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Pook ARTY Pack
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Feb 24, 2018 @ 1:36pm
Jul 12 @ 4:43pm
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Pook ARTY Pack

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The Pook Artillery pack brings a variety of Soviet-based conventional artillery (2S1, 2S3, 2S5, 2S19, A222) and rocket artillery vehicles (3K60, 4K51, 9K58, 9K72, 9K720, TOS-1A, K-300, 9K57, 9K57M, and 9K52). Now includes NATO M-777 and BGM-109 land-based cruise missile. This is the baseline mod for 'vanilla' BIS factions - the CUP community version is available as a separate download. Accurate artillery ranges for all systems. Features listed in detail within the in-game Field Manual!

The new FIREMISSION function Initiates player-requested SCUD fire mission for friendly pook_SCUD launchers. Can be scripted for mission-driven "RED DAWN" or "SEARCH AND DESTROY" SCUD fire missions (e.g. "Stop General Guba before he launches the SCUD" type missions). This function is now available for all missile launchers - see Discussion notes for details!

You can find complete instructions on its use in the in-game Functions viewer and the Discussions tab.
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Mr.Zion Ist Aug 7 @ 3:32pm 
Is it possible to tow a M777?
Iller085 Jul 27 @ 6:02am 
The ai dosent know how to fire the scud missile. They say "No ammo" and wont fire.
max-moviemaster Jul 22 @ 9:54am 
The crew is incorrectly registered in the NAPA SCUD.
Robdog_B Jul 13 @ 11:21pm 
Quick question: Is this mod compatible with ITC land systems?
hcpookie  [author] Jul 12 @ 4:41pm 
Spread is now adjusted for different ranges. The current values may not work well - please leave feedback if the spread is too great. Laser missions are now supported - single-shot laser munitions will be launched and rely on a laser designator for precision target placement.
Hill3234 Jul 12 @ 7:42am 
Could you re-update the bi.key? we got some issues after last update on our dedicated server.
hcpookie  [author] Jul 6 @ 12:59pm 
Spread is not adjusted for longer-range settings, so the same spread applies to all ranges. Meaning the CEP "circle" will be larger at longer distances. This was a deliberate decision to allow for AI behavior to be "less accurate" at longer distances. I will have to research the best values for longer ranges to be more realistic.
GTS Jun 26 @ 8:30am 
Hi. 2S5-commander and driver's overview broken.
TOS1A-no driver's view.
hcpookie  [author] Jun 24 @ 5:56am 
No problem! And remember if you need to get AI to do it via scripting, check the Discussions for info about the SRBM and SCUD functions
FkYoSht Jun 23 @ 9:51pm 
ah, didnt think of that. Thanks!