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Monstercat Audio Visualizer (SPOTIFY SUPPORT)
Type: Web
Age Rating: Everyone
Genre: Music
Resolution: Dynamic resolution
Category: Wallpaper
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Jan 22, 2018 @ 6:42am
Sep 22, 2021 @ 3:48am
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Monstercat Audio Visualizer (SPOTIFY SUPPORT)

A remake of the original Monstercat audio visualizer.

I am in no way associated with Monstercat, this was just a project that I wanted to make.

If you see any bugs/problems, please add me on steam and DM me so I can fix them.

To generate a token, you can goto this link[spotify-visualiser.vercel.app]

Once you're on the site, you should be able to login to connect your Spotify account.

The page should then generate a long string of random letters. Copy and paste this code into wallpaper engine in the token textbox.

If the token doesn't work initially, try swapping to another wallpaper and then swapping back.

Make sure your spotify is not in a private session as the wallpaper will not work.

DO NOT publish presets with your token, unless you want people to see what music you're listening to...

Update 23
- Removed unnecessary server requests

Update 22
- Fixed audio processing

Update 21
- Fixed background image not covering the screen again

Update 20
- Fixed background image not loading on restart

Update 19
- Fixed background image not covering the screen

Update 18
- Fixed background image/colour options

Update 17
- Introduced some more error handling for invalid spotify states
- Increased timeout between server requests
- Server response should happen more quickly on first token use

Update 16
- Overhauled server code
- Changed endpoints for token refreshes
- Lowered minimum refresh rate

Update 15
- Fixed problem connecting to server

Update 14
- Fixed bar colour glitch

Update 13
- Added legacy colour sync option

Update 12
- Improved colour sync
- Introduced vibrancy slider
- Thanks to Jebsta

Update 11
- Patched black background bug

Update 10
- Fixed error 429 ~ Thanks to ChrisNix!

Update 9
- Added Particle React option
- Increased minimum update time (helps mitigate error 429)

Update 8
- Fixed the "Token not found" error

Update 7
- Refactored the code
- Added progress bar option
- Added offset for each element
- Reorganised the properties
- Added background colour option
- Added option to shorten song titles
- Added text alignment option
- Added particle options
- Fixed bugs with property changes

Update 6
- More coherent error displays
- Better error handling

Update 5
- Added spotify support
- Sync colours to spotify
- Sync logo
- Change update rate
- Added particle reactiveness option

Update 4
- Background image now stretches
- Added the option to emphasise peaks
- Added the option to hide the logo background
- Added the option to change the text colour
- Fixed bugs
- This update broke the old presets

Update 3
- Fixed particles getting stuck

Update 2
- Added the option to use a custom logo (may still be a bit buggy)

- Made framerate controllable
- Added customisable bar width and padding
- Fixed some minor errors
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RakkoranCata Sep 25 @ 2:05pm 
It works normally but the token for me is completely broken. It keeps saying error 503 unavailable service, and when i try to enter the token again and swap wallpapers, it shows basic text, not the music title from spotify
Clapponator Sep 23 @ 8:44am 
it only works when i use spotify in my phone not in the Pc
Haashir Sep 21 @ 9:10pm 
my token doesn't seem to work it says token not found
Slickback Sep 21 @ 9:55am 
The wallpaper detects when spotify is playing on my phone but not my computer.
ronnokd10 Sep 20 @ 11:12pm 
Is there any way to make a preset that includes extended user properties for the background?
Crippling Procrastination Sep 15 @ 1:32am 
If i want to unlink my spotify with the vizualizer, how do i do that?
Strunkz Sep 10 @ 3:54am 
I have been using this for a long time and it's cool! just a message of nostalgia.
oh yeah, i am having a problem with the delay of songs, and also, i think you should present this idea to Spotify because its that good (and monstercat as well xD)
___ZETA___ Sep 4 @ 10:50am 
Kooties Aug 27 @ 6:37am 
You're my little pogchamp big man :heart:
RoFlex Aug 25 @ 12:17am 
Please add gif support for the logo)))!