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[KV] Path Avoid
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Oct 25, 2017 @ 1:34pm
Oct 25 @ 9:41pm
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[KV] Path Avoid

Path Avoid allows you to "nudge" the pathfinding system for your pawns, to make them prefer and avoid different areas. Use it to make your pawns follow pathways in your base, or avoid passing through a freezer to get to the other side! Avoidance won't prevent pawns from pathing, it'll just make them take an alternate path...

Paths made with this mod only apply to colonists, (non-hostile) animals, and friendly traders/travelers/etc. Anything that wants to kill a colonist will not follow these pathing hints.

Can be added to an existing save.

Ludeon Forum Thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=33027

Direct Download:

GitHub: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-pathavoid

Supported Mods:
- Save Our Ship 2 - Disable SOS2's pathfinding

Thanks to everyone who's helped translate this mod!
Ɲơɴɑɱɛ - German
53N4 - Spanish
Tuvka - Russian

Performance Improvement:

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Original Author: Vendan

Supports ModSync RW
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Oct 26 @ 1:10am
< >
Wyrav Nov 21 @ 4:43am 
pawns freeze after resettlement
Jeep91 Nov 3 @ 6:54pm 
Thank you!
Caz Oct 31 @ 12:17pm 
This is an invaluable mod for someone who has pet peeves about "stop running through rooms when there's a hallway that's faster". Just slap down that Strong path avoidance on the doors and the pawns will stop slogging their way through the storage room, taking 10 times longer to walk over all the stuff, and instead will use the hallway that's nice and clean and clear of obstacles.
Paleomammalian Cortex Oct 31 @ 10:04am 
thank you
TaikaJamppa Oct 29 @ 7:10am 
Works for me too, all I had to do was... I don't even know what I did! Lol. Restart alone didn't help...
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Oct 28 @ 7:10pm 
I've tested and it works fine. Likely a mod conflict on your side

If someone does take this mod up I will remove the 1.4 tag
Pirate34 Oct 28 @ 2:43pm 
Please unmark 1.4 compatibility if you're not going to support the mod, this causes constant in-game pathing errors.
TaikaJamppa Oct 27 @ 5:27pm 
@IcePlum What kind of mod list you have? Small, medium, or huge? Because I would say my list is huge... Just wondering, I'm trying to make Locks work properly already.. I love these two mods, basically, and modding itself!
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Oct 27 @ 3:24pm 
Just to repeat, all I did was recompile. I will not be doing anything else with this mod if anyone would like to pick it up
Toxic_Sewage Oct 27 @ 2:48pm 
absolutely tanks my TPS now rip ;(