Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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German reskin
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Feb 11 @ 5:20am
Jun 27 @ 9:33am
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German reskin

The mod changes the textures of the German units listed below.

- Infantry: with the camouflage of the early Wehrmacht
- Cavalry: with full green camouflage
- Marines: with Marine Battalions Camouflage
- Artillery: With the camouflage of coastal artillery
- Mountaineer: with the camouflage of mountain hunters
- Paratrooper: with paratrooper camouflage
- Motorized: with splinter camo
- Mechanized: Using Plane Tree Camo

- Works with Ironman, Achievement & Multiplayer
- Compatible with the current game version 1.5.4

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Originally posted by Rene:
I would be very happy about a small donation :-) [www.paypal.me]
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my name DESPACITO May 4 @ 8:09pm 
what about ss troops?
BHunterSEAL Apr 17 @ 5:03pm 
I don't want to speak for the author, but there doesn't appear to be acclimatization support. I haven't run the mod long enough to check in game, but the lack of snow / desert diffuses for the new special-forces units means it definitely won't work for models besides basic infantry.

That said, I am guessing based on the mod files that the WTT snow / desert textures will be applied and will probably look fine, considering the vanilla GER_infantry mesh isn't being replaced.
TrialAvel Apr 16 @ 11:06pm 
Does this support the acclimatization texture changes?
Xlep Mar 18 @ 1:01pm 
can you make an infantery alternative color
BHunterSEAL Mar 8 @ 2:54pm 
Does this support the acclimatization texture changes (winter / desert camo) introduced in 1.5?
Keith Hermansen Feb 24 @ 5:40am 
Wäre echt gut wenn du Bilder der Einheiten im Spiel und Vorher als Vergleich einfügen würdest, würde auch direkt viel mehr Leute interessieren und anlocken.
Butter My Breadroll Feb 16 @ 7:35pm 
Plz add pics
steveetjacinthe Feb 16 @ 7:47am 
Pics ?