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Aug 13, 2017 @ 12:37pm
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Unofficial Code Patch Steam Workshop


To make this mod actually work you MUST follow the included “ReadMe.txt” for the install instructions. This must be done everytime you want to upgrade to the new version!

This mod actually makes NO game modifications. It is just the files for the Unofficial Code Patch delivered via Steam Workshop.

This mod is available here: for non-steam users.

All the needed files will be located in the game’s Master of Orion's Workshop folder location. This folder will be located in your Steam’s main folder under this game’s workshop folder. Which at least for me is under "Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\298050\1109736522".

Full change log can be found in the included "ReadMe.txt" file. Also going to post to discussion thread.

For compatibility with "5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod" please see Spud Dastardly instructions on the workshop mod located here:

:::: Significant New Features:

Rally Points
Custom Build Queues
New Random Events

:::: Fixes Included in this patch
Bug. <UCP 6.3> Endless processing turn caused by an unreleased change in Antaran Victory Scores
Fix. This is something I was going to add to 6.3, but decided to remove and did a poor job of removing correctly. Correctly removed the code for this.

Bug. GetPlanetRating has no adjustment for rating based upon distance from empire. This leads to the AI sometimes moving large distances to colonize a planet.
Fix. Added logic to calculate distance from a planet and the closest empire point. Adjustment is based upon the unused AI's "cohesivity" personality setting.

Bug. A hostile presence in a star system will prevent the AI from moving, even if it could escape on a warp lane
Fix. Added logic to have the AI check the destination star system for hostile forces instead of the current star system

Bug. When assign ship construction the AI starts with the most costly ships, but checks colonies in order acquired. This can lead to an inefficient build of large ships.
Fix. Added logic to sort colonies by production output and ship reduction structures, thus making it more likely that larger ships will be built at more capable colonies

Bug. AI colonization does not check current location of colony ships when assigning tasks. This can lead to a colony ship that is in a system that has a desirable planet to get assigned to a different colony ship.
Fix. Added a pre-check on allocation so that an in system colony ship will always be preferred

Bug. Fleet combat calculations for a fleet can result in a result of infinity, this leads to the combat chance result being completely incorrect
Fix. Added check to detect this condition and return the max float value instead.

Bug. Issues with Tactical Orders in this game results in the game mistaking creating maneuver orders basically every frame, this makes absolutely no sense
Fix. Removed the redundant calls, that would just slow the game down and fragment memory. Now the current maneuver order will complete instead of being restarted over and over again. I would expect at minor speed improvement for tactical combat with this change, especially on large battles.

Bug. Initial notification for building the first scientific building adds a notification event that if clicked on crashes the game
Fix. Just removed this error causing notification

Bug. Augmented Engine usage by the AI has an incorrect check resulting in it firing when the ship is within the attack envelope.
Fix. Adjusted firing logic so the boosters will be used to enter the attacker envelop.

Bug. AI diplomacy when asking for Shared Charts has an incorrect operation, it is taking the min of 100 or the unknown stars/planets calculation using the YAML settings. So when asking an omniscient race this will almost always result in an offering value around 100
Fix. Corrected this operation, to use the max of 50 or the calculation

Bug. Lucky Trait is not making the race 50% resistant to negative random events. This is due to a mistake in the random number type being generated in comparison to the racial trait
Fix. Corrected logic so random type is a float and will generate 0.0 to 1.0 values instead of 0 to Maxint

Bug. Population growth on mixed race planets has a bad calculation that results in races with higher growth rates having less chance of being selected as the next population unit.
Fix. Adjusted check to reverse this

Bug. If a Leader is in transit to a ship that is destroyed and the civilization does not have the Survival Pod tech, the leader is killed anyway
Fix. Take 2 on correction this logic

Bug. Leader's gain experience while traveling
Fix. Added a check to prevent this minor issue

Bug. On game load, Omniscient races do not get the most updated information on node structures
Fix. Corrected check if node is in scanner range for Omniscient races

Bug. Colony Notifications leave the galaxy indicator after they are closed
Fix. Corrected logic so they are removed with the notification button

Bug. Trade and Research Treaty are recalculating cost after signing. This can lead to the deal failing if the recalculation cost is too high.
Fix. Removed code that is recalculating the cost. It is now only be calculated once when the deal is first setup.

Bug. The AI can sometimes attempt to force a structure to be built. When this happens it does not properly check that an upgrade of that structure does not already exists, resulting in the colony building nothing.
Fix. Added a check to make certain the colony can actually build this forced structure, otherwise ignores force build

Bug. The planet UI does not have a sound effect for clicking on the "use Autobuild" option
Fix. Added sound effect, also added one for the "Auto Cleanup" option as well

Bug. Fleet combat calculations has a flipped check if one side is unable to harm the other this leads it to think the side that can do no damage will win the fight
Fix. Just set the winning side correctly.

Bug. <UCP 5.8 Chat> Fix to multiplayer chat functionality disabled the keyboard bind for Move Fleet on the Galaxy Map
Fix. Corrected issue

Bug. Economic Victory conditions are set by the number of major civilizations alive or dead, this makes this condition easier to win as races die off
Fix. Adjusted check so that is looks only at the major civilizations that are still alive to determine the winning percent needed

Bug. Space Monster Eel's lightning field does not work as the ShipModule has an invalid weapon type
Fix. Switched the ship module to be use the same weapon type as used by the Amoeba

:::: Enhancements
Add. Adjusted Options -> Content Menu to include the "Maintain Zoom on Panning" option to make it easier for people to turn that on/off. Also added code to support setting of defaults for this page with the new UCP settings.

Add. Added Galaxy Sensor Range indicators. This shows the sensor range of all ships, colonies, etc for the player. This can be toggled on/off using the "`" key or by going to the Options -> Content Menu and selecting the option "Show Sensor Range"

(Out of space - please see readme included in the patch or discussion forum)
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briantjack Dec 3 @ 7:18pm 
@WhatIsSol: Thank you!
WhatIsSol  [author] Dec 3 @ 6:58pm 
@Siegfried: Yes just active both
Siegfried Dec 3 @ 6:47pm 
@WhatIsSol: im a bit confused. after i installed the mod using the instruction you provided, should i actived BOTH mods on local one (the one that is following your instruction, located in Documents\Master of Orion\Mods) and the one located inside the steam workshop (im referring to this "Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\298050\1109736522") ?
WhatIsSol  [author] Dec 3 @ 9:00am 
@briantjack: Yep check "5X UCP Compatibility mod" file "01 Globals.yaml". It turns off notifications after 200 for most buildings.
briantjack Dec 3 @ 8:53am 
@WhatIsSol: yes, I do run several other mods -- 5X, DSMP, Tactical Mod, Antaren Victory without Attacks. Should I be looking at a 5X setting then?
WhatIsSol  [author] Dec 2 @ 7:24pm 
@briantjack: You using anyother mods ? I know 5X adjusts what gets notified.
briantjack Dec 2 @ 3:39pm 
@WhatIsSol: it does not appear to be the default for me. I used to fill the build queue for every planet, but many buildings would not trigger a notification. Now, I just give each planet a single build assignment, which guarantees that notification every time.
WhatIsSol  [author] Dec 2 @ 3:22am 
@jerm.57: What OS/platform? Post your log file somewhere for review.
jerm.57 Dec 1 @ 8:38pm 
Hi, I just installed the game and installed UCP following the directions. I have also added 5X and the requisite compatibility mod as well as arranged it properly. After starting a new game and researching at least one ship type, my blueprints screen seems totally messed up. The UI is all over the place and I can't manage any blueprints. Any idea why?
RhinoInsomniac Nov 30 @ 2:37pm 
I somehow turned show scanner range off. Thought it was a default game feature so I looked thru controls to see how i disabled it. Couldn't find it.

Then saw the UCP options and that show scanner range is one of em. I don't understand how the base game didn't have this.

Thanks very much, WhatIsSol. You, Spud and various other modders are the only reason I play this over MOO2 most of the time.