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Mod not working? Mods still have their effects after you disable them?
By -bg-
Basic troubleshooting guide for mod problems.
Troubleshooting mods
Whenever you have some mods not working or fail to disable properly, here are 3 steps that you should do first before bugging others, since the game does not properly disable mods when you disable them, this can cause a lot of conflicts when you swap mods out leading to strange behaviours or even crashes.

1. Clean up your override configurations

Go to your Documents\My Games\XCOM 2\XComGame\Config\XComEngine.ini and look for every lines that starts with "ModClassOverrides=", and remove all of them, these lines are added by mods that requires overriding other base game classes, but the game never removes them once you disable the mods, this can easily cause disabled mods to still affect your gameplay.

Note that ever since Alien Hunters patch, you only need to do this step once after the patch, as the modoverride lines no longer gets written to the file permenantly, but the lines added before the patch does not get cleaned up automatically.

2. Still not working? Verify Game Cache

Before verifying game cache, just to be safe, you might also want to clear out Documents\My Games\XCOM 2\XComGame\Config\ , as the problems mentioned above, the game might fail to clear out edits made by other mods, deleting them will cause the game to generate a new set of config, beware this will clear all your user data such as settings and custom INI tweaks (but not saves), so make a backup before doing this.
To verify game cache, go to steam library, right click your game, select properties, then select the local files tab and click verify game cache.

3. Most mods should work now, but if some of them are still not working, verify if they are not in conflict with each other.

go back to Documents\My Games\XCOM 2\XComGame\Config\XComEngine.ini from step 1 after you run the game once with just the mods you want to be enabled, then look for the "ModClassOverrides=" lines again, make sure no 2 lines have the same "BaseGameClass=" properties, if there are, you just enabled 2 conflicting mod, repeat step 1 and disable the conflicting mod (you can see which mod add those lines by going to <steam library folder>/workshop/content/268500/<mod ID>/Config/XComEngine.ini

If the mods are still not working after the above 3 steps, contact the mod author and state your issue clearly. Happy modding!
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Militus Immortalis Apr 1 @ 3:38am 
Is there any place I can post specifically for troubleshooting? I tried all of this and it didn't work so far.
[ZSU] ±Knifey12 Mar 5 @ 6:19am 
This helped me alot thanks!
pauloel7 Feb 5 @ 8:13pm 
Roger that commander. Appreciate it!
-bg-  [author] Jan 31 @ 2:58pm 
the mac version might have a different folder structure, I don't have a mac so I don't know, I will try to find out about it from one of those who use a mac and bought the humble monthly.
pauloel7 Jan 31 @ 11:04am 
I do not have a "XcomEngine.ini" file. The closest is "defaultengine.ini", but is has not one occurence of "BaseGameClass=" nor "ModClassOverrides=". Perhaps mac version is different? Hown can I make sure no mods are conflicting?
Sagara Sousuke Jan 16 @ 6:34am 
I don't have a "ModClassOverrides" line in the xcomengine.ini
-bg-  [author] Jan 13 @ 8:59pm 
Go to settings ... edit to ensure the correct folders are listed there
Outcast Jan 13 @ 11:34am 
and i have verified files.
Outcast Jan 13 @ 11:31am 
can confirm its something conflicting. just launched xcom 2 with AML and no visual bugs. but i need to know how to make the mod launcher find my mods.
Outcast Jan 13 @ 11:27am 
the alternate mod launcher cant find the mods im using. EVEN when steam is running.