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RS - Rain Textures
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Aug 20, 2016 @ 4:07pm
Dec 2, 2016 @ 9:29am
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RS - Rain Textures

In 1 collection by Rabid Squirrel
SAEF Server Mod Collection
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Version: 0.3.3

About Rain Textures:
These are textures for your gear and weapons, that will turn on while it is raining, which should add to the immersion and experience of fighting while it is raining in Arma 3. The changes are subtle and it shouldn't distract you in combat, but they are exaggerated under direct light, which makes it fantastic to look at at night with street lights hitting the water drops.

How does this Mod work?
When the "rain value" in game is above 50%, doesn't matter whether it is in the Editor, or the Singleplayer Campaign, the textures will apply to the gear. If at any point the rain calms down, or stops, the textures will be removed from the weapon. This was designed with seamless integration in mind, it should be fully compatible with any missions or campaigns that contain Vanilla Arma 3 Content.

Current Features:
  • Rain Textured Plate Carriers
  • Rain Textured Slash Bandoliers
  • Rain Textured Harnesses
  • Rain Textured Combat Vests
  • Rain Textured Caps, Beanies, and Boonies
  • Rain Textured Backpacks
  • Rain Textured NATO Helmets
  • Rain Textured CSAT Helmets
  • Rain Textured NATO Uniforms
  • Rain Textured CSAT Uniforms
  • Rain Textured MX Family of Rifles
  • Rain Textured Mk.14 EBR
  • Rain Textured M320 NATO Sniper Rifle
  • Rain Textured P07 Pistol

Planned Features:
(Re-textures of the Following)
  • 30-09-2016 : NATO Gear (Complete)
  • 30-11-2016 : CSAT Gear
  • Timeframe Unknown : AAF Gear
  • Timeframe Unknown : FIA Gear
  • Timeframe Unknown : NATO Vehicles
  • Timeframe Unknown : CSAT Vehicles
  • Timeframe Unknown : AAF Vehicles
  • Timeframe Unknown : FIA Vehicles
  • Timeframe Unknown : Marksman DLC Weaponry
  • Timeframe Unknown : Helicopters DLC

Possibly(?) Not Planned Features - APEX Expansion Re-texture

Continuous Work:
  • Over time all textures will be improved and upgraded along with the release of each new set of re-textures.
  • All of the current features will be tweaked and altered dependent on user feedback, for the best all round experience of this modification.

Hidden Selections
Unfortunately I discovered, quite recently while putting together this update, that a couple of the weapons (and every attachment available for the weapons), did not have hidden selections. What this means is that I am currently unable to display the custom Rain Textures in game for these affected weapons and items.

I will start up a Feature Request thread on the Arma 3 Feedback Tracker[], and Hopefully we'll be able to get those added at some point. The textures are in place and ready to go, so as soon as the selections are added, they will reflect in-game.

Currently Affected Weapons:
  • Katiba Rifle
  • Rook 40 Pistol
  • ACPC2 Pistol
  • 45 Pistol

Regarding the FPS (Performance Effects) of this mod:
Depending on feedback I may change how the script works for better performance, but at the moment you shouldn't notice any problems with your FPS. If you do, alert me right away please. You can do this is the Bug Reports Discussion. Thanks!

Have any Bugs to Report?

Feature Requests

For Mod Makers wanting to use these Textures

External Links:
Play withSix Download Option[]
Armaholic Download Option[]
BIS Forum Thread[]

This Content is Licensed under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)[].
As always, please ask permission from me directly before reproducing and or modifying the content within this mod.
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✪ Tuyul_Bakso✘-iwnl- Jul 3 @ 6:37am 
Ok thanks.
Rabid Squirrel  [author] Jul 3 @ 5:29am 
@Generalfeldmarschall Baum - It's not planned, but maybe sometime in the future.
@swag✘ -iwnl- - None that I've observed so far, I have a server that it is running on and has been for the past 8 or so months. I have yet to do a stress test comparison.
✪ Tuyul_Bakso✘-iwnl- Jul 3 @ 4:49am 
FPS drop or no?
Oberst Baum Apr 30 @ 9:53am 
Maybe you could make it compatible with the NIArms Weapons?
Rabid Squirrel  [author] Feb 9 @ 2:39pm 
@Huse - That's really great!
Huse Feb 9 @ 2:23pm 
Hey! Thanks for letting me use your mod! Just finished the video, here's the link
Huse Jan 26 @ 8:24am 
Awesome! Not sure yet if I will use your mod since I might use some other armor/clothing. But I'l definitely let you know and credit you if I do!
Rabid Squirrel  [author] Jan 25 @ 7:45am 
@Huse - Go ahead man, just include a link to the mod in your vids description ;) Also come post a link here when you're done, I'd love to see it!
Huse Jan 25 @ 7:29am 
Hey, this looks fantastic! Arma has a new cinematic competition and I was wondering if it would be okay to use this mod? Thanks!
neetch Jan 24 @ 1:46am 
Looking forward to new textures!