I enjoy the exchange of ideas the gaming and modding communities are famous for and I am always open to new ideas, comment or suggestion… criticism if tempered with good manners, but the thrill of just one person who enjoys a mod I created or is inspired by conversation… is priceless.
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Populous May 16 @ 3:19pm 
done for city streets and tails
Populous May 16 @ 2:57pm 
K1NGxAD1O great idea!!!!
K1NGxAD1O May 16 @ 11:50am 
Hey Populous, just a recommendation I have for you. In your "City Streets.. and Rail" collection, there are prerequisite mods required for a few of the contents. I think it would be beneficial to include these required mods in your collection, so your consumers would have all of them included and subscribing to the collection would be a simple one-click process. I have a list of all of the mods I'm speaking of, if you're interested in adding them. Thanks and very nice work on all of your mods!
Populous Feb 26 @ 7:08pm 
Frank Fubar, thank you!
Frank Fubar Feb 26 @ 3:25pm 
You are welcome! ;)
Populous Feb 25 @ 11:48am 
To whoever issued the above awards... Thank you very much and then some.