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I never saw any point in computer games before Tyler introduced me to Cities: Skylines. Now I am addicted to Cities: Skylines. I spent hours and hours on this game all winter, creating three YouTube series. As of March 2017, I'v uploaded over 200 "just for fun Hard Mode and beginner tutorial" videos of it so far. And now I'm into modding new buildings, city services, and parks. I'm just loving this game.
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HGscMENTOR Jul 17 @ 8:25am 
I have no idea what UV wrapping is -- shows how far behind you I am .... chuckle ....
-=o0Zen0o=- Jul 16 @ 11:15am 
Not a problem. Maybe I'll make a video soon. Making 3d models in blender is pretty easy once you get it down. I'm still learning to do UV wrapping properly though.
HGscMENTOR Jul 16 @ 7:24am 
Actually, I think you are further along than I am with modding. I don't even know what Blender is --- or Unity. I just copied a few Vanilla buildings that are in the game and then revised them to suit my purposes. I'd LOVE to be able to create my own buildings from scratch - which it sounds like you are doing - and not have to revise the ones in the game. You'll have to fill me in on how you do that, please, once you figure it out. :^)
bart-havie Jul 15 @ 3:42pm 
cities skylines pro
-=o0Zen0o=- Jul 10 @ 8:47pm 
I'm starting a model for a store in Cities: Skylines. I really do appreciate the gasif models you created for the game. Amazing work and very functional. Did you use Blender for the models? I'm pretty good with Blender and just started working with Unity recently. I'm not sure on the process ffrom modeling to having the asset in-game yet but wanted to pick your brain a bit. :)
HGscMENTOR Jul 5 @ 7:59am 
I'm with PooperDooperGuy -- I'd appreciate it if you folks would take this train of thought conversation to someone else's comment section. If it continues here, I'll have to block some of you. Sorry about that - but I can't have all this negative stuff on my board. I come here to be happy....and all this is making me feel bad.
Thanks, Poop. :^)