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TF2 Janitor GMOD
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Oct 8, 2017 @ 1:49am
Oct 8, 2017 @ 5:59am
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TF2 Janitor GMOD

The Janitor is a class exclusive to the Espionage (scrapped) gamemode in the community mod Team Fortress 2 Classic.

He only wields one weapon, the mop, and acts as a facility cleaner.
(The progress on character models for espionage doesn't suggest It is the actual focus of the project. The main purpose of the model right now is posing / animating )

Never neglecting the dirty deeds, Janitor was always capable of something that his fellow Irish countrymen always lacked: a pure negligence to the given tasks, and an extreme staleness to everyone but himself. Though once attempting to be a novice mercenary, he quickly realized the risks of his profession and decided to quit the job, only to find himself permanently bound to the company itself. Now with no other choice but switching to a less risky and effort oriented profession, Janitor's duty is a routine cleaning of his established perimeters and taking care of what's left after mercenary encounters.

- High resolution diffuse and bumpmap textures.
- Bodygroups.
- Hardware Morph system for the face, wrinklemaps, teeth wrinkles.
- IK Rig compatible skeleton. // SFM only feature
- Presentgroups for finger posing. // SFM only feature
- Skingroups. ( Normal, Blue, Bloody )
- 2 Ragdoll versions: Normal , Flexible.


Maxxy - Modelling, Video lighting, promotion: 1.
Badgerpig - Concept art iteration / feedback.
Speavy - GMOD version test / promotion: 4.
Momo - Mop mesh.
Stachekip - Video voice actor (DM Mercenary).
Sync - SFM version test / promotion: 3.
Drudly - SFM version test / promotion: 2.
Hex - Lead video producer / animator.
Onefourth - Video producer.
Magnus - Video composer.
n-cognito - Topology reference for the body.
Velly - Character description / feedback.

And of course a HUGE thanks to the EMINOMA team for the feedback on the progress.

- "The model is not working, textures are missing, what can I do?"
- Download the legacy addon from here.[] and install it to your game folder.
- "Is this a playermodel?"
- Nope. The model has one sole purpose and It's to use it in artwork / videos (atleast currently).
- "It's hard to pose him, what would you recommend?"
- Check out both normal and the _flexible versions. I also recommend using The Ragdoll Mover
- "Will this model have colorability like the Deathmatch mercenary had?"
- No. Atleast not planned.
- "Will you guys release more character models in the future?"
- Yes. However there is no approximate release date for any of the potential models.

Other links:
SFM version!

"models/player/hwm/janitor_flexible.mdl" // GMOD only.

Developer note by Maxxy:
Working on the Janitor was really fun because this is my first male sculpted head (In zBrush). I received helpful feedback from the TF2C Team and Facepunch so it didn't take long before I finished the model. Our former developer [n-cognito] made a low-poly version of the Janitor which was never finished, this was a really well base for the model. I had the idea to make him even if Espionage is not the full focus of the team, preparing assets is really benefical for community projects as well (Such as movies or artwork).Head sculpting time lapse by me.[] Enjoy the model and stay tunned for more!
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