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Bigger Train Stations
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Jan 29, 2017 @ 2:37pm
Jul 27, 2017 @ 1:20pm
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Bigger Train Stations

This mod adds more options to train stations: more tracks & longer platforms, but also a very short platform and pretty much everything in between has been added ;)

  • stations with up to 1000m length
  • new 40m stations
  • build in steps of 40m instead of 80m (e.g. 120m and 200m are now possible)
  • more tracks: build anything from 1 to 48 tracks
  • comes with free cake. here you go: 🎂
  • this mod can be safely added and removed at any time. Your savegames will not be affected.
  • adds options to all vanilla stations (you will still get the same stations, there are just way more options to pick from)
  • adds options to Curved train stations, Sloped train stations and other modded stations that do not alter the track configuration
  • Warning: This mod is not compatible with some train station mods and possibly other mods as well. If this mod does not work for you, please disable all other mods and add then one by one, until you find the one that doesn't work. Known mods that are not compatible (probably incomplete): Longer Train Stations (400 m) and Cargo station without middle ramp.
Note: Compatibility issues usually arise, because another mod is trying to do the same thing as this one (i.e. adjusting properties of the vanilla train stations). Having incompatible mods active won't cause crashes and it won't damage your savegames, but this mod may not work as expected.

Random remarks
This mod has been around for a while now and a lot of great train station mods have been released in between, so I won't update this mod anymore (though I will fix bugs if you provide enough information to reproduce them). Please have a look at Flexible Train Stations for even more options to adjust the vanilla train stations and Ultimate Station, to fine-tune every last detail of your stations.
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Ann_dersen Sep 26 @ 10:02am 
Als normal
SLAV BOY Jun 27 @ 6:57am 
und nur Vanilla Längen und platformen sehe ich
SLAV BOY Jun 27 @ 6:57am 
als normal
SLAV BOY Jun 27 @ 6:56am 
ich habe ein Problem ich kann keine mehr Meter oder Platformen Sehen
Roman Jun 25 @ 6:15am 
passenger won't work
ZERO TWO I ZELEFF Jun 23 @ 4:19pm 
freight is bugged and will not work
Klamann  [author] Apr 17 @ 12:34pm 
@Gothman666 Please try Atlit's Larger Stations and Sloped train station for TF2, they got this covered. Unfortunately, no curved train stations so far.
Gothman666 Apr 13 @ 5:16pm 
Are you going to update your mod for Transport Fever 2?
wabbithunta Nov 16, 2019 @ 3:20am 
Might update it? In other words you can't be arsed to do so, what with an impending new game version being released in Dec,
Otto_von_Randenburg Nov 16, 2019 @ 2:18am 
Hi, the cake was tasty ;)