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Funchi 5 hours ago 
Ok, i've found the answer to my question myself, by trying out the map, with all assets and mods turned off and it worked!
So here are 2 versions: basicly just the exit is different, let me know when you have the time what do you think, i think they are the final versions and i'll probably go with the second type. Maybe just the south river needs to be check out cause it's full of waves.
Btw check out the strange AI behaviour on the type 1 exit, they use it to loop around, and i don't understand why
Funchi 16 hours ago 
Hi, Miyagi, i had time to work on the map again, i think just the water on the south river needs to be check out cause it's full of waves, i'll let you try the map before going "live" so that i can have a feedback from a pro. I've got a question, if i want to insert this asset ( ) will it break the vanilla map or as the asset it's vanilla i can place it without problems?
MrMiyagi May 25 @ 12:43pm 
Hi dragonman699, I'm not doing a lot in maps right now. I have two that are almost ready to publish, but they've been that way for a few months. :D There are some great tutorials on Youtube nowadays. You will surely learn some ideas that will help you keep going in your map project! :)
dragonman699 May 24 @ 6:03am 
hi mrmiyagi im hoping you could a map for me it needs to be over 80% build area with all the resources and connections and all forms of transport i have tried to build a map and failed but yours are so beautifully made
Funchi May 14 @ 7:50am 
Thanks for info on tunnels, and woah, thanks a lot for the saved map, i was already getting crazy trying to remake the first river! Really can't thank you enough! i'll download it immediatly
MrMiyagi May 14 @ 7:14am 
It's called WIPhelp and you place it here C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps