Dr. Divinity
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"Outreach is the only hope left for humanity. The final hope of better change." Outreach 2024 arc.
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Dr. Divinity Jun 9 @ 6:59pm 
Every Death Corp employee had something behind their eyes. A twinge of malice in all of them. I only saw hate when I looked them in their eyes, and would feel a cold lingering dread that got worse the longer I did.
Dr. Divinity May 14 @ 2:01pm 
For I will no longer be the one they know as proxy. No, I will be something new, someone new. And now I wish to experience this world with my new perspective.
Dr. Divinity Apr 14 @ 2:23pm 
"I heard that some researchers believe the appendix is the very object that holds the soul. But what does that mean for those who lose their appendix?"
Dr. Divinity Mar 31 @ 11:19am 
"I joined a Technophile clan in one of their rituals, and it was truly a beautiful experience. For a moment, I felt at peace in the Void, and the space around me felt so, so wonderful. They find strength not only in their technological mastery, but also through community. I believe there is a lesson there." - Divinity
Dr. Divinity Jan 24 @ 2:55pm 
"About 50 of us escaped the facility, with only 10 of us having the proper arctic scout equipment to survive out here. Everyday until help arrived a few of us would drop in our sleep. Wasn't too uncommon. Damn cold out there."
Dr. Divinity Nov 21, 2023 @ 8:45am 
"Though my lord is no longer here, that which he represented continues on. Entropy and decay are inevitable!" - Horace, Disciple of Ghroulk'mes