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Aug 13, 2017 @ 12:37pm
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Unofficial Code Patch Steam Workshop


To make this mod actually work you MUST follow the included “ReadMe.txt” for the install instructions. This must be done everytime you want to upgrade to the new version!

Version 6.4+ of UCP requires a new game, older saves will not work.

Here is a Steam Guide for installing or finding full readme file:

This mod actually makes NO game modifications. It is just the files for the Unofficial Code Patch delivered via Steam Workshop.

This mod is available here: for non-steam users.

All the needed files will be located in the game’s Master of Orion's Workshop folder location. This folder will be located in your Steam’s main folder under this game’s workshop folder. Which at least for me is under "Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\298050\1109736522".

Full change log can be found in the included "ReadMe.txt" file. Also going to post to discussion thread.

For compatibility with "5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod" please see Spud Dastardly instructions on the workshop mod located here:

:::: Significant New Features:

Rally Points
Custom Build Queues
New Random Events

:::: Fixes Included in this patch

Bug. <UCP-6.4a>Bombing of none-colonies is not working causing the game to lockup
Fix. Just corrected this logic issue, hoping 3rd time is the charm on this routine

Bug. Mouse wheel on the Options screen does not operate properly
Fix. Drunked Rompa supplied the needed P-Code to correct

Bug. Tech achievement, techachievement_xeno_psychology, "Alien Psychology" does not actually do anything in the game
Fix. Added logic to treat it similair to the racial perks of perk_diplomacy_improved_effects "Improved Disposition" and perk_diplomacy_high_acceptance "Improved Negotiations".

Bug. Mouse wheel on the Mod Manager screen only works if you hovering over a mod
Fix. Drunked Rompa supplied the needed P-Code to correct

Bug. <UCP-6.2> If the player is attacking a planet that has a planetary shield that blocks Invasion or Mind Control this operation will fail if at the start of the attack the colony's shield strength is greater than 0
Fix. A check is not taking into account the damage already applied during this attack, just added logic so bringing it down to 0 will allow the invasion or mind control to work as expected

Bug. <UCP-6.4> Empire Management Screen for large colonies, test case was with 222 colonies, is having issues with the scrollbar resulting in a blank empire management screen.
Fix. This is actually a previous issue that I had fixed but managed to reintroduce while working on this screen for 6.4. It is some sort of timing glitch in the SWF. This screen really needs to just be reworked. Anyway fixed again.

Bug. Upon completion of a colony's production, if there is a next item in the queue the game is not properly indicating that on the notification if the next item is a race or mass produced ship
Fix. Corrected the bad comparison the game was doing

Bug. <UCP-5.9> Negative Diplomatic Incident are not showing the GNN event to the player
Fix. Corrected so all Diplomatic Incidents will always be displayed to the player, even if they are not an effected race

Bug. <UCP-5.9> Hitting the LIMIT_FACTOR in a Reseach or Trade Treaty, is not calculating the correct output, resulting in a unexpected dip in final benefit. This effects the AI and player equally
Fix. Corrected the return to the intended value of lowest output times (LIMIT_FACTOR + 1)

Bug. Combat Chance Calculations is pulling the Repair Drone blueprint for normal fighter bays, thus treating them as if they do no damage
Fix. Corrected logic so the actual combat fighter blueprint is used

Bug. AI will not build the Interplanetary Administration and by extension will not use the colony project export
Fix. Added logic to give that structure a default value based off a race's industrialist and added logic to make an idle AI colony prefer export over trade goods. The AI not being able to bulk build might make this of limited advantage

Bug. AI will not build the Artemis System Net
Fix. Added logic to give that structure a default value based off of a race's defensiveness

Bug. Combat Chance Calculations for PD Effectiveness was not accounting for missile mods of MIRV, Armored, or Fast.
Fix. Corrected this missing code to properly adjust missile effectiveness to account for those mods vs PD weapons

Bug. Fleet Compare on the Galaxy Map is not showing accurate data when comparing against the Amoeba
Fix. This was an UI only issue, did not effect the AI or anything to do with combat.

Bug. War is apparently eternal. When a race is destroyed the game is not resetting the relationships, leaving anyone that was at war with this now extinct race in a permanent state of war with them. For the player this is most noticeable by the ambient music staying with the war theme. For the AI this causes all kinds of issues with diplomacy, spending, etc.
Fix. Basically just forced a ceasefire for all parties that where at war with this now extinct race

Bug. The Leader Bonus "Shield Regeneration" tooltip on the tactical combat screen always shows "0%"
Fix. This is just a display bug as the game was not filling in the value and just defaulting to 0.

Bug. Large number of colonies will cause the select screens for Spies and Leaders to become unusable, if the screen is closed while the scroll position is too far down the list
Fix. Reset the scroll position to 0 on the popup close

Bug. The DLC races: Elerian, Gnolam, Trilarian, and Antaran do not have correct ship boundaries/dimension listed in the ShipHullModelConfigTypes.yaml file.
Fix. Added missing entries based off existing race entries. Elerian == Human, Bulrathi == Gnolam, Trilarian == Sakkra, and Antaran == Alkari

Bug. <UCP-5.8> Large number of Auto Build Queues on the planet screen will cause the UI to become unusable, if the screen is closed while the scroll position is too far down the list
Fix. Just closed the dropdown on screen closure

Bug. <UCP-6.1> Colony focus type "Clean" does not take into account a race's pollution control perks
Fix. Just corrected this - should be more optimal

Bug. <UCP-6.2> If a colony is highly desirable by the AI, it will fail to bombard the colony, that has a Planetary Shield blocking the invasion attempt, leading to the AI not being able to conquer the colony
Fix. Corrected logic to detect and correctly bombard the planet until the shield is removed

Bug. <UCP-5.7 Steam Versions> Calculation for GetThreatRating by the AI is always returning 0.
Fix. Corrected merge, that was introduced during the 5.6->5.7 process.

:::: 7.0: Enhancements
Chg. Adjusted the Difficulty Setting "espionage_multiplier_bonus" to be additive vs multiplicative.

Add. Added right-click exit to the Leader Ship Selection dialog

Add. Adjusted the player’s colony on autobuild to treat the Export project the same as treats the Trade Good project. So it will automatically deselect that project if there is something better to be built. If not the colony will default to Export if available and Trade Goods if not.

(Out of space - please see readme included in the patch or discussion forum)
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roland.johansen 1 hour ago 
I think he installed a bunch of mods and now he just gets Gaia transformation when inventing terraforming. That's what I got out of it. I bet the mods are conflicting.

Also, he is talking about subscribing she activating your mod, but I didn't see anything about installing it. So maybe he didn't do that.
WhatIsSol  [author] 7 hours ago 
@mercury1978kevin: Having a hard time understanding what you are saying, but I know of no active bugs with terraforming
mercury1978kevin May 14 @ 3:29pm 
opps... I meant to say version 6.4b of UCP has that error...
mercury1978kevin May 14 @ 3:27pm 
Says 'terraform' but really does a Gaia Transformation to my planet's biome. That is the game-breaking error occuring now with both UCP and Lots of Planets mods subbed and activated. I deactivated the one that I could, being the Lots of Planets mod, and still this game has that same exact error. I cannot terraform any planet that is less than 'terran'. NOTE: I researched up until that Gaia Transformation tech and got it to see what (maybe the opposite?) if anything it would do. NOTHING! So, any easy fix for this WhatIsSol? I guess you should update/fix version 6.2b of UCP for us?
mercury1978kevin May 14 @ 3:22pm 
I got/bought MoO Conquer the Stars about a couple months ago or so. I played the tutorial for this game and in that match/game I experienced no game-breaking problems/issues. I then make the decision to get (I both sub and activated each/both mods within MoO) 2 different mods and now after several turns into a long match in a huge galaxy I basically hit a road-block that was present since turn 1 (I just did not know
WhatIsSol  [author] May 14 @ 6:29am 
Editing the files in ../steamapps/Master of Orion/Modding will have no effect. The game does not actually read those files from what I recall. The developers added that folder to make it easy for others to get the YAML data they needed to create their own mods.

Something like that change I would always recommend a new game, it might work, but it might do something crazy,
Shabutaro Apr 2 @ 11:30am 
Thanks for your answers, i have another question than. Personally i think Lithvore growth is way too slow, so much so that i would consider it a negative trait.
From looking around in the files i found "lithovoreLifePointProduction" in the PlanetMineralRichnessTypes.yaml file. I assume this is for Lithvore growth.

Do i have to edit that one in the MOO Modding Folder? (../steamapps/Master of Orion/Modding, though this file here had completely different values than any of the files in any mod) or do i have to edit the file in the mod i load in last that changes this file (in my case the Compatilibity Patch for 5X and UCP)? I just run the basic mods, 5X, UCP, Comp Patch and Massive/Diverse Planets + Assets.

Also will these changes work in an ongoing game? I am ~Turn 250 and the AI just gets like 5 pops a turn while i get maybe 1 in 19 turns.

I was going to change the values to those who came with base 5x mod (1.6, 2.4, 3.2, 4.0, 5.0)
WhatIsSol  [author] Mar 28 @ 7:19am 
@Sheta: Not possible with the current state of this application.
Sheta Mar 27 @ 3:20pm 
Enable diplomatic victory in multiplayer is possible? How?
SneakyBoa Mar 11 @ 5:38am 
@Shabutaro 1. Yes, 2. No