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Profession Framework
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Mar 27, 2018 @ 7:35am
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Profession Framework

Profession Framework Mod for Project Zomboid

by Fenris_Wolf

Adds a framework to simply adding additional professions and traits to project zomboid,
and editing the default professions. As well as simplifying the modding process and letting
professions have the 'special' traits (brave, lucky, etc), it also simplifies the processes
of adding starting gear to various professions/traits.

Be aware this mod adds no new professions or traits itself, it is merely a framework.
For maximum compatibility, this mod should not included in your own mod, but instead listed as
a requirement.

For usage check the examples on the github[].

Workshop ID: 1343686691
Mod ID: ProfessionFramework
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Jan 19 @ 5:45pm
Item in ItemContainer
Loner Yound
Apr 5, 2018 @ 12:39pm
Little guide on how to add this mod as an requirement
< >
鬼龙之焰 Jun 8 @ 6:23pm 









使用方法请查看github[ ]上的示例。
THICC Jan 27 @ 11:56am 
Maybe you can increase the spawn chance from the knife? it seems the rarest drop in the game
Kathrynerius Jan 19 @ 6:16pm 
@OG_Skwid Better Lockpicking hasn't updated to use this version of the mod yet.
Kathrynerius Jan 19 @ 6:16pm 
@Nix Frame Yes it seems to, as we also have to be subbed to both because Better Lockpicking hasn't updated to use this version of the mod yet.
Nix Frame Jan 19 @ 2:13pm 
Does this and Profession Framework Patch 41 work together? I must ask because my modlist requires both :/
OG_Skwid Jan 19 @ 2:02pm 
Using this with better lock picking doesn't work
Cuckoo Jan 15 @ 6:35am 
@Sensual Astrobiologist
The lua code block in the Readme following "Using the Profession Framework, the same information would be defined like:" is a demonstration of what a profession added from a lua file of your own (taking advantage of the shortcuts provided by the Profession Framework's functions) might look like, with an equivalent to the default Park Ranger just used as an example.

If you want a better sense on how the folders/files of your add-on should be arranged, subscribing to an add-on like More Occupations (which adds its own professions with the framework, as well as using it to overwrite and update the default ones) , and/or a simpler one that just adds one occupation, so that you can find their folder in your own (\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\[WorkshopID]) to see how the contents are structured, and what is in the .lua files in each folders (using something like Notepad++, which is free) is a good way of getting started.
cooniedj Jan 15 @ 6:21am 
Glad to see this mod update,great work pal
Jday Jan 14 @ 4:37pm 
I went back to use the Patch made by Dr Blight because when I switched to this updated one I keep on getting the hyperthermic moodlets and my character keeps getting sick. Plus, the professions that come from other mods that I'm using vanished when I switched to this updated one.
Rose Jan 14 @ 4:22pm 
Soo. The Readme in the github link.. Um..

"How do I even start with making new profession?"... The Guide... It just jumps straight into park ranger scripting and what the Framework can do + Changelog.. But like.. Where's the real ReadMe?