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[WOTC] Quick Soldier Info
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Aug 31, 2017 @ 7:59pm
Aug 17, 2018 @ 6:08pm
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[WOTC] Quick Soldier Info

Adds icons on the top right for each unit you controlled, these icons will show names, HP (+armor), will, status effects and action points left on each soldier.

configs are in documents/my games/XCOM2 War of the Chosen/config/XComSoldiersQuickInfo.ini (generated after running the game once), or use Mod Options Menu or Mod Config Menu to change it in game.

- Loading a tactical save will not refresh those icons immediately, however taking an action will update them properly.
- Loading a tactical save/starting operation gatecrasher will result in soldiers icons not displaying their portraits (using XCOM emblem instead), because these soldiers can only have their photos taken in the avenger, not on the field, and those photos are not stored across different sessions, if I did found a workaround to this, I would be able to show aliens portraits as well :). (Enable Take Photos in settings to allow taking photos in tactical)
- After changing options the UI will disappear for ~ 5 seconds. This is a XCom bug with adding new UI to a screen after it finishes init.
- In settings, all sliders will appear to be at 0% position, tabbing away and back fixes this. (Can't find the cause)

Problems? Follow this guide first! it may solve your problems (applies to all mods) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625230005

Compatibility Note:
No overrides, should have no incompabilities.
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Aug 17 @ 6:01pm
Had to Disable for Avenger Defense
Jul 12 @ 7:04pm
Nov 10, 2018 @ 3:19pm
probably found fix for the last point on the "known-issue" list !?
< >
Star¤Dagger Aug 17 @ 6:00pm 
I had to disable this wonderful mod so it would launch the Avenger Defence mission.

Please fix it.

And thanks a thousand for making this mod, I REALLY missed it when I didn't have it!
Krysak4eveR Aug 17 @ 1:32pm 
Does not show soldier pictures.
Dragon32 Jul 18 @ 10:43am 
Death is obvious, can't remember what it looks like with an unconscious soldier.
DinoRex Jul 17 @ 11:23pm 
doses it show if your soldier is dead or knockout because i a hard time see the small words
chupiis914 Jun 24 @ 4:38am 
This mod seems not play well with psi overhaul, it cause the camera to get stuck on avenger defense missions, beware!
darkdill May 14 @ 6:38pm 
Found a consistent bug while using this: If a photo is taken mid-mission, you become unable to see into buildings (i.e. the walls and roofs all go opaque). Might have something to do with the camera mod I'm using, but it's still very frustrating.
Dragon32 May 11 @ 10:53am 
Using this with "XCOM Psi Overhaul [WoTC] [NEW UPLOAD]"? Then, yeah. You can temporarily disable this mod and launch the mission.

I uploaded a test save [www.filedropper.com] of a Chosen Defence suffering the bug; that save needs this mod, Psi Overhaul and the Highlander to load. I think TLP too

However, it doesn't look like Kyuubicle's active anymore.

Maybe -bg- wants to look...
Hidden May 11 @ 10:15am 
Avenger Defense Missions is broke.
Lani Feb 24 @ 3:36pm 
@Dragon32, thank you.
Dragon32 Feb 21 @ 4:12pm 
Yes. Use Mod Config Menu to position things, can't remember if you need to be in a mission or not to do it but it's probably easier as you can see what it looks like immediately.