Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Nov 24, 2017 @ 12:19am
Apr 30 @ 3:41pm
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Rebalanced and customizable lighting and tonemapping.
Also includes 7 different LUTs.

Adjustments: brightness, gamma, contrast, overall temperature/tint, sun temperature/tint, sky temperature/tint, moon temperature/tint, moon light, twilight tint, sky tonemapping(side effect: reduced fog).

Please read the description!
Any comments indicating you haven't done so will be ignored.

UPDATE (Apr 30, 2018)
Includes fix for shadow acne - dynamic shadow bias. (Thanks to saki7)
(Side effect - sometimes shadows look detached.)
updated again to add "force low shadow bias" setting which will fix the detached shadows but again introduce acne, really tired of fighting this game but you have to make a choice between detached shadows or shadow acne...

Added disable shadow smoothing toggle. (Thanks to TPB)

Hotkey: Shift + Alt + L

Balanced for global light 5.0 and ambient light 1.0 settings in ultimate eyecandy. (exactly middle of sliders)

Shadows must be set to max using Shadow Strength Adjuster otherwise it will look like the sun is leaking through objects. If you want to reduce shadow strength, use ultimate eyecandy to reduce global light intensity and increase ambient light intensity, this is the proper way to make shadows less visible.

Definite conflict: (DISABLE/UNSUBSCRIBE)
Softer Shadows

Potential problems: (CHECK SETTINGS)
Daylight Classic (classic sunlight color/intensity and classic fog color must be disabled)

Thank you to:
Simon Royer for the UI / saving and preset system, help with raycasting for shadow bias formula
saki7 (sksk) for showing how to change shadow bias
TPB for showing how to disable shadow smoothing

Harmony instance: com.ronyx.relight.biaspatch

Source Code:

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Oct 6 @ 10:15am
Settings of Mods for Light and Color
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jürgen Nov 1 @ 2:25pm 
nice mod!
I've recommended it on my newest map, go check it out!
sindar Oct 30 @ 10:52pm 
@t108hk, if so then you are most definitely missing one or more of the required items or to set settings correctly.
t108hk Oct 30 @ 6:00pm 
The light is very dark
jarno2302 Oct 30 @ 9:23am 
hotkey isn't working for me
Øuantum3 Oct 26 @ 9:31pm 
this mod combined with Eyecandy does the trick! Thanks a lot!
NoobOrFeed Oct 26 @ 3:31am 
are the relight LUTs supposed to look that "dark"? it feels like 5pm afternoon but not like in the middle of the day. and i have done every step mentioned above...
sindar Oct 7 @ 9:11am 
@Overlord, I never experienced that from these two files. But if you rather want to be safe then just move those files to a temporary directory in a different path so that you can easily restore them.
Overlord Oct 7 @ 8:56am 
@Sindar - will try that. Hope it wont break the game :)
sindar Oct 7 @ 4:31am 
@Overlord, have you tried if deleting the "CSL-DaylightClassic.xml" and redoing a clean config from scratch may make a difference? And maybe the same for the "RelightCache.light" file.
Overlord Oct 7 @ 4:18am 
@Yes of course. It does not matter if I have all settings ON or OFF in daylight classic I always have to go through that procedure I stated in the earlier comment.