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Grand Order of the Reiksguard - All In One Collection
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Mar 25, 2018 @ 4:55am
May 25 @ 2:53pm
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Grand Order of the Reiksguard - All In One Collection

In 2 collections by Nox
The Grand Order of the Reiksguard - Total War Warhammer II
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Updated for the Warden & the Paunch 25/05/2020

This mod is a collection of all my "Grand Order of the Reiksguard" unit mods in one single file to help those of you who are close to the mod limit. I hope you enjoy using it but feel free to leave constructive feedback so i know what's good and where things could or should be improved :)

This collection and the individual unit mods are interchangeable, which allows you to continue savegames if you switch from individual units to this collection.

They can be recruited by the following factions:
  • The Empire (Reikland)

Units included in this collection:

- Dismounted Reiksguard Knights
- Reiksguard Griffon Knights
- Reiksguard Handgunners
- Reiksguard Greatsword Knights
- Reiksguard Halberdier Knights

Available Translations:

- German by Gylven
- Russian by faem
- Chinese by Sayonara

Available Submods:

- All Faction availability submod - Adds the ability to build Reiksforts to all playable Empire Factions which in turn enables them to build all Reiksguard units.

If you prefer to use only certain units, you can find all units as separate files in this Collection: Grand Order of the Reiksguard - Total War: Warhammer II
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Damadtroller Sep 13 @ 3:00pm 
The units in this mod are a pretty overpowered, I think they could use some fine tuning, reduced stats to make them more balanced. But flavor-wise this is a pretty good unit pack.
BLWK Aug 30 @ 3:46pm 
PS: forgot to mention it, but I really love the flavor and variaty this mod adds to the Empire faction, thank you for making this!
BLWK Aug 30 @ 3:45pm 
Hey there,

I'm playing as the golden order, after confederating with Franz I noticed the armory states I can recruit all reiksguard units. The Reiksfort however, does not show greatsword or halberdier units to be recruitable, eventhough they are present in some confederated armies.

Is there something I can do to make halberdiers and greatswords recruitable?

Balder Aug 28 @ 8:22pm 
Your individual unit mods say that the units take advantage of both tech and Lord skills, but this combined mod does not seem to. Is that true?
chasep1997 Jul 26 @ 1:38pm 
Great mod! can this be converted to an SFO version as well?
Mike Jul 24 @ 5:41pm 
Would it be possible to make these units compatible with the Unit Formations mod?
Contrador Jul 19 @ 3:09pm 
Indeed the units from mod needs buffs from technologies and basic general skills, middle to end game its better of to use just state troops.
REITERPALLASCH Jul 17 @ 2:00pm 
They need to get the buffs from technologies. The Halberdiers definitely do not. Griffons don't either.
Dio Jul 15 @ 6:45am 
would love a sfo submod for this!
Reg Jul 6 @ 1:22am 
I really like your new unit mods I hope you create a sfo submod for all of them :)