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Yprac Mirage Guide
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Dec 5, 2017 @ 3:35am
Aug 15 @ 10:24am
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Yprac Mirage Guide

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Yprac Practice and Warmup
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Nade and Bot practice
In this map you get all the tools to be able to improve your map knowledge on this specific map. It has a large emphasis on improvement and challenging yourself with on screen stats. Includes many useful mods and tools to make your practice and warmup more effective.

Mods in this release
  • Prefire - an update of my old prefire maps, you move around and try to preaim angles where people usually peek. Number of different routes. Improves movement and crosshair placement.
  • Peek - You peek angles from both the t and ct perspective. Bots can move and peek or stand static in a number of positions. 30 angles. Improves aim and map knowledge.
  • Defence - You spawn in an area and bots peek or run towards you. Kill them as fast as possible. Improves aim and map knowledge.
  • Smoke - Your camera follows your nades like in spectator mode. Makes it much easier to find new throws and iterate on them over and over without having to noclip. Teaches you 18 useful lineups.
  • Fire - Smoke mod but for molotovs. Teaches you 18 useful lineups.
  • Flash - Teaches you 18 useful flashes and popflashes.
  • Toolbox - Tools for experimenting. Including grenade tracking camera, grenade replay, accurate bot placement and more.

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Originally posted by 2019-08-15:

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Thank you and happy pracing!
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Chetta - WARTIME Rip GUS Nov 7 @ 9:26am 
你我仅有一眼之缘 Nov 5 @ 5:36am 
how to next?
♌●Ãlěჯtгคp●♌ Oct 30 @ 12:58am 
Очень хорошая мапа для тренинга, thanks blyat.
Hyper Oct 28 @ 10:08am 
Good map
Chick.N Oct 25 @ 6:10pm 
Very nice , tyvm ;) Ţex._. Oct 25 @ 8:03am 
Rep +
good map, but can you plz remove the guy no window in underpass to A, in my all 4k hours of playing i never saw a guy sitting there like that
梅花K Oct 22 @ 3:39am 
heavy sound cunt Oct 14 @ 11:14am 
+REP brilliant for practice , amazing
哈利.波特 Oct 11 @ 4:34pm 
rush B my friends