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SuperTek is Tek Armor made super!

Mod ID:1271938806

[Current Features]

No Tek Helmet Overlay - Yes I mean the annoying black thing on screen while wearing the tek helmet in first person is gone.

Unlimted Tek Powers - SuperTek does not consume element, once powered it stays powered forever.

Unlimted Duribilty - SuperTek does not use item duribilty and so will never break.

Unlimted Radiation protection - Everything the hazard suit protects against SuperTek will also protect against.

Unlimted Tek Rifle - Removed the camera shake while firing and will never overheat

Unlimted Tek Railgun - Now works underwater and will never overheat and has increased range

Unlimted Tek Sword - Damage and Charge Damage can be changed via config.

Unlimted Tek Saddles - Damage can be changed via config.

SuperTek Weapons overheating and damage can be changed via config options.

Config Options
You can find the config options and spawn codes to tailor this mod to your needs over at the
discussions section

SuperTek can be upgraded using this mod, it's not required but highly recommended.
Upgrade Station
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L.K  [author] 10 hours ago 
@Trollphan I use some custom code that allows the players to choose how much damage they want the weapon to do. I would suggest looking up some tutorials first if your new to making mods with the dev kit.
Trollphan 19 hours ago 
@L.K I did, both at the forums and the discord. Nobody seems to be aware or know how to fix it. Did you never stumble uppon the issue?
L.K  [author] 19 hours ago 
Yes it works on servers, I suggest looking for help at the ark dev kit forums
Trollphan 19 hours ago 
@L.K What i mean is, does the Railgun in your mod work on servers? The one that i made in my mod doesn't do any damage for some reason.
L.K  [author] 22 hours ago 
All the ini settings are explained in the discussion section
Trollphan 22 hours ago 
@L.K Hey, what settings did you change in order to get your Railgun to do damage? I've been working all day to try and fix this issue
Alpharius Feb 17 @ 11:09pm 
Thank you for making this mod, you are my hero.
pi007 Feb 17 @ 8:49am 
yo m8 , great mod thxx , but can u make it faster in flying farward , and on running like the tek flying suite
greatchawhee Feb 15 @ 4:21pm 
We need Tek wing suit. Press x for wings or jetpack. Is this possible. Love this mod now it is one of my must. Up there with S plus or a stacking mod. Good job
Isabella Dewalt Feb 15 @ 9:00am 
The answer to the surviving surface of Aberation is, as to the last time I played before the rig power supply went to computer heaven, is that the super tek does not protect you during the day on the surface. I was instantly fried.