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I am an artist & photographer by trade. I went to school (years ago) for both photography and design. My artwork & photos are usually always people or fantasy creatures and I also write (for myself) fantasy stories mainly of dragons, elves and magic.

Since the pandemic first happened I started writing a lot. Before that I was mostly doing painting or reading. I found writing my own stories a way to deal with the chaos of both the pandemic and losing my dad New Years day just before the pandemic started.

My fave colours are purple & grey/silver and not necessarily together. I have a wonderful hubby who is also a avid gamer (his thing is Star Citizen). I love all animals but have two awesome kitties, Chester and Jasper. My culture is rooted in my dad being from Greece and my mum born in Canada (I was born in Canada too).

I love all kinds of games and genre's. My main love is fantasy stuff. But I also love creative games like House Flipper or wholesome stuff like Unpacking or Spirit City. If you want to know what I enjoy see my reviews or my games library. I pretty much enjoy all genre's except psychological horror and sports.

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I write a lot of reviews, mostly from my personal library where I write about games I've purchased or received as gifts. I also write for the Otome Lovers (and love being a part of that group). I also write on occassion for The Butterfly Effects

I link a lot of my personal reviews to the group to give the group & the devs exposure. It is a personal choice. But no matter if I write for myself or for the group I give my honest feedback. My goal, in the end, is to share my experiences and give exposure to games that I feel are worth my time, money and effort, and in turn, yours.

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I am thankful for all those I have met and friended over the years. You all matter, you are all important. Be kind to each other and yourselves. :shinealight: Thank you to all my friends who have gifted me throughout with games & awards, your kindness & thoughts is appreciated.....:shgreendragon:

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:QuestSubmission: Check out this cool game coming out in 2024 by my friend Zorro! If exploration, mystery and mythology is your flavor then wish-list it :) Dungeon Raider My friend Zorro has invited anyone who is interested in his game to add him so with his permission I am adding his profile page here for you to do so if you would like! Zorro :bloodgem:

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Thank you so much Olga ! I appreciate that. I did receive your little gift and I thank you very much for that as well. Hope to install it and give it a go when I can. :104: :rheartr:
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Happy weekend! Hope you have a peaceful time. Enjoy the summer weather. :nekoheart:
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