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Giddy-up! Core
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Nov 30, 2017 @ 1:01pm
Aug 24, 2021 @ 11:58am
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Giddy-up! Core

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The core files for the Giddy-up! series. Does not add anything on its own but the other mods in the series depend on it. The purpose of this series is to add mounting in as many aspects of the game as possible. Each mod released in the series will focus on one major aspect.

Support for any animal, modded or not!
Any animal can be used as mount, even modded animals, and no patches are needed. By default, small animals are disabled. There is one thing to take into account when adding modded animals. Pawns are by default drawn on top of- and in front of the animal. However, sometimes it looks nicer when pawns are drawn behind the animal (most of the times this is when the animal has a long neck or when it has horns). The drawing priority can be configured for each animal in the mod options. For vanilla animals these settings are already configured, but for modded animals you may need to change the drawing priority for some animals in order to make it look nice.

Why a separate core file?
This will allow me to gradually release new mods that involve mounting, without having to publish and maintain duplicate code that handles mounting for each release. I could have chosen for one big mod instead, but I like to give people the choice of what they want to install. Moreover, this simplifies testing for me, and enables other developers to use my code in their mods.

1.3 update notes
- Compatibility with the new pen mechanic.
- Fixed issue of not loading the mounted state properly when reloading the game
- Giddy-up Ride and Roll: Improved auto mount mechanic. Decision whether the auto-mount or not should be better now.
- Giddy-up Caravan: Changed how caravan speed is modified. The vanilla mechanic is used instead. You can still configure which animals
are ridden by which pawns, so they ride them when leaving/arriving. But this is not mandatory.
- Giddy-up Caravan: Changed what animals can be ridden in vanilla so that it matches what you configured in Giddy-up.

Compatibility notes
- When using the newest version of Facial stuff, pawns are always drawn behind animals which doesn't look very nice. Using the legacy version instead will fix the problem.
- If you are using this with Vanilla Animal Overhaul, make sure Vanilla Animal Overhaul loads before Giddy-up! does.
- If you use this with the Wild Animal Sex mod, wild animals are also "interested" in the animals your pawns are riding.
- In case you are using this with mods that add really slow animals, make sure these animals are disabled in the mod settings if you don't want visitors or raiders to use them.
- Asides from these minor issues, other mods should be compatible with Giddy-up!. Please report if you find any other problems.

Other mods in the series
- Giddy-up! Battle Mounts
- Giddy-up! Caravan
- Giddy-up! Ride and Roll
- Gidd-up! Mechanoids

Changelogs, manual downloads and older versions of all mods in the Giddy-up series
Giddy-up! Core[github.com]
Giddy-up! Battle Mounts[github.com]
Giddy-up! Caravan[github.com]
Giddy-up! Ride and Roll[github.com]
Giddy-up! Mechanoids[github.com]

- English
- Japanese (by Proxyer)
- Simplified Chinese (by LingLuo)
- Traditional Chinese (by Biscuit)
- Korean (by LazyDog)
- French (by kaptain_kavern)
- Spanish (by Sam and mora145)
- Russian (by Garr Incorporated)
- German (by RoffeIchen)
- Polish (by Lano)

If animal names are still appearing in English in the mod settings after switching to another language, this can be fixed by changing anything (doesn't matter what) in the mod settings and closing the mod settings. If you then re-open the settings, the right translations should appear.

Mod series page

Notes for other modders
While modded animals are compatible by default, there are various patching possibilities to further improve how your mod works with Giddy-up. These possibilities include: configuring default mod settings for the modded animals, configuring what animals certain factions can use, setting custom drawing offsets for pawns riding animals, and allowing animals with life stages other than the final life stage to be mounted. Instructions on how to patch Giddy-up! are on the GitHub page of Giddy-up! Core[github.com].

- Sargbjornson for helping out massively with the v1.1 updates.
- Pardeike a.k.a. Brrainz for creating Harmony on which this mod relies so much.
- UnlimitedHugs for creating Hugslib, and saving me a lot of time.
- The translators for making this mod accessible for a larger audience and doing a great job.
- Anyone else providing feedback and support!

- Translations are very welcome. You can make a pull request on github if you want to add in translations, or you can contact me by sending a friend request.
- If you developed a mod adding animals, you can contact me so we can make a patch that ensures that the default mod options (forbidding animals and setting drawing priorities) are configured well for your mod.

Feel free to add this mod to modpacks or to use the code or icons for other projects. Do however not release exact copies of my project, or exact copies with minor adjustments without my consent.

No longer active as modder.
I'm currently no longer active as modder because I'm working on my own game now. I do intend to keep my mods alive, but won't add any new content.

The game I'm working on right now (with Oskar Potocki) is called Cursed Crew.
Cursed crew is a roguelike crew management game taking place on a 17th century ship in a fantasy setting. You control a captain that needs to keep the ship’s crew alive in a harsh world with environmental hazards, pirates, stowaways, sea monsters and more. More info can be found on the Discord server of our game:


You can also check out the Patreon page[www.patreon.com] of Cursed Crew if you'd like to know more, or if you'd like to support us.

We've also set up a Steam page for our game now. Make sure to wishlist it!
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[DKS] Killaim Jan 18 @ 4:44pm 
I vaguely recall once having been able to say in the mod
"Never go inside on a mount"

anyone know of this? another mod perhaps?. Definently remember it being a feature but not sure if it was another addon mod.

just to prevent people riding inside buildings on their mounts, its just weird.
V∆ŁĶẎŘĒΞ Jan 18 @ 4:45am 
помогите, как настроить мод, вопросы такие
могу ли я сам указать какие животные ездовве а какие нет
(примечание) у меня человек ездил на корове и оставлял ее в доме, пока не было загона, с появлением закона он перестал ее использовать как макета вообще
2й вопрос, могу ли я в настройках мода перемещать точку крепления персонажа к маунту? и так же не нашел как настроить отображение персонажа за/перед животным
V∆ŁĶẎŘĒΞ Jan 18 @ 4:44am 
help how to set up the mod, the questions are
Can I myself specify which animals are allowed and which are not?
(note) I had a man ride a cow and leave it in the house until there was a paddock, with the advent of the law, he stopped using it as a layout at all
2nd question, can I move the attachment point of the character to the mount in the mod settings? and also did not find how to set the display of the character behind / in front of the animal
помогите, как настроить мод, вопросы такие
могу ли я сам указать какие животные ездовве а какие нет
Aschevacuum Jan 10 @ 8:49pm 
Apparently with Rim of Magic is bugged. same issue. pawns can't ride on, just stand still
Specter of Snow Jan 10 @ 1:36pm 
My magicyte has not disappeared, but yeah - the stuck-bug is real. Pawns try to mount, but it does not work. They refuse to work.

Workaround for now; disable automatic mounting.
PetLoverSpy Jan 10 @ 7:51am 
@King Doom do you have Rim of Magic? Apparently Giddyup is suddenly having problems with that, making magicyte disappear and causing pawns to get stuck standing
King Doom Jan 10 @ 5:22am 
Suddenly my pawns can't mount anything and just stand around forever, with the log filling up with stuff like this:

Anything anyone can suggest, other than disabling giddy up?
PistFissed Jan 6 @ 7:18am 
@Eidolan Perhaps training your animal to guard and setting the pawn to the horse's master would help. That way you can make it follow the pawn when he is working, drafted, or both.
Eidolan Jan 5 @ 7:30pm 
Anyone know if there is a way to have a mount follow a person around? I have a good crafter who's got a bad back and two peg legs, it would be super helpful if his horse would follow him around so when ever he needed to move with his 20% movement speed he could just hop on the horse and go.
PeacefulWarlord Dec 26, 2021 @ 3:33am 
Seem like Giddy up Core is causing NPC not to be mounted by doing the following checks.

I found an old post mentioning why this check was necessary
"- NPCs riding animals does not draw for the host, only clients (eventually leading to
desync). Therefore, NPC mounting is automatically disabled in the settings for
multiplayer users by default."

However, upon my recent testing to try and fix this multiplayer issue, the mount was rendering for both host and client. Thus no desync was happening. I tested this by removing this check and spawning the caravan. Everything seem to be working.

Wanted to quickly confirm if its possible to remove this check or is there something else that might be an issue?