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Same Walk & Run Speeds
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Feb 13, 2012 @ 11:46pm
Feb 13, 2012 @ 11:52pm
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Same Walk & Run Speeds

Sets the walk and run speeds for all NPCs to the same values used by player. It fixes the annoying speed problem, when the player follows a NPC and walks too slow or runs too fast.

Skyrim Nexus:

This is the full version, that changes the interpolation values for "fast walk" and "jog" speeds, but also sets the height for all playable races to same value. It should be INCOMPATIBLE WITH OTHER MODS THAT CHANGE THE ATTRIBUTES FOR PLAYABLE RACES, so you may want to use the lite version instead:

If you think that the default walk speed is too slow then see Skyrim Speeds ( ) to adjust the walk/run/sprint speeds for player, NPCs, horses and/or werewolves.

For technical details see mod's Skyrim Nexus page.

Keywords: walk speed, npc walk, npc speed, npc speeds, walk faster, faster walking
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444+222 Oct 22, 2017 @ 10:25am 
Warren Peace Mar 26, 2017 @ 10:50am 
Has some issues with either Imps or Frostfall, but typically works great! Love it!
Dr. Andrew -SCP Doctor- Jun 17, 2016 @ 8:06pm 
geat now bandits come PLEASE HELP ME
Dr. Andrew -SCP Doctor- May 8, 2016 @ 12:30pm 
problem i started a new game and it went so slow and somehow everyone died and yeah...
Malaficus Shaikan Oct 22, 2015 @ 10:31pm 
I am so tired of having to stop halfway through my walk because i am faster then the npc.
KiTTyZa Aug 18, 2015 @ 9:54pm 
It really nice, but whenever I open a container, all the loose items around it explodes in all directions...
Literal Human Garbágè Jun 30, 2015 @ 10:39am 
Does this mod work with Things like guards and bandits?
I only want to be able to walk with people. I don't want to not be able to escape from them haha!
jewish magician Feb 23, 2015 @ 1:27pm 
Hah, i'm at that exact mission on my new character (the screenshot above) and im like fuck this, looks up mod.
jss1138 Jan 18, 2015 @ 3:49pm 
Searching the Workshop really sucks, and I can't remember my password to sign in from a web browser. (And I don't want to reset it, either.)

Can you add a link to Skyrim Speeds that I can just click on from within the Steam app?
Asmosis Nov 29, 2014 @ 7:34pm 
does this apply to bandits, guards etc as well? sometimes you DO want to run faster than whats chasing you :)