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Azerbaijan Democratic Republic 1936
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Azerbaijan Democratic Republic 1936


The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was the third democratic republic in the Turkic world and Muslim world, after the Crimean People's Republic and Idel-Ural Republic. The ADR was founded by the Azerbaijani National Council in Tiflis on 28 May 1918 after the collapse of the Russian Empire. Under the ADR, a government system was developed in which a Parliament elected on the basis of universal, free, and proportionate representation was the supreme organ of state authority; the Council of Ministers was held responsible before it. Besides the Musavat majority, Ahrar, Ittihad, Muslim Social Democrats as well as representatives of Armenian (21 out of 120 seats), Russian, Polish, Jewish and German minorities gained seats in the parliament. Some members supported Pan-Islamist and Pan-Turkist ideas.

In the beginning of April 1920 the Russian XI Red Army reached the border of Azerbaijan and prepared to attack. The official date of the operation is considered April 25, 1920, when the Azerbaijan Communist Party transformed the party's cells into military bodies, which were to take part in the attack. To avoid bloodshed, the deputies complied with the demand and the ADR officially ceased to exist on April 28, 1920, giving way to the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (Azerbaijan SSR) as its successor state. Leaders of the ADR either fled to the Democratic Republic of Georgia, Turkey and Iran, or were captured by the Bolsheviks and executed.

But what if the Caucasian states were granted independence again?

In this mod:

- 3 independent states (Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia), 4 new subjects of USSR (Turkestan, Alash-Orda, Idel-Ural State, Crimean People's Republic) and Sinkiang (First East Turkestan Republic);
- New graphics and focuses for all of them, and for Turkey;
- Region map overhauled for realism/ballance (Resources, cities, states, manpower);
- Historical leaders and generals which was alive in 1936 (almost of ADR politics and generals was killed by soviets);
- Colored portaits for Azerbaijan, Turkey, Turkestan, Alash-Orda and Idel-Ural State;
- Historical political parties of ADR and one fascist partie based on Aserbaidschanische Legion was one of the foreign units of the Wehrmacht;
- Focus tree, ideas and events for Azerbaijan (also new focuses for Turkey);
- Turan faction and Turan research group;
- Names, surnames, names for divisions (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkestan, Alash-Orda, Idel-Ural State, Crimean People's Republic and First East Turkestan Republic);
- Soundtrack (Atmospheric Azerbaijani classic music of that period);
- Voices for azerbaijani solders;

and much more...


- Skins i get from "00 HOI4 Total Reskin Pack" and fixed Azerbaijani skin (in original was turkic comisar of red army);
- Reskins of turkish army by SilentAssassin from his reskin mod in workshop;
- For Turkish portairs thanks to battle4royal (from his mod "Historical Turkey Mod" (mod is strongly recomended, BUT IS NOT compatible with my mod);
- Voices for turkish soldiers from "Battlefield 1" game


Supported languages - RUSSIAN, ENGLISH

!!! Not compatible with other mods !!!
!!! Fully compatible with multiplayer !!!

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Ahmetilyus Mar 7 @ 4:32am 
hmm kusura bakma valla pardon. neyse teşekkürler
Jeykhun  [author] Mar 6 @ 6:14pm 
Ahmetilyus, *one of the following, *factories more than 67

KRİPTEKS| , geldi
Ahmetilyus Mar 6 @ 10:32am 
http://prntscr.com/mu7l6b Kardeşim bak, üçünede ihtiyaç var.
KRİPTEKS| Mar 6 @ 10:13am 
uptadate geldimi
Ahmetilyus Mar 6 @ 9:26am 
★ Nunuxx ★ its not a dream. its real history, look at to Azerbaijan map in 1918.
Ahmetilyus Mar 6 @ 9:20am 
Jeykhun kardeşim bende öyle olmuyor üçünüde yapmam gerekiyor şuanda oyuna girip yeniden bakıyorum bi yeniden deneyeyim.
★ Nunuxx ★ Mar 5 @ 11:10pm 
Azeri wet dreams
Jeykhun  [author] Mar 5 @ 7:24am 
Ahmetilyus, kardeşim, exstra research slotu üçün o üç focusun biri kifayət edər, yanlış anladın. Fixə gərək yox
Jeykhun  [author] Mar 4 @ 6:01am 
Sağ ol! Bu gün fix yapacam
Ahmetilyus Mar 4 @ 5:41am 
Merhaba. yine ben, bir hata daha buldum. http://prntscr.com/mt1f9i Extra Research Plot için Rocket Effort, Nuclear Effort ve secret weapons yapmamız gerekiyor lakin Rocket Effort ile Nuclear Effort'u aynı anda yapamıyoruz. dolayısıyla Extra Research Plot'u da yapamıyoruz. Iyi günler