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Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Sukritact's Policy Manager
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Jul 28, 2017 @ 8:30am
Mar 27 @ 2:33pm
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Sukritact's Policy Manager


Adds an alternative method of selecting Governmental Policies because:

  1. Policy Cards feel really gamey
  2. Drag and drop can be somewhat finnicky

This mod adds an alternative UI you can use instead. This screen will pop up when you click the change policy notification, you can also bring this screen up at any time by pressing "i". It doesn't replace the Government screen however, so it'd compatible with CQUI and pals. It's modular too, so it's compatible with mods that add additional slot types, provided they add art support (RwF gets support out of the box).

Additionally for the sake of flavor, the tooltips now have a little blurb that tell you what exactly you're doing to your poor innocent citizens when you implement a policy. Credits to Janboruta, SeelingCat, Poom, Chrisy, Antagonise, FIlthy for their help writing up the insane amounts of text.
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Mar 24 @ 10:38am
There's a bug in both base and expansion.
N7 Commander John
< >
N7 Commander John Mar 27 @ 3:04pm 
What did the latest update do? i'm not really sure what it means by "Added Policy Slot Labels"

Is it related to my bug report?
fsaberhagan Mar 21 @ 9:34pm 
Pharoh goverenment? What's that from?
werapt_r Mar 1 @ 12:55pm 
It doesn't let me start a new game (instead I get redirected into the main screen)
Laurana Kanan Feb 28 @ 8:45pm 
Thank you so much for the update! Been waiting expectantly for this for eons it seems, but it's definitely well worth it. :steamhappy:
Laurana Kanan Feb 21 @ 12:42pm 
Can anyone else confirm whether as @Hypereon wrote, "Dark Age policies can't be choosen [sic]."?
Magnum Feb 9 @ 9:13am 
This worked for me in single player when the Poland DLC was disabled; otherwise game would not start since Rise and Fall
Hypereon Feb 9 @ 12:21am 
Works with Rise and Fall, except that Dark Age policies can't be choosen.
Comrade Larry Jan 27 @ 2:52am 
This mod (possibly) prevent me to see my great works ("great work" button doesn't work).
lcg3092 Jan 3 @ 7:42pm 
"I hate how every single game must have a "card" system. We're building a civilization here, we're not playing poker!"

But cards in civ games is nothing new though, actually the best civ boardgames have or are entirely based in cards, take Through the Ages for example...
Baleur Jan 3 @ 12:10am 
LOVE this. I hate how every single game must have a "card" system. We're building a civilization here, we're not playing poker!