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A message to Dead By Daylight players.
If you feel the need to attack other people, just because they did something you don't like. (Using perks, using add ons, finishing generators, tunneling, etc). Or feel the need to rub in a victory. You need to do some self reflection.

I know, it sucks getting tunneled out, or having all gens done in 2 minutes, but unfortunately thats a game issue, not a player issue. Its up to the devs to acknowledge these issues and work to fix them while keeping the game fair and balanced. But even still, communicate those issues mature and professional to them; they're not going to listen to you if you're crying and screaming at them.

Playing to win isn't "sweaty", caring about winning is "sweaty" and calling others "sweaty" is "sweaty".

People can use what they want. People can play casually, or to win, its a PVP game.

So if you read this, and don't care, and proceed to comment some immature childish statement, or an edgy one that an incel would write, then I have only one thing to say.

I hope whatever troubles in life you're going through, you get through, but for right now, you're not on the right road.

And I'm just gonna delete it. And forget about you in 4 seconds. Anger over a video game is never valid.
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>Fight scrib
>Miss 4 stabs
>get paralyzed
>getting nibbled to death
>paralysis about to wear off
>scrib reapplies it
>5 hours pass
>I die to nibbles
10/10 best game.
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