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2023 was a brutal year for denying personal time, and that brings out the fight-or-flight reaction. The gloves are coming off, so look out, that leaves me free for more hugs <3
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A mature, married woman with a much younger mind!

Curator for Otome Lovers

Gaming preferences

Loves : Otome, Visual Novel, Point & Click
Likes : Exploration, City building, Life simulation
Interested in : Time management, FMV
Dislikes : Shooters (all kinds), PVP, Hidden object, Survival
Lost interest in : RPG


Likes : Romance, Human protagonist, Female protagonist, Clothing choice, Slice-of-life, Light fantasy, Humour, Deep and engaging story, Strong characterisation, Emotional rollercoaster, Varied endings, Space, Western, Pirates, Scenery
Okay with : Intimacy, necessary limited combat, complex plotlines
Dislikes : Horror, gore, player character abuse of any kind, endless grating repetition disguised as extra content, fantasy characters like demons, vampires and zombies.

If we share interests, then yes.
If you ever plan to write or are creating your own visual novel, then definitely.
Note that I check my friend activity page regularly, I like to see what people with similar tastes are doing as they may highlight something of interest to me that I didn't know about.
If you send me a friend request and I don't respond to it, then it will most likely be because I cannot see anything we have in common from your profile. If you want to connect with me because you like my reviews, please follow our Otome Lovers' curator instead.
Non-acceptance does not mean that I don't like you or wouldn't respect you. I just want to keep the activity feed relevant to me, I don't want it clogging with things of no personal interest.
If you receive a friend request from me, this will never be *cold*. You will have caught my attention from a game review you have done of something I like or am interested in, a forum thread of interest you have contributed to, else through a mutual friend. I will not request blindly. I am not here for numbers and do not wish to be treated like one.

- I am here to have fun, not to find a relationship. I am not interested in sharing numbers nor photos, and I am certainly not interested in meeting up.
- I do like to have a chat when available. If you contact me via the friends + chat function, I will respond, and if I am online at the time, I will be quite happy to have a discussion with you.

Due to the dedication and workload of creating a very large story script and learning to draw from scratch, I cannot currently handle proofreading requests in addition to this, with also working full time it is too much. I will alter this text when the situation changes.

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LemonShoe Jul 2 @ 2:40pm 
I'm assuming it's your birthday today so
:sparkly:HAPPY BIRTHDAY:sparkly:!!!
Miyakuli Mar 26 @ 3:41pm 
I'm sorry I have a glitch with chat box, I receive notifications but the chat box appears empty and I can't even send messages either =v= I'll reply to you hopefully later when it'll work again haha x')
Space Hamster Family Feb 22 @ 3:46am 
:spacehamster::bbbb::oooo::oooo:was here:hamster:
I am here for the hugs! :2017meatball:
Amjara Dec 30, 2023 @ 5:41pm 
All the best in 2024 my friend. I wish for you prosperity, happiness, good health & love in the coming new year. :mbspark::aurapurpleheart::mbspark:
Amjara Dec 21, 2023 @ 12:12am 
:lovewave::snowflake8: Happy holidays my friend, wishing you all the best in the new year. Love, prosperity & health. This year, meeting you & the group has been a great highlight for me. I look forward to next year, may it bring us some great times and great games! :snowflake8::lovewave: