Hagen   Berlin, Germany
Casual Wesker/Jill main, 7 minutes is all I can spare to close the game when a map offering is played.
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Dead by Daylight
If you're a DBD player attempting to leave salt on my profile.
First off, good job on not realizing its a game and are attempting to take it out IRL. /s

Cool off, drink some water, maybe do some self reflection. We all make mistakes.

But I highly recommend you take this as a wake up call, being that bitter over a game is just.... yikes as hell.

I state this as the DBD community is *by far* the most toxic community I have EVER seen. Its not a competition you want to win, and I've seen toxic communities. This one takes the cake.

If you feel the need to harass people over the game and pushing them to suicide, get help, you are GENUINELY an awful person.

And uh, map offerings are not fun to face, so, dodging those even if you're on my team. (Unless its for an adept)

Not caring about winning is the better way to play, thinking you're superior to anyone is a sign that uh.... you're just a terrible human lmao.

So yeah, if you continue down onto my comments and leave some -rep or some other manchildish thing, I'm just going to roll my eyes, delete it, and forever see you as pathetic.

It's a game.
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>Fight scrib
>Miss 4 stabs
>get paralyzed
>getting nibbled to death
>paralysis about to wear off
>scrib reapplies it
>5 hours pass
>I die to nibbles
10/10 best game.
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FirePowered - Public Group
Fun and friendly Team Fortress 2 community
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Torch Nov 18 @ 2:29pm 
Freaksman99 Nov 18 @ 1:30pm 
+rep best dorky infernape bro uwu
Rail me, Ji-Woon<3 Nov 15 @ 8:00am 
Cute Wesker, ily<3
Grilled Chief Oct 27 @ 2:03pm 
+rep ggs wp thank you for the match have fun playing dbd
Torch Oct 25 @ 6:01pm 
To anyone reading my profile, If I dc in any match as killer, I got hit by the "connection to host lost" bug. Or I had to take a dump
Boner Boy Aug 11 @ 6:13pm 
Absolutely wonderful person words can't even describe. Thanks for the kindness, keep doing your thing.