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Gloomhaven - Fantasy Setup (Scripted UI)
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Feb 14, 2018 @ 9:47am
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Gloomhaven - Fantasy Setup (Scripted UI)

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Welcome to Gloomhaven - Fantasy Setup 2.0!

This mod contains the full game + the Forgotten Circles expansion, it is based on the second printing, contains every unlockable items from the physical game.



You can also check this TUTORIAL VIDEO PLAYLIST created by Matt Smith and read this FAQ DOCUMENT[], made by Lord Gwydion. Also, you can check the Discussions tab and the Comments tab for further answers to questions you might have. The written FAQ is based on the first version of this mod, and even if the mod looks different now, everything there still applies!



- Automated Setup for characters
- Automated Setup for scenarios (Forgotten circles not included yet)
- Health bars for characters and monsters, with status effects support
- Initiative tracker for characters annd monsters
- 3D model scans for the starting classes
- 3D standee models for unlockable classes and monsters
- Custom player mats
- Decals for card enhancements
- Automated map, with location stickers and achievements
- Town records book
- Solo scenarios book
- Custom UI controls for multiplayer and solo playthrough
- Clean and immersive layout



- Massively Improved initial loading times
- Removed and hidden everything that was not game related
- New clean and immersive layout
- Initiatve tracker now includes card descriptions (to a limit, we`re working on a better way to display that)
- Unlockable classes now support regenerate token status
- You can now remove Play Area by right clicking the Add Play Area button
- Better token bags and positioning
- Various bugg fixes



- Gloomhaven uses mixed horizontal and vertical hex grids, so you need to change the in game grid accordingly. To do this you have to go Options (on the top bar) > Grid > Type, and switch between Hex Horizontal and Hex Vertical, depending on the map you`re playing.



Special thanks to the original creators of the assets I used: Del (Gloomhaven Main Campaign), MeadyOker (Gloomhaven - Clean Table), XayaK (Gloomhaven Rulebook) and all the contributors from the community!

Thanks to Bjoern (Gloomhaven 2nd Printing (Scripted)) since he was the original creator of all the assets and scans used in all the Gloomhaven mods

Thanks to Kijan, for teaming up with me and creating all the major scripts in this mod.

Thanks to jason.whittle for the initiative card description script.



I do not own any rights for this games or anything related to it. All rights are reserved to their creators Isaac Childres & Cephalofair Games.


Enjoy & buy the physical game, it`s worth it!

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Potzblitz 4 hours ago 
Great work! We are glad that our gloomhaven party can continue in these times. Thank you very much!

One question:
I am getting this error on load multiple times:
[XmlLayout] Ignoring duplicate id value 'XYZ'. Id values must be unique. <X>

I got this on loading the untouched mod version for:
XYZ = Red, X=8
White, 8,
Blue, 8,
Green, 8,
soloToggle, 4
ScenarioMS, 4
SingleMS, 4

Everything seems to work. But those errors keep coming.

Slaanesh 9 hours ago 
As red player my cards keep randomly being deleted, is there a way I can check how this is happening?
divisortheory 9 hours ago 
@Ginopinoshow: Awesome thanks. I hadn't seen this newest video.
Ginopinoshow 10 hours ago 
divisortheory, I think that this video answers to some of your questions, especially 7 and 9. correct me if I am wrong (I'm a new player so still not sure about stuff)

7: minute 38
9: minute 17

AlexF 11 hours ago 
Per the rules, there are 10 total curse cards available for characters. When distributing them, if you don't have enough, the players decide who gets which. The mod only provides 10 because the game only comes with 10 (for the players). The monsters have their own deck of 10 used exclusively by them.
divisortheory 16 hours ago 
7. [Question] When you loot a treasure chest from a scenario, how do you indicate that this treasure chest is permanently deleted from the game so that it's un-lootable if you ever repeat the scenario? In the physical game I would just draw an X in the treasure reference in the back of the book so that I'd know it wasn't available anymore, but I don't see any equivalent in the mod.

8. [Question] Why are there 2 of each element on the elemental infusion board?

9. [Question] When you enchant a card, it's supposed to be permanently enchanted even for future players who choose to create a character of that class. It seems like it's easy to mess this up. Is it possible for us as users of the mod to edit the contents of the character class box so that no matter how many of the envelopes you drag out of the infinite box, they always have the enchanted cards in them?
divisortheory 16 hours ago 
4. [Feature Request] Could we have it so that when you're hovering over a card in your hand area, you can press a button (perhaps P for "Play") and it automatically flips it and drops it into your play area face down? This would make playing cards much easier. Rather than dragging and panning the camera around, just a quick PP and your cards are ready to go for the round.

5. [Feature Request] Is there any way to make it so that when you're hovering over an enemy standee, you can push a button (e.g. Alt) and it zooms in on the enemy's stat card similar to how when you push Alt while hovering over a card on the board it brings it to the front and magnifies it for easier reading? This would save a *ton* of the back and forth time checking enemy stats.

6. [Feature Request] Could you put a quick-reference table for gold Conversion / Bonus Exp / Trap Damage / etc so that we don't have to refer to the actual manual?
divisortheory 16 hours ago 
Couple of questions (you guys are amazing btw!)

1. [Bug] When a character dies, you can't drop his health to zero on the 3D character base, it doesn't seem to work. Have to reduce health on the mat.

2. [Bug] We ran into this issue where after a character became exhausted, he kept coming back at the end of each round. Not sure how to reproduce it, but maybe this rings a bell.

3. [Bug?] The Player Curse deck only had 10 curses in it, but at the beginning of a scenario we had a Scenario Modifier which told us to add 3 curses per player into each of our hands. That's 12 curses. The rules say that if you ever run out of player curses, you just don't use the rest, but I think it's more likely that the Mod is just missing some. We can of course copy/paste them, but I'm not sure how many are in the physical game to begin with, because you don't want to clone them forever, otherwise you wouldn't run out like you do in the physical game.
CuddlyZombie 16 hours ago 
Oh, I know! I was just wondering aloud, haha.
GabrielM  [author] 16 hours ago 
Cuddly, the old counters you were talking about are actually in the core box, those are not missing :)