i have it working but still getting the error message after hitting the load button however i can now start the helicopter after the rearm.
i unloaded all the mods and am now reloading one by one to find which one causes the issue. ill post when i find it.
wish i was smart enough to help with the build
✪ Bram T | 11th AMB Jun 26 @ 4:47am 
This is a bug when you load the payload of the helicopter. However, you shouldn't even be able to start up the helicopter before you have finished arming it.

So I would recommend to get in, arm the helicopter and then start the startup sequence.
Aussie Jun 25 @ 10:50pm 
many thanks for creating this mod i have been looking for something similar to Janes Longbow Gold for years man many thank people :steamhappy:
Aussie Jun 25 @ 3:59pm 
Hi sorry if this has been raised
I have loaded the AH-64D Apache-Longbow official project into ArmA 3 mods via steam.
I can play and fly the helicopter but as soon as I use the weapons interface to change the weapons load, I can load the new weapons but get this entry 'bin/config.bin/Cfgmagazines.fza_ah64_chaff30' . ….. this then stops me starting the helicopter up and flying basically rendering the craft useless.
I have unloaded all other mods restarted the game with just the AGH64 mod and I still get the same error message .
is there a fix for this or do I have to uninstall delete folders and reinstall if so does any one know which mods conflict with the AH64D?