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I never saw any point in computer games before Tyler, my grandson, nagged me into trying one and introduced me to Cities: Skylines. Now I am addicted to Cities: Skylines.

I spent hours and hours on this game all winter, creating three YouTube series. As of March 2017, I'v uploaded over 200 "just for fun Hard Mode and beginner tutorial" videos of it so far. And now, thanks to Populous, who is the modder who should be tagged with "mentor" rather than me, I'm into modding new buildings, cheaper city services, and parks. I'm just loving this game.
That said, I have no interest at all in acquiring badges or any of that competitive stuff.....boring.....
I just like to create maps, and cities, and walk about in them.... and if they don't tank after a few months of use, share them to Workshop.
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Populous Sep 18 @ 1:43pm 
She will not even respond to my messages when she does check in.... not sure what is going on, but I do miss her...
8-BitTheDemic Sep 4 @ 1:36pm 
she is not here over 3 months
8-BitTheDemic Sep 4 @ 1:36pm 
What heppened if someone know please tell me
AmberSky 🎃 Jul 1 @ 5:09pm 
Hope everything is alright! Enjoy your weekend.:bheart:
8-BitTheDemic Jun 16 @ 7:03am 
Where is mentor, why is she offline over 20 days :(