I enjoy the exchange of ideas the gaming and modding communities are famous for and I am always open to new ideas, comment or suggestion… criticism if tempered with good manners, but the thrill of just one person who enjoys a mod I created or is inspired by conversation… is priceless.
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Populous Jul 1 @ 10:04am 
triffid I am not sure what went wrong or what issue caused the problems you are having... I still enjoy the game as well... the creation of the .exe file would not affect .NET framework however the game install old stuff, but has not been a problem.... Steam does not remove all the old files before a reinstall... so could you try removing the game from withing windows. Then go to steam and click the play or reinstall button and let me know.
triffid Jul 1 @ 12:08am 
Hey there, read you Trainer Guide on Pirates! and it didnt work, 6205 runtime after alt tabbing. (Figured it was an 1.02 exe thing created rom the Challnge pack) Uninstalled and reinstalled from Steam and now i cant alt-tab at all. I could before with the current 1.2. Perhaps its the Microsoft .NET framework thing that i had to install when i ran the challenge pack for the first time. Is there any advice you can give? Love the game, havent played in years but i need it to de-age, dance, and speed boost. Thanks!
Populous Feb 4 @ 12:46am 
Well The Colonel , R.I.P. Something I know nothing about it seems............ God bring me peace.
The Colonel Feb 3 @ 7:28am 
Populous Jan 13 @ 9:53am 
jallan, Cathedral Meadows is absolutely amazing and beautiful work! Thank you for sharing this and very happy to hear you became so inspired.
jallan Jan 11 @ 8:00pm 
Populous, here's a pic of Cathedral Meadows, a 5-star park your modular parks helped me create. Thanks, man! https://imgur.com/a/5vKAjoy