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Twilight Imperium IV
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Feb 1, 2018 @ 5:53pm
Jun 7 @ 5:33pm
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Twilight Imperium IV

The Fourth Edition of Twilight Imperium:

Module Co-Created by the dark lord Darth Batman and Raptor1210.


Special Thanks to...

•Lily for their amazing "Kraken Table...

•Cyrusa and Psicoma for their excellent "Race boxes" from their versions of Twilight Imperium III SA mod...

•DEFC☢N_1000 for their great ship models from their verision of Twilight Imperium III...

•Designbot for their awesome Turn Tracker from BGG...

•Positive, Loving Teammate for their impressive TI4 Cruiser model....

•Doot for the scripting to return the strategy cards to their original locations.

•nicest_guy_22 for their "TI4 Super Cheat Booklet" from BGG.

•Mantis for both the scripting on the x3 tokens and the new multi-roller

•Max Philippa for his new alternate version of the 5p "warpzone",

•New awesome Warsun, Destroyer, PDS, and Flagship models made by x3n d0g

•Cruix for their Token Sweeper and Map Generator/Card Placer

And finally...

A massive shout out to Fantasy Flight Games for creating an awesome game. If you have the opportunity please support them. The board game industry wouldn't be the same without them and if you enjoy their work please, please support them and your local game stores.


If anyone is interested in recreating the ship models from Twilight imperium IV, please let me know. I'd be happy to include your contributions to this project.


Our Story so far...

Mecatol Rex. The center of the known galaxy and seat of the former Lazax Empire. Scarred by the flames of betrayal, Rex is a specter of a fallen empire and of ages long forgotten, yet it remains an object of reverence— and desire—in a galaxy of conflict and uncertainty.

Once, the great city that spanned its surface was the pinnacle of civilization. Today, Mecatol City is naught but a blasted shell of its former glory, a grim respite in the toxic Sea of Desolation that covers the majority of the planet.

Even so, its parabolic history of decadence and destruction does little to deter those who would seek to harness its power. The Winaaran custodians who dwell within the remnants of the city maintain what is left of the former capital, waiting for one of the Great Races to step forward and take up the mantle of the former Emperors.

But who among the races of the galaxy could fill the void left by the Lazax? To Lay Claim to the throne is a destiny sought by many, yet the Shadows of the Past serve as a grim warning to those who would follow in their footsteps...

For two decades, Twilight Imperium has thrilled gamers with its grand storytelling and tactical strategy. Now, players can explore the next step in the Twilight Imperium legacy with Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition, an epic game of galactic conquest for three to six players.

Each player takes command of one of seventeen unique civilizations to compete for interstellar supremacy through warfare, trade, uncertain allegiances, and political dominance. Every faction offers a completely different play experience, from the wormhole-hopping Ghosts of Creuss to the Emirates of Hacan, masters of trade and economics. These seventeen races are offered many paths to victory, but only one may sit upon the throne of Mecatol Rex as the new masters of the galaxy.


Errata Added:

-Hyper Metabolism (as printed it says you get 2 Command tokens instead of 1, but it's supposed to be 3 Command tokens instead of 2.)
-Veto (The timing on this should be "When an agenda is revealed.")
-Political Favor (Xxcha) (The timing on this should be "When an agenda is revealed.")
-Naalu Sheet: Matriarch (Flagship) (In the second sentence, change "After combat" to "When combat ends". In other words, the fighters are returned before determining who won the ground combat, which means if fighters are all Naalu has left, the combat ends in a draw.)
-Nekro Sheet: The Alastor (Flagship) (Add a sentence: "These ground forces do not count against fleet supply.")


Learn to Play Handbook from FFG:

Rules Reference Handbook from FFG:



The contents, Copyrights, and Trademarks of everything involving Twilight Imperium IV are exclusively held by Fantasy Flight Games. The creators of this module make no claim to it in any way.

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Finding Players
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Tetra Jun 19 @ 2:05pm 
I like how the art looks like Shadows of the Empire box art.
Raptor1210  [author] Jun 7 @ 5:34pm 

-Added latest updated cards for the momument custom expansion.
BobbyBaconHat Jun 2 @ 8:21am 
Does anyone know the seeds to generate the maps that come in the rule book?
Raptor1210  [author] Jun 1 @ 8:34pm 

-Added Mantis' updated Frankenstein Bag (adds a checklist card for easier drafting and puts copies of the non-draft important pieces (home planet cards, faction sheets etc) into the bag so you don't have to go digging through the normal boxes.)
-Fixed a couple mistakes on Pick-A-Planet tokens (Bereg and Arinam had the wrong Influence and Resources respectively)
Raptor1210  [author] May 27 @ 7:59pm 

-Added Instructions for Pick-A-Planet variant.
-Added Mantis' updated Frankenstein Bag (Adds promissory notes and instructions.)
Raptor1210  [author] May 27 @ 5:14pm 

-Fixed the backs on the Monument Cards
-Added the 5 Monument Tiles that I missed in the last update.
-Added the Frankenstein Draft Bag that Mantis designed to the Variants Bag. Now you too can play the most random version of TI4 ever (combined with the Pick-A-Planet variant for maximum craziness.)
Raptor1210  [author] May 26 @ 10:13pm 

- Added the Monument's Custom Expansion to the Variants bag
Rob Snark May 26 @ 3:29pm 
New to table top simulator. I subscribed to ti4 and upon start up not all graphics loading and I get the following error. Looking for suggestions, and starting ti4 online.
“Error in Script (Custom Tile – 6dac8e): chunk_1:(3,4-23): attempt to index a nil value”

ok it appears my past that load point it keeps getting to 64-65% and giving me the below error
"Error loading raw data into texture: LoadRawTextureData: not enough data provided (will result in overread)."

It have excluded TTS from norton antivirus and it keeps crashing when i try to load TI4 at 64%...the table top environment is spinning then it gives me what appears to just be a windows message box that says "Tabletop Simulator.exe has stopped working"
Raptor1210  [author] May 26 @ 8:55am 

Per Mantis:
- Updated the combined unpack/get tokens object to remove the unpack button after unpacking (also made it a little prettier)
-Renamed the Lizix race token to L1z1x
-Fixed the images on the Muaat, Hacan, and Naalu faction sheets so that the top image was the top image and the bottom image was the bottom image (these were all flipped, which is why the unpacker appears to pull them out upside down)
Raptor1210  [author] May 25 @ 9:45pm 

- Mantis consolidated many of the desperate objects.
- Garnet did some extentive bug squashing.
- Many of the automated objects moved to the variants bag.
- Brought back the old simpler strategy cards