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SuperTek is Tek Armor made super!

Mod ID:1271938806

[Current Features]

No Tek Helmet Overlay - Yes I mean the annoying black thing on screen while wearing the tek helmet in first person is gone.

Unlimited Tek Powers - SuperTek does not consume element, once powered it stays powered forever.

Unlimited Duribilty - SuperTek does not use item duribilty and so will never break.

Unlimted Radiation protection - Everything the hazard suit protects against SuperTek will also protect against.

Unlimited Tek Rifle - Removed the camera shake while firing and will never overheat

Unlimited Tek Railgun - Now works underwater and will never overheat and has increased range

Unlimited Tek Sword - Damage and Charge Damage can be changed via config.

Unlimited Tek Saddles - Damage can be changed via config.

SuperTek Weapons overheating and damage can be changed via config options.

Config Options
You can find the config options and spawn codes to tailor this mod to your needs over at the
discussions section

SuperTek can be upgraded using this mod, it's not required but highly recommended.
Upgrade Station
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dc040583 Oct 8 @ 4:36pm 
Nope. Jetpack controls are spot on. So, it's something Flame did then, probably trying to tweak them for more speed or something. (sigh) Which means I get a choice: helmet overlay and wonky jetpack, or perfect jetpack and no feeling that I'm actually IN the armor. Well... function over fashion I guess. XD But if you ever get the urge to copy & paste a version with the overlay still in there... ;)
dc040583 Oct 8 @ 4:29pm 
Shoot. Well... won't hurt to try it. Maybe I won't miss the overlay much. Maybe. If I do, well, at least I know you're here in case the next update breaks Flame's mod completely. Thanks!

I'll let you know how the jetpack works out.
L.K  [author] Oct 8 @ 4:26pm 
@dc040583 Helmet overlay is gone completely there is no option to turn it back on and jetpak controls have not been changed by me so if they are wonky then the devs did it .
dc040583 Oct 8 @ 4:15pm 
Flamegazza seems to have gotten bored--I still love his Mega Tek, except for weirdness with the jetpack, but he hasn't made any changes in forever; he isn't responding to comments, no indication whether he plans to fix the jetpack controls or not.

I'm probably going to switch to your version, except for one thing: I *like* the helmet overlay. Is that optional, or can you make it optional? And where are you on jetpack controls? are yours wonky too? I'm not sure that's Flame's mod that's the problem; it started after a big update, so I'm concerned the devs deicded to nerf tek armor by futzing the jetpack controls on their end.
~^[ AngelDKnight ]^~ Oct 7 @ 5:21pm 
add tek shield and tek car too
123 Oct 3 @ 2:15pm 
my sugest and idea is put new super tek armor (and weapon) that invisible (stealh like Rock Drake) + super tek turret (setting damage , etc) or ur own costume turret to balance/counter the armor
tirexxg Sep 28 @ 5:42pm 
you can´t upgrade the tek rifle is that correct?
honeben000 Aug 12 @ 12:51pm 
it was the best i could never get element to use with my tek gear and now i dont have to
honeben000 Aug 12 @ 12:49pm 
i love it it is one of my favorite mods
rjr.03 Jun 17 @ 8:54pm 
does this also make tek gear learnable in aberration?