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I love тo plαy мy ɢαмeѕ ιɴ мy ғree тιмe αɴd revιew тнeм αғтer ғιɴιѕнιɴɢ тнeм 100%.

I тry oυт мαɴy ɢαмeѕ вυт мy ғαvorιтe ɢeɴre αre RPG, Pυzzleѕ, Hιddeɴ oвjecтѕ αɴd αdveɴтυre ɢαмeѕ, I do plαy ѕoмe вeαт тнeм υp ιғ тнey αre relαтed тo αɴy Aɴιмe/мαɴɢα I lιĸe.

Yoυ cαɴ αdd мe αѕ α ғrιeɴd ιғ we ѕнαre ѕoмeтнιɴɢ ιɴ coммoɴ.

I ѕcreeɴѕнoт мy ɢαмeѕ αɴd ѕнαre тнeм oɴ мy ғeed αɴd revιew тнe ɢαмe αғтer (Keep ιɴ мιɴd ι'м ɴoт α ɴαтιve Eɴɢlιѕн ѕpeαĸer, I αpoloɢιeѕ ιғ тнere ιѕ αɴy ɢrαммαтιcαl мιѕтαĸeѕ ιɴ мy revιewѕ). Iғ yoυ αre ғιɴe вy ѕeeιɴɢ мy ɴαмe υp yoυr ғeed αll тнe тιмe, ғeel ғree тo αdd мe.

I'м preттy αcтιve oɴ мy ғrιeɴd'ѕ ғeed, I'll reαd yoυr revιewѕ αɴd rαтe тнeм αѕ well αѕ yoυr ѕcreeɴѕнoтѕ αɴd ѕтαтυѕ.

Prιvαтe lιғe cαlled prιvαтe ғor α reαѕoɴ, doɴ'т αѕĸ мe αвoυт ιт, I've joιɴed тнιѕ ѕιтe тo plαy αɴd ɴoт тo cнαт αвoυт мy lιғe, вυт тнιѕ doeѕɴ'т мeαɴ I doɴ'т cнαт αт αll.

Sorry I doɴ'т тrαde. (Iғ yoυ ѕeɴd rαɴdoм тrαdeѕ вeɢɢιɴɢ ғor ιтeмѕ ғroм мy ιɴveɴтory wнιle yoυ αre ɴoт oɴ мy ғrιeɴd lιѕт, I'll oɴly ɢιve yoυ α вlocĸ.)

Gαмeѕ вαɢɢerѕ = Blocĸ

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Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood
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Fashion, time machine, beautiful art and music, this game is a rare gem. The story is really interesting to the point that I couldn't close the game and played it for 5 hours straight to the end. The main character is an orphan girl who was a fashion designer, living in a modern apartment with cute kitty. Her life isn't calm and normal though as she experienced something in her childhood, witnessing her mother's death which lead her to see a psychologist, and in that very day, suddenly her life turned upside down and the fun begin. I loved her high heels when she was escaping the villains

At first I thought the game doesn't have a map, which we do have a little bit of back tracking, but in the middle of the game you'll be provided with a map and fast traveling too.

+Amazing graphics and characters design.
+Interesting story which will keep you engaged.
+Good music especially after traveling.
+Voice acting is OK, but the main character does sound funny and over reacting sometimes.
+Very useful journal with a nice design.
+Fast travel map.
+Easy achievements.
+Steam achievements.

-Some of the puzzles are very very annoying, one of them took me 20 minutes to solve and the other almost half an hour!
-Few hidden objects scenes.

I bought it in a bundle and it was a good deal, I really recommend this game for any hidden object lover, it is very cheap and a must have.

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ClassicVinyl Apr 27 @ 2:44pm 
Thanks Feena
EmP Apr 27 @ 2:29pm 
Hey - I was flicking through some random reviews and caught your one for The Last Dream, which I liked, so shot you an invite. Thanks for accepting!
Tiina Apr 27 @ 12:37pm 
Hey Feena, thank you for the add it's nice to meet you! and yes, a fellow female gamer! You have awesome taste of games :)
SmittenPie Apr 25 @ 7:58pm 
Thank you for the Donation!
Feena Apr 25 @ 11:43am 
Yes I'm not worried about it but was wondering if it was a glitch or something wrong I did from my end :) my friend here, Selective Oblivion gave me an extra key he has for the game Thank you for sticking around and explain everything for me, I appreciate that
WonderGamer Apr 25 @ 11:31am 
They'll likely repeat it again in the future, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. There was one I couldn't redeem when the site layout was changed, they fixed it the following day, but that giveaway was over with & replaced with another by the time they got it fixed. I'm sure they'll do another repeat of that one sooner or later also, so I don't fret over the small stuff when I've learned there are going to be repeats from experience.