Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition

Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition

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CalFree in Chains
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Dec 22, 2017 @ 6:06am
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CalFree in Chains

The California Free State has fallen. General Saito's tyrannical reign threatens everyone under its authority. Only the People's University and a handful of allies dare to challenge his absolute rule, but how can so few hope to stand against the brutal power of the Protectorate and its megacorp backers?

Welcome back for one final run in the San Francisco Bay Area Sprawl! This campaign picks up shortly after the end of The Caldecott Caper.


I strongly recommend downloading the Shadowrun Music Replacer, a standalone utility that updates the Hong Kong music. You’ll need to do this from a full Web browser, not the Steam one.
Quick download for Windows: Google or Nexus Mods[]
Quick download for Mac: Google or Nexus Mods[]
Music FAQ / More info / where’s Linux?


This campaign is complete, and most players have been able to play from start to finish without encountering major bugs. If you run into any issues, just pop them into the bug thread so I can fix them!

More Info

See the FAQ for more information, tips, and hints.

Please be considerate of your fellow players and use spoiler tags when discussing plot. You can mark spoilers like this:

Was anyone else surprised to learn that [spoiler]Audran was working for Vauclair[/spoiler]?

Last but not least, if you like CalFree in Chains, please tell someone else about it! I have a Decking of 4 but a Charisma of 1, so I could use some more runners to help get the word out. Giving a thumbs up also makes the campaign more visible in Steam, which helps other players find it. Thanks in advance!
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Dcard 3 hours ago 
This was one hell of a mod.
Jeff 3 hours ago 
Alright, the team composition definitely improved as the game went on. Great stuff overall. I thought it was interesting that you made full skill trees for the two characters who died mid-game. When they went down, I assumed it was a fake-out and they'd be back after a mission or two, because why go to the trouble of fleshing out those trees for characters who'll never use them (unless you're trying to avoid tipping your hand)? I thought bringing them back would be narratively cheap, given how much emphasis you put on dealing with their deaths via conversations with other characters, and I was kind of dreading it for awhile afterward. Glad it didn't happen.
Wiked 7 hours ago 
Thanks Starbuck, I will try that. And yeah I meant terminals not doors, lol.
Starbuck 9 hours ago 

you have to set your team at the 3 locations, so that all you need then is select one member and target a terminal, then another member with another terminal and so on.
10s is a challenge, but not an impossible one once you know what to expect
Wiked 11 hours ago 
How to open the 3 doors in 13 seconds?
cirion  [author] Jul 19 @ 3:22pm 
@bareshark1975: I really appreciate the thoughtful writeup! I really like how you put it, "Victory has a price worth paying", that's a big part of what I was trying to say here.

@[SFM Animator] Grubbo: I do pop in now and then to read comments, thanks for writing! It means a lot to hear that you value my work. I don't currently have any other projects in the pipeline, but hearing from folks like you definitely makes me motivated to create something new!

@Jeff: Welcome, and good luck with the rest of CFiC! The crew design is a bit different; the Caldecott companions were sort of multiclassed (samurai/shaman, melee/decker, etc.), while the CFiC companions are more focused, but you'll get more chances to evolve them. And yeah, I definitely learned a ton from making Antumbra, glad to hear Caldecott/CFiC have felt more polished!
cirion  [author] Jul 19 @ 3:22pm 
Oh, hello there! I didn't see you come in. A hearty "thanks!" to everyone who has subscribed, rated, and/or helped spread the word about CalFree in Chains!

@N€Ø§: Cool, enjoy your time in Antumbra! My best guess is that I spent about 1000 hours making CalFree in Chains (including design, scripting, debugging, testing, etc.). Best wishes with your own mod, it's a ton of work but very fulfilling!

@DaveOfDeath: Thanks again for the detailed assistance!

@Laser Ranger: Aw, thanks for the kind words! My own favorite games are the ones that emotionally move me, it means a lot to hear that you had a similar experience with this. I hope your own writing projects go well!

@Pandoomic: Amen!
Jeff Jul 18 @ 5:06pm 
Blazed through Caldecott in the last couple days after playing Antumbra - it's insane how much you seem to have learned between making those two. I found Antumbra more than a bit rough in a lot of ways, but Caldecott was as good as any professionally-made content I've played. Just started CalFree today - liking it so far, though none of the 4 companions I have thus far seem overly useful (particulary in comparison to a certain Caldecott teammate who will not be along for the ride this time - hoping their usefullness changes with levels-ups as I progress).
[SFM Animator] Grubbo Jul 17 @ 9:39pm 
Cirion, I don't know if you're still reading these comments anymore, but I just want to say this was the best campaign that a Shadowrun video game has ever seen, and one of my favorite RPG stories of the last decade. I don't know what you're doing right now, but in my ideal world I am buying each and every one of your games. I'm serious. What are you doing right now and why isn't it being pumped directly into my brain like a cyberpunk implant? Why aren't you being hired? Someone give this wonderful talent a lift.
bareshark1975 Jul 17 @ 8:49pm 
Cirion...take a bow. CalFree In Chains is your magnum opus, applying everything you learned from your previous scenarios to create a fully formed game. While combat was insane and leveling up my crew had the usual fun choices, the story is where you've always shined. Taking the insanity of war from your first scenario and the racial oppression of your second, you managed the neat trick of spinning a rousing conclusion to your trilogy while making it standalone. Through the twists and turns of the plot, you drove home the point that victory always has a price...but one worth paying.

You've got proven chops as a game designer and I look forward to anything else you create in the future. THANK YOU for this game which manages to not only surpass the core game but even Caldecott Caper (never thought I'd say that!).